Brad is home

Brad came home from school Sunday night and along with him came Heather and Dacotah. Brad is home for the summer. Heather and Dacotah are just here until this afternoon when Heather needs to head back to North Dakota so she can be to work on time. I’m sure there will be many more visits from the two of them over the summer, though.

It’s so good having Brad home again. And Heather and Dacotah’s presence brings a calming effect, reminding me to enjoy these times with all of them. I love when Heather is here. We all seem to notice each other more and actually take the time to eat together, to have conversations and laugh. She’s such a great girl. Did I mention that she just graduated from college? Did I mention she got into grad school? Did I mention her tuition was waived and they’re paying her a stipend? Brad is one lucky boy to have her in his life. She’s smart, beautiful and sweet as can be.

Brad slept on the living room floor Sunday night so that Heather could have his bed. Dacotah chose to stay with Brad and when I tiptoed past the living room Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, she was all curled up on the living room chair. Now, she’s not allowed on furniture – not just my furniture, but any furniture. Those are Brad and Heather’s rules. But Dacotah just looked so cute and comfy there, and I am a big, sappy sucker, so I let her be. Later, when I passed by again on my way to the kitchen to grab some breakfast and lunch food to bring to work, I saw that Dacotah had vacated the chair and was curled up against Brad. His arm was wrapped around her. Her head was tucked under his chin. Her body was molded inside the curve of his. Lord, he loves that dog. And she loves him.

As I headed back to work yesterday morning, an unwelcome tense feeling returned and I wondered why I was letting a few unpleasant events of the past week keep dragging me down. I tried hard to shed the anxiety I was feeling, and eventually I did. I was pretty busy throughout the day and that helped a lot. I love to be busy and especially to feel challenged.  Once I remembered all the things I love about my job, those unpleasant things seemed to melt away. I ended up getting stuck in the office long after almost everyone else had gone home. (Our office is like the quarry where Fred Flintstone works. When the 5:00 whistle blows, look out. Mass exodus!) Anyway, I realized how much I loved working in the quiet, without a million questions and distractions all vying for my attention. I finally wrapped up what I was doing and headed out the door around 5:40.

There is road construction going on everywhere in Minnesota right now, and I do mean everywhere! Don’t plan on getting anywhere easily and don’t plan on getting there on time. Due to all this construction, I’ve been taking the side streets home and avoiding the freeway. For some stupid reason, I thought I’d take the freeway yesterday evening and “just zip on over” to the exit just beyond my normal exit where I knew there would be major delays due to construction.

Except there was no zipping. And there was a whole lot of being stopped at a dead standstill. I felt my frustration trying to return as my car creeped along until I could finally get off the freeway. It only took me forty minutes to get home, which is only twice as long as normal.

Thankfully, when I finally pulled into the driveway, there were Brad and Heather at the grill, cooking dinner. The table was set and all I had to do was sit down and enjoy a meal with (almost) the entire family (minus Jake, who was already gone to work). My frustrations were quickly forgotten. What a wonderful way to come home! My oldest boy is home and I am a happy mom!

13 thoughts on “Brad is home

  1. OK. Heather and Docotah. Heather’s going home to North Dakota, where’s Dacotah going? Heather’s sleeping in Brad’s bed but Dacotah’s sleeping with Brad. What is Terri thinking? It was only when I learned that Dacotah wasn’t allowed on the furniture that I began to suspect that Dacotah wasn’t a girl, which was confirmed when I read further. It gave me a chuckle.

    My two kids always brought drama in their own inimitable ways, so having them home was a mixed bag … I loved them dearly but sometimes needed them away. Enjoy the special relationship you have with your kids. Don’t take it for granted.

    Bud aka Older Eyes


  2. Always nice when the children are back.

    I had a partner once who lived in Minneapolis who told me there are only two seasons in MN – Winter and Road Repair.


  3. Gotta love when the kids get everything ready :) Just think, even in heaps of traffic, your extended commute was still half of my regular one :)

    Things to be thankful for!!!

    Good on you for leaving the negative stuff behind too, that’s great that you can do that.


  4. It sure is nice to have dinner ready for you once in a while when you get home. I cook for my GF a few times a week in part because of the awful commute she has with road construction going on in Chicago, but also because she’s so cute!


  5. it took me a few minutes to realize dacotah was a dog. i was going to scold you for being a rude host for not letting the poor girl sleep on the couch..


  6. Welcome home for the Summer Brad!!

    He really is one lucky guy to have Heather and Dacotah in his life. And how NICE of them to make dinner and set the table for you after working late and sitting in all that construction!

    Im glad you were able to move past the anxiety you were feeling by focusing on the positive things about your job.


  7. Well that’s a great visit! I love sleeping with pets. You should’ve taken some pictures girrrl. :-) I’m glad you are able to relax and take it easy. it sounds like it was much needed.


  8. Nice to have the family home…

    The window for completing road construction projects has to be pretty small. Around here we can go about 9-10 months out of the year to spread things out…the cold weather does NOT afford you that opportunity. I


  9. Throw in some secret bologna feedings and I think Dacotah has a new best friend.

    The road construction here is lousy as well. The only thing good about the onset of winter is that the orange cones disappear until spring.


  10. Ah, in true form, here I go again. I dunno if I’ll get through all of these tonight, but it’s a start. :)

    I have the luxury of working from home if needed… and I love it. I get WAY more done at home than I do at the office. No meetings. No one coming over and sitting down on your desk, asking if you can drop everything and do them a favor. It’s great.

    Glad your kiddo was able to make it home. Congrats to Heather as well! That’s quite an accomplishment!


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