Life is Good – June 18, 2010

It’s hot out today. It’s humid and it’s windy. But I run anyway.

For a split second, I think maybe I should have done the treadmill instead today. Then I tell myself I’m stronger than that. I can do this. I start out walking for a few minutes. Stretch my muscles. Tighten the arm strap on my iPod. Adjust the ear buds. I can already feel the wind pushing me sideways.

One time around the block; Two times around the clock; Three times, don’t cross the little lady…

I start out on an incline. Thank God the wind is against my back. Traffic is heavy on the road next to me. I turn up the volume trying to drown out the sound of tires on the pavement.

So pretty and oh so bold; Got a heart full of gold on a lonely road; She said, “I don’t even think that God can save me.”

I make it to the top of the hill, but my lungs start to burn already. I’m not used to running in humidity. Damn it. I reluctantly let myself slow to a walk for a few yards.

I pick up the pace again, but I can’t find my rhythm. That damn wind keeps trying to knock me off-balance and it messes with my breathing. I let it intimidate me and I’m breathing too hard. I keep pushing though.

Am I gainin’ ground; Am I losin’ face; Have I lost and found my saving grace; Thankful for the gift my angels gave me.

At the half-way point I have to slow down again. I’ve got to pace my breathing. A few yards and I speed up again. I figure it out this time and the burning feeling in my lungs goes away. It only took me half the run, but I’ve put all the pieces together.

Born alone, we die alone; ‘n I’m just sittin’ here by the phone; Waitin’ for the Lord to send my callin’.

I’m moving downhill now and onto more level ground. The wind is still trying to distract me but I force my thoughts away from it and keep going.

Street wise from the boulevard; Jesus only knows that she tries too hard; She’s only tryin’ to keep the sky from fallin’.

Sweat is running down my back, down my face, and down other places best not mentioned here. I keep going.

Any man who says it’s Heaven and Hell; Prob’ly got somethin’ useless to sell; You ask me if I’m saved but what’s it to ya?

I hit the last stretch of my route; a nice, long, downhill section of path. The wind is hitting me head on, full force. I’m grateful I’m moving downhill or I might give in. I notice an ache in my right side. I don’t care. Side aches don’t scare me anymore. I used to feel them and panic, thinking they would get so much worse, but they don’t. I ignore it and keep going. Think of something else.

Blow a quarter, cop another eight; You’re runnin’ out of high, you’re losin’ your faith; Throw your hands up and scream “Hallelujah!”

Keep going.

Hallelujah, Halleluja;Hallelujah, Hallelujah; Amen.

One more block.

One time around the sun; Another year older and my work ain’t done; It’s time for me to write that final chapter.

Keep going.

Deal the cards and roll the dice; Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll are my only vice; Tryin’ to figure out just what’s here after.

Damn wind is making me crazy, but I’ve finally made it. Traffic parts at the last busy intersection before I turn towards home and allow myself a cool-down walk.

Halleluja, Halleluja

I did it. (Thanks to Everlast for the help…) :-)

Life is good.

14 thoughts on “Life is Good – June 18, 2010

  1. That was great – love the way you mixed the song lyrics with your writing.

    Humidity can really get to you, can’t it? Less oxygen in the air or something like that?

    But you made it! Have a great weekend!


  2. Nicely done! Good for you taking the hard route. I’m not a big fan of running outside without the treadmill, unless it’s a 5k or something for a fundraiser.

    Hot and humid in Chicago too. A big storm just ripped through the area!


  3. Woot! Woot! Thunderous applause! Way to stick with it to the finish! It takes cajones to keep going when common sense tells you to stop. Kudos.

    And welcome to my world. I run at lunchtime during the week. Temps in the upper 80’s (yesterday was 92). Humidity somewhere near 65. After about 3-4 miles, my teeth are sweating.

    And excellent mix of music. Now I’m going to have to go back to the start of the series.


  4. Lifes soundtrack can always be fun. My ipod has become a part of my time traveling. Aiding in my motion adjustment often.

    You’re back in the game my friend. Keep the pace.


  5. I enjoyed reading that! It felt like I was running it with you. Glad you didn’t stop and pushed on through. You runner you…..


  6. The past week was a busy one for me -actually not so much busy as confusing with lots of stuff going on, or supposed to happen, that we prepared for but then it didn’t happen so last minute changes often were the order of the day. As a result, I only got out to walk Sam once early-on in the week, then Saturday we did a 3.2 mile walk and today a 2.68 mile walk so at least I got over 5 miles in. What sucks now is with the kids home all day most days, if Mandy is out or at work, there’s no way I can walk Sammy and take the two heathens with me too, ya know! Plus, I can’t walk at a good trotting-like pace then either nor can I go as far with them in tow. Just kind of screws things around a bit so when we do get out, I kind of have to push for more miles then to compensate. Sometimes, I really hate change ya know!
    I really enjoyed your post though -about the various paces, challenges and the music to your run as well. Good job. Keep on going. (Isn’t that what you’ve been telling me?)


  7. Wonder if I went for a walk with Jules…

    Anyway, congrats on making it to the end. This Midwest humidity is always annoying. I have a playlist of my own that I run to as well. Powerful, upbeat stuff that gets me pumped up. Makes all the difference.


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