Starting Over

So. Here’s the scoop. I have been considering shutting down the other blog and starting fresh for a long while now. I liked when I first started writing and I didn’t worry about what others might think. Somehow it was easier to write just for me and for the unknown. Once people I knew “in real life” started discovering my blog and reading, I suddenly felt self-conscious. All my life I have felt self-conscious, but when I started blogging, I shed that skin.

I never told my family or friends that I was writing a blog. It was discovered on a fluke one day and word spread. I know that quite a few of my family members check in on the blog now and then and some friends too. I don’t know why it bothers me so much. Maybe it’s because they don’t comment. They don’t mention it to me. We don’t talk about it. But the fact that they know comes across in subtle ways. It makes me uncomfortable.

Today, a friend who also happens to be a coworker made a remark to me as we were leaving work. She said, “There goes the 5:00 whistle! Everyone’s leaving the quarry and heading to the Flintstone bowl!”

That comment was remarkably similar to something I had written in my last post. I made a reference to Fred Flintstone and the quarry in that post. She didn’t say she read my post, just made the remark. I could be wrong. Maybe it had nothing to do with my blog post. Maybe it is just a coincidence. Who knows?

I had to take an online training session at work today about electronic communications and personal use of company computers. Part of the training referenced the tremendous number of blogs that are being written and how many people have been fired due to the fact that they’ve written something about their jobs on a blog. I’ve written about my job. I think I’m discreet and I don’t think I’ve ever written anything inflammatory, but it scared me. And when my friend and coworker made that comment to me today, I knew it was time to make the change. I don’t know how serious my company might be if they decided to take issue with my blogging, but it’s definitely not worth risking my job over it. Maybe I won’t write about work anymore. I might have to think twice about the things I write from here on out; just be a little more discreet, you know?

So, it’s time to shut the old blog down and start fresh. I’m keeping the same screen name for now. I know if someone wants to track me down bad enough, they will. We’ll see. I’m going to hang out here for now and make this my new home.

Oh, and the title? It’s a Van Morrison song…one of my all-time favorites. One interpretation of the song is that it is about being part of this universe, which I am. I’m not sure the title will remain a permanent fixture either. We’ll see. I have a brand new canvas and I’m just going to play with it for a while.

32 thoughts on “Starting Over


    I can totally understand where you’re coming from. That’s why I started my new blog as well – for the exact same reasons. :)

    I’ll go update my Google Reader now.


  2. I don’t think I’ve seen anything in your blog that would get you in trouble in the real world.

    I have a few family members & perhaps a friend or two that will check my blog to see what’s going on. I’m usually flattered that they want to read it. I also try to be careful not to write anything that would personally hurt someone’s feelings.

    I find that my blog is a great way to remember life’s little events.


  3. I completely understand. It’s weird when you’re not sure who in your “real life” is reading and more importantly, what they’re reading into what you’re writing. I don’t think you’ve ever written anything that could get you into trouble, but better safe than sorry, right? No worries…I’d follow ya anywhere! :)


  4. Congrats on your new “home” and freedom!!!

    I agree with Bad Momma – I don’t remember you ever saying anything bad about work, but if you’re not comfy being able to write then your creativity may suffer.

    Thanks for giving us directions to your new home!!!!



  5. I can’t believe that blogging slacker Mike beat me to a first blog comment! He should be planning his wedding or something.

    Welcome oh dark mysterious blogging mystic.


  6. Oh hear HEAR!!!! I write mainly for my family, but my new next door neighbor hunted me down online and CALLED ME ON THE CARPET about things I’ve said about her less-than-stellar son and his impromptu visits to my back yard. Yeah. I’m seriously considering a move myself. ;-) I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I totally TOTALLY get what you are talking about!


  7. Completely understandable and a change of scenery has been on my mind too. I’m going to finish the ABC thing I’m taking part in but may pack it in then. I’ll bookmark you now.


  8. Well, since I’m retired, I don’t have to worry about ticking off an employer however, now that I know at least one or two of my cousins read my blog, I have thought about changing to a new title, new everything. But that’s as far as it’s gone so far. I quit slamming the SIL though because he read one of my bigger efforts that pertained to him and was pretty jacked apparently (however, I didn’t see him make any effort to change so…. plus I know his sister and some of his former in-laws have taken to reading my stuff too so they can misinterpret my words and run back to him. But for now I’ll probably not make any moves mainly cause I’m too lazy. But I’m following you -again! Couldn’t stop doing that, ya know!


  9. Welcome to your new home!

    I don’t think you said anything bad about where you work – if anything it made it sound like both a great company and a great place to work! (Feel free to quote me on that too!)


  10. I start over if there is ever a hint someone inside my physical realm knows. And I change my blog name and I change my cast of characters name. In FB if someone comments about my blog I delete their comment and say nothing about to anyone.

    On work, I RARELY, ok, NEVER talk about work. No matter how good the blog fodder is, I never talk about work. There’s a reason for that, Deuce.


  11. Shoot, I am signed into wordpress as Sids. (I have been helping out with some stuff online), but it’s actually me – WeaselMomma.


  12. Change is good (or so I’m told).
    I agree with your reasoning and think that starting out in a new direction is a great idea. I didn’t think you said anything out of bounds that could get you canned, but you never know how some people will view your intent/opinions. Maybe someone took exception with donut hole man. I’ve always found it amazing/refreshing how much you share with the rest of the world – good & bad. I am still guarded in my opinions I express and I try not to discuss family & friends too much.

    Good luck on the new adventure.


  13. I don’t talk about work and never mentioned my employers in my blog. I’d rather avoid the headaches of getting clearance and have someone watching what I write and having to censor anything.

    I will follow you with the same pleasure I’ve been following you for 3 years now. Just need to update my reader…

    And good luck with your new blog!


  14. First time responder TerriTerri, However I’ve read your blog for a long time. Like many of your blogging friendsI don’t remember you ever saying anything derogatory regarding your company. That being said..Change is good..You’ve most likely read Who Moved My Cheese. Change keeps us vibrant and alive if we’re not to stiff to accept it. Love your new title as well as the Mystic banner. Must be one of your many pics you seem known for in past blogs. No advice is needed. Keep writing as you are wonderful at it and I enjoy the way you paint your life through your words and pics.
    Best of everything.


  15. I totally get this and have been pondering the same thing. I just don’t know if I want to start all over again. I’m glad your still here and writing, you would have been greatly missed. I’m adding the new address to my reader.


  16. I can understand your concern. Personally, I don’t think you’ve said anything that was really derogatory about your work, neighbors, etc, but who knows, considering how some people seem to take offense at the most innocent remark. I look at the new blog as someone who has moved into a new house, but is still in the same neighborhood of friends, and so we hope to visit just as often. Thank you for including me in those who know your new address.


  17. I’m in the moving truck with you – and I understand your reasoning. I like it when people let me know they stopped by – all they have to do is say hi.


  18. Interesting. I’ve had the very same feelings. It’s the people who read and don’t comment that are “bothersome” if that’s the right word. But it’s part of the deal with writing a blog. People don’t have to comment, so it’s just something we all have to put up with. I’m sure your coworker’s comment was NOT a coincidence. Who references the Flinstones?

    I link to your blog on my blog. I can remove it if you like or put up the new link. Let me know which you prefer.


  19. Hello! Nice place. Let’s have a blogwarming, I feel like I should have a potted plant or something.

    Aside from my brothers and my neice, very few of my real life people know of my blog, and I intend to keep it that way!


  20. So glad you let me in on the move….would have been terribly sad not to be able to read your wonderful writing and your amazing pictures!!!! I get why you moved….sometimes I consider the same thing!!! Love to You!!!


  21. I think it’s a good move. I used to work for a place that would crawl the web for ANY mention of their name. I never wrote about them except in general terms. I’d keep the other one up for friends and family updates.


  22. Yay I finally found you!! I finally got Mike to send me the link :) I would LOVE to write about work in my blogs, but I know that I can’t. I don’t know that anyone at work knows that I blog, but like you, it’s not worth risking my job. I think if you don’t name names or the company name, or talk about specific details of an incident you should be okay, but it can’t hurt to be too safe when it comes to blogging about work. Can’t wait to read the rest of your blogs!!


  23. Terri!! I was so worried that I’d lost contact w/ you!! Yay!!! Thanks for letting me into your secret world..LOL..kidding…I totally get why you moved…the EXACT same thing happened to me too…it was my husband’s Aunt that discovered my blog thru Jenelle’s and she brought it up to my in-laws. They never said anything….why is it that the ones you are close to don’t say anything??? That DOES frusterate me!! I miss the good ole days when I could be open and honest but now it seems like everyone and their brother either HAS a blog or reads a blog and it’s not our own private part of cyberspace anymore. :( But I get it…I get why you did it and I support and agree w/ you 100%. Always have. :)


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