Life is Good – May 7, 2010

With three kids, all in braces at one time or another, (quite possibly all at once for a short period of time), we have visited the orthodontist’s office at least once a month for the past nine years! Those visits are finally coming to an end!

This was Kacey just yesterday morning:

And this was Kacey a little later yesterday morning:

I think she’s beautiful either way, but she is beyond thrilled to finally have the braces off, and just in time for prom, too. It’s one week from tomorrow!

Technically, she still has some braces. The front bottom four teeth still have brackets because the orthodontist was afraid they might move apart in the week until the retainers are ready. Next week, when she goes to the appointment to get retainers, those last four brackets come off too.

Kacey must have been a serious case. It’s been almost five years since the first braces went on. She only had brackets on the top teeth at first. It was over a year before the bottom teeth got brackets as well. There were several oral surgeries and an expander in the roof of her mouth. Her eye teeth had to be pulled in to her mouth with chains since they weren’t willing to come in on their own. It’s been a long road and she’s finally come to the end of it. Like I said, she is a happy, happy girl!

Here are some Kacey quotes from the day of the braces removal:

I feel like I’ve aged a year. I looked so much younger when I had braces on!

Liz said I should eat a sandwich at lunch today! Do you know how long it’s been since I could eat a sandwich without picking bread from my teeth? Today I had basically the best lunch of my life because I didn’t have to pick food from my braces.

Mom, you should buy me some Swedish Fish!

So, when you gonna make me some corn on the cob? When informed that corn on the cob is currently not in season she replied, I need some corn on the cob!

She shall have some corn on the cob, just as soon as I can find some!

Life is good!

25 thoughts on “Life is Good – May 7, 2010

  1. With or without the braces, Kacey still has a beautiful smile! Yes, without is prettier but I think that’s just because the smile is much broader -not being stopped mid-way perhaps by the band of silver.
    Congrats to her -and to you too -for having survived that many years of orthodontia!


  2. That is a beautiful smile – and she is right, somehow she does look all grown up now! And it all happened right here on your blog too!

    Hope she enjoys the corn and fish!


  3. Wife had braces when she was in her 30’s and they were a real pain – literally so good for Kacey. And Wife’s orthodontist was Dr. Bonebreak. I kid you not.

    My East Coast/New Mexican historical frame of reference has not data points for Swedish Fish. What are they? Some kind of pre-packaged lutefisk?


  4. She’s got a beautiful smile with or without the hardware (gets it from her mom), but I am sure she is elated to get rid of the braces.

    Hope you find some corn on the cob (Bird’s Eye has some frozen stuff).


  5. This is a good day, a momentous occasion. She looks great with or without the braces, but I know she must feel so different after having the braces on so long. Two of my kids had braces for a few years too and I remember how they were elated when they came off.


  6. Kacey looks great either way, but her brace-less smile was nearly blinding it was so filled with happiness!!!!

    And it sounds like Mom is quite happy too!!

    Congrats to everyone!


  7. Yay Kacey!!! I remember getting my braces off and it being one of the best days…..I went through exactly the same things you described for Kacey…palate expander (2X), pulled permanent teeth, stretching and bands to straighten my bite…all worth it!!!!


  8. Very awesome. I remember how good it felt to get my braces off as well. I was so excited. I wore my retainer for MAYBE three days. Haha.

    Her teeth look great. Good for her!


  9. Do you have a Kentucky Fried Chicken near you? They serve corn on the cob year round. The one near my house serves it with much too much water in each kernal, making it a soggy mess, but if she’s really jonesing for some cotc, that’s probably the best she will be able to do until it comes into season. Happy Mother’s Day. AA


  10. Ha, that’s cute! Congratulations, her teeth look great.

    It’s funny how we take thing for granted until they’re taken away from us. Celebrate with a sandwich!


  11. OMG is this what I have to look forward to? lol. I’m sure your daughter is sooooo relieved to have those off. wow. Big A’s teeth are horrible I think she has the overbite from hell.


  12. I never had braces, though I need them now as an adult. Who would have thought that teeth can move around soooo much! The doc was worried about the movement in ONE WEEK. That’s insane! Teeth shouldn’t move in one week! Congrats to Kacey though!


  13. I never had the option of getting braces when I was a teenager, though I sure could’ve used them.

    I was so happy that, when at 31 I decided to do something about my teeth, I found out that I WAS a candidate for Invisalign. I take them out to eat, and cleaning my teeth is so much easier that what I assume braces wearers go through. Two and a half years I’ve been straightening my teeth, and I could eat Corn on the Cob anytime I wanted!

    Congratulations to Kasey!


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