Kacey's Prom Night

My youngest seems to have suddenly transformed from my baby girl into a beautiful young woman. It started two weeks ago when her braces finally came off. I noticed right away how much more grown up she looked. But it wasn’t just the braces. I can’t put my finger on it, but with each passing day, I look at her and find myself amazed at what a beautiful person she has grown up to be. And I don’t just mean beautiful in the physical sense, though she certainly is, but she is beautiful on the inside as well.

This girl amazes me in so many ways. She is well-rounded. She likes everyone and most of them like her too. (The ones who don’t, I suspect, are a bit jealous of how easy it is for her to get along with most anyone.) She is smart, she is fun and she is funny. She is caring and sensitive and loves life. I have always loved to be around Kacey, but lately, I’ve been realizing just how much I enjoy spending time with her. I don’t just love her. I like her. I love that we have such a comfortable relationship. That is so important to me because it is something I missed out on with my own mom when I was Kacey’s age. Oh, my mom and I get along great now, but not so much during my teenage years.

Saturday night was a special night for Kacey. It was her first prom and she (and I) had been planning for weeks. I remember when Brad went to prom. The day was like most any other for him until he donned his tux about a half hour before going to pick up his date. Getting ready for prom for girls is much different. It is an all day event for girls.

I took Kacey to get her hair done in the morning. I stayed and admired all the girls who were there to get their hair done for prom. They were so beautiful! I never looked so good when I was in high school, let me tell you! After her hair was done, we went to pick up the¬†boutonni√®re. We came home and I did her nails in a French manicure. (Never again.) Finally, she disappeared to put on her make-up and get dressed. When she emerged, I was speechless and near tears. (I know. You’re not surprised.) She was absolutely gorgeous!

Her boyfriend, Tony arrived in the late afternoon to pick her up. I couldn’t help but laugh and think of the movie Footloose. Remember that movie? Remember at the prom, how all the boys were tugging on their shirt collars and looking oh-so-uncomfortable in their tuxes? That’s exactly how Tony looked. But I loved the way he looked when he posed with Kacey for the millions of pictures I snapped. The smile that came over his face when he put his arm around her was genuine. And she was so happy to be going to her first prom with him. They looked so sweet together. After pictures at our house, I met them at the home of a friend and took more pictures of the prom group. I have to say, they were the best-looking couple in the bunch! ;-)

And after all was said and done, when Kacey came home sometime after midnight, she was happy and excited and shared some stories of the night with me. Her prom was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t be happier for her.

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14 thoughts on “Kacey's Prom Night

  1. So glad to hear it all went great.

    Aw, she looks so beautiful amd grown up – the dress is perfect!

    I will have to agree that they are the best looking couple there too…


  2. I really like as well as love my children as well. But I can honestly say it took them getting quite a bit older. It’s pretty amazing that you have this relationship with Kacey as a teenager.


  3. This gave me a big smile today. She is a beautiful girl…young woman. It is hard for me to imagine mine will be going to a prom all too soon.
    One thing: the young ladies certainly dress better than the young men!


  4. Oh my gosh I love her dress and the dresses of all the girls – all the girls around here wear these black dresses like they were 45 and going for a night out in NYC or something. They all look the same. I think Kayey look phenominal!


  5. Kacey looks gorgeous. I think it is funny to see prom pictures, because it usually emphasizes the difference between boys and girls at that age. Girls usually look like they are natural all dressed up. The guys usually look like they needed a set of instructions to get dressed…and then read them backwards.


  6. These pictures take me back to when Mandy -my youngest -went to the Prom! How she transformed before my eyes that day from the freckle-faced, sometimes a bit ditzy little blonde into the beautiful young lady all decked out was just amazing and having seen so many pictures of your daughter -and yours boys too -over the past three years now -I can easily see how you had that same type of reaction to her and this big event. She isn’t just beautiful but rather is stunning -really stunning -and that dress -gorgeous! So nice isn’t it though when it is all said and done-part of our kids’ history then -to look at pictures like these and of course, shed a few tears over them too as we wonder where on earth our baby went!


  7. Aw! Terri! Kacey really is a beautiful woman. She looks amazing in her dress, and I love the up-do.

    Its so nice the two of you have such a great relationship. When I was her age, I don’t think I was even on speaking terms with my mom.


  8. Wow!! She really looks beautiful, and I LOVE the back of her dress! I like the design too. That’s cool that she went with something with a print instead of just a solid color. I hope I have good relationships with my future children like you do with yours. Mine wasn’t the best with my mom. We got along, but I never, and still don’t, tell her many personal things.


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