Bratwurst Omelet

I love eggs. They’re so versatile. And there’s nothing I love more than a good omelet on a Saturday morning.

I had a marathon sleep last night. I woke up with a headache yesterday morning and was unable to shake it all day. I came home from work, put my pajamas on and got in bed at 6:00. I slept until 8:30, got up for a while, and then went back for the night. This morning I felt great and went to the gym for a run. The guy at the front desk stopped after swiping my gym pass to look at my key lanyard. “You love bowling,” he asked? (Because my lanyard says, “I love bowling.”)

“I DO,” I replied laughing and went off to find a good treadmill positioned right in front of a great Saturday morning fishing show where a couple of guys were catching huge Muskies on Leech Lake in northern Minnesota. I love fishing. I enjoy fishing shows. The run was good. Just what I needed.

When I came home, I wanted an omelet.

With a house full of young people out of school for the summer, the grocery supply is running low. There were no typical omelet ingredients hanging around in the fridge. Then I spotted the leftover bratwurst from dinner last night.

“Hmmm. Might be good,” I thought.

Guess what? A little chopped bratwurst… a little shredded cheddar…It’s excellent! You should try it. And for those who like it HOT (like me) put a little Sriracha on top. Yum!

Guess I just cancelled out the run, didn’t I?

15 thoughts on “Bratwurst Omelet

  1. Omelets are great. You just make up some eggs, throw in whatever you want, and it’s always delicious. I’m one of those weird ones who has never tried hot sauce on my eggs, though. Everyone always tells me about how good it is, but I never think to do it. I guess I might have to give it a shot.


  2. > a little Sriracha on top

    I see we share a love for the bottle…the Rooster bottle!

    I was in South Florida for work this week. Lucky for me, the other two co-workers I was with liked hot food too, so we hit a Thai place for lunch. I had a Penang curry at level 4 (of up to 5) spicy. The waitress asked if I really wanted it “that hot.” I shoulda had 5, like one of the others….


  3. I dunno -but in my form of logic, with eggs being a darned good food, lo-cal (relatively speaking) I wouldn’t consider an omelet as a canceling item to a run. After all, don’t they advertise eggs as being wonderful and incredible and other nice descriptive words? Or maybe I’m just a sucker for a neat ad campaign. But if you didn’t have breakfast before the run, use the omelet as a breakfast-lunch combined and presto-magic, it fits a dual purpose then.
    I fell asleep last night in the recliner -no big surprise as that frequently happens. Slept there for about 3 hours and woke up around 2 a.m., read blogs and e-mails and then, about 3:30 a.m., feeling sleepy again, hit the sofa and slept there fairly soundly too until a little after 10:30 a.m. so lots of good refreshing sleep and now, still feeling quite refreshed after all that snoozing. The legs are aching a good bit though from the walk yesterday as a lot of it was a steep uphill pull for me but I can feel the muscles easing up even as I type this so may feel up to another long-haul walk today provided I get out and back before the rain hits here.


  4. I would lose sleep if there were no eggs in the house. Nature’s perfect food.

    You can have a name for your omelette invention. “Bowler Lover’s Omelette”?


  5. The purpose of working out is to give us enough calorie space to eat the things we like (in moderation).

    I love the ‘melting pot’ omelet with German sausage and Southeast Asian Chile sauce!


  6. OMG! A bratwurst omelet with cheddar cheese sounds friggen delicious! And Im glad to hear you had a restful night’s sleep! Good for you on hitting the gym too and going for your run! :)


  7. Nah, you didn’t cancel out the run! The run helped you mentally too, plus you could eat an omelet like that fairly often and be just fine. I LOVE mixing meat in with my omelets, but I often don’t have any. Omelet’s are like the catchall food: mix anything in and it’s just fine.


  8. I’ll get Mike to try hot sauce on eggs…

    I haven’t really tried omelets. I don’t think I have the right pan for it. I may have to look into it though. A few days ago I made my first ‘fritatta’ and it was really good. I was surprised at how easy it was…it’s pretty much an egg casserole. I mixed in bacon, onion, pepper, and mozzerella cheese. It was delicious and I would definitely recommend it.


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