Family Reunion

We were about half-way there when I slapped my leg and uttered an expletive. Mark looked over at me from the driver’s seat.

“You forgot your camera, didn’t you?”


“Want to go back and get it?”

“No, we’re halfway there. Forget it.”

So, I’ll have to rely on my sister to share pictures because she remembered her camera.

Oh well. It was fun, anyway, and I hardly missed my camera because I was busy catching up with my cousins and second cousins and aunts. No uncles, though. Sadly, they are all gone now.

One of my cousins informed me that I was a “little shit” when I was little and also that I was incredibly shy. I knew about the shy part. I didn’t think anyone but my parents really thought I was a little shit, though. The accusing cousin also informed me, basically, that he thought I grew up to be pretty cool, so I didn’t feel so bad about the “little shit” label.

It was a really fun day. It looked like it was going to rain, but it never did. The sun even showed its face for a while. I was so enthralled with my extended family that it escaped my notice that maybe Mark and Brad and Heather probably weren’t as enthralled as I was. (Jake and Kacey didn’t come – work and softball took precedence.) Brad asked if I minded if they took a little jaunt over to the trout farm just around the corner from the park where the reunion was being held. Of course I didn’t mind.

I proceeded to gab and gab and gab with my cousins and second cousins. It seemed like the three were hardly gone at all when they returned with a bag of ice and trout, which they then tossed into the cooler which held our beverages for the day. Gross. Good thing I had already drank my share for the day.

Mark caught the tiniest trout. I thought that was funny and couldn’t stop laughing. Apparently, you’re not allowed to toss ’em back at the trout farm, so he had to keep the baby trout. Here, Brad and Heather display Heather’s trout chasing Mark’s trout:

So it was a day of fun, good food, and good times, and promises from the cousins to get together soon; definitely before the next reunion which could be two or three years away.

15 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. My family never has reunions but Wife’s does and they are always fun thought the promises to stay in contact in between never seem to be realized.


  2. Family reunions can be a blast, but it depends on whose side of the family tree you are visiting. We used to have reunions back when everyone was living around north Texas. Nowadays, seems like the only times we gather are for funerals. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself. And the kids found something fishy to bid their time.


  3. Glad you had fun! Too bad about Mark’s trout, yes I suppose it could be used for bait next time.

    My family doesn’t have reunions, although both sides of my in-laws try to have them. The husband describes them as “asking Jewish people to hang out with Nazis for the weekend”, and that pretty much says it.


  4. I LOVE family reunions!!! We usually have a mini one every year for Fourth of July and I cannot wait for this one this year!!!! I’ll make sure I don’t forget my camera and can’t wait to see the pics from yours!!!


  5. My Mom’s family always had a family reunion from 1950 until about 3 years ago now when we discontinued it for lack of attendance. I was crushed. Really heart-broken over that as I loved that reunion every bit as much as I loved the Christmas holidays -maybe even more -come to think of it! Christmas holidays just aren’t the same any more -not the way I remember them as a kid when my aunts, uncles and their children came home and usually stayed for almost a week then too! Now, with just my kids and the grandkids, Christmas is nice but not near as exciting without oodles of people sleeping on the floors, three to a bed (two to a single) and every available cushion in the house put into use for sleeping purposes! My Dad’s family has begun to have reunions now but not every year. However, when they have one it is a huge event! But most of the attendees -and those who are responsible for planning it -are all from my oldest uncle’s family and he had 10 children! One reunion on that side that I went to about 10 years ago, there were 128 people there and of that number, only 3 of us were NOT from that uncle’s clan! They’re also a crazy, fun-loving bunch -much more so than my Mom’s cousins -so when my girls and I went to the last reunion 2 years ago on my Dad’s side, my girls were really shocked at how much fun they could have with a bunch of cousins, most of whom they barely knew! They’re looking forward to the next reunion on that side and have been since they attended that one 2 years ago! Glad you had your reunion and also, that you had a great time!


  6. You take beautiful photographs, for sure, but I’m firmly of the opinion that he (she) who takes the photos does not get to really participate. I think sometimes we’re so busy looking for the photo opportunities that we’re not really seeing the action. Maybe forgetting your camera was a blessing in disguise?


  7. Girl, I am FOREVER forgetting my camera. And, when I do remember it, the battery usually dies within three shots. Ugh. Love the itty bitty fish story though!


  8. I want to have a big family just so get-togethers will be big and fun when Mike and I get older. I’m trying to talk him into to having four kids, but he’s not sure. :)


  9. I haven’t been to a family reunion since I was young. (As in, too young to socialize or like anyone there.) I’m glad you had such a good time. I think it would be cool to get to meet some of my extended family now.


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