There Will Be Beer

My stress is dissipating!

No, I did not drink a whole bunch of beer, although, in hindsight, that probably would have done the trick too. I do plan to drink a whole bunch of beer (and blue vodka with lemonade) in the coming days, but for tonight, it was just a bowl of Joe Mauer ice cream that did the trick.

What’s that? You don’t know what Joe Mauer ice cream tastes like? Well, it tastes suspiciously like vanilla. I don’t know if Joe Mauer tastes like vanilla or not. I hope that people don’t start licking him to find out if he actually tastes like his ice cream! I can’t imagine he’d like that…Well, he might like it, assuming the licker isn’t a hairy, three-hundred pound guy with bad breath and missing teeth. (Don’t worry, Joe. I have no plans to lick you!)

Anyway, I bought the Joe Mauer ice cream because the bucket in which it came had a nice picture of Joe, crouching in his catching gear. Not sure why I felt compelled to have that. It will probably end up being the bucket I fill with Pine-Sol and water when I clean the bathrooms. Sorry, Joe.

Wow… went off on a tangent there, didn’t I?

Really, though, it’s not even the ice cream that is responsible for this newfound lack of stress. It’s the fact that today was my last day at work for seven. WHOLE. DAYSSSSS! Love my job, yes I do, but even dorks like me need a break from work every now and then. I’m a little bit worried about how they’ll manage without me. But if the worry starts to get to me too much, I’ll just crack open a beer.

Seven whole days. Yep. That’s right.

So you wanna know what I’m doing for seven days when I won’t be at work? Of course you do! Well, on Wednesday, I’m sleeping in a little. Probably won’t sleep real late because I’m incapable. Sleeping in means maybe 7:00, if I’m lucky. Might go for a morning run. Then I’m going to make some food and pack a suitcase and get some beer (because I believe we’ve already established that I’ll be partaking quite frequently.) There will be bowling Wednesday night, of course, because we all know how I love my bowling. And then, bright and early Thursday morning, we will be taking off for beautiful Bayfield, Wisconsin and the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. And when I say “we,” I mean, “not the kids.”

Yep, it’s time for the annual vacation without kids and with other adults. I hear we’re going golfing this year. I’m looking forward to golfing. I think the last time I golfed was two years ago while in Bayfield. We stopped golfing because one of the Julies doesn’t like to golf, to which I say, “Oh WAH! Suck it up!” But she’s not sucking it up. That Julie and Tammy are going to a casino while the rest of us go golfing, which means I get to golf with the other Julie, whom I enjoy immensely. She’s a good golfer. I hope I remember how.

The weather is supposed to continue in this hot and humid vein, which is perfect for drinking beer and for a vacation on Lake Superior. There will be plenty of boating and island hopping and beaching and beer drinking and of course, some time on Madeline Island, home of Tom’s Burned Down Cafe which is a must see, no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

There will be lots eating, both of the home-made variety and of the eating out variety. The hors d’oeuvres are always something to look forward to. We bought some Seriously Sharp Cheddar cheese. Seriously. That’s the name. Seriously Sharp. And we bought some fig sauce for dipping the cheese. Sampled it at the grocery store. You would love it, I’m sure. It’s a nice contrast of serious sharpness and figgy sweetness. I’m also making Texas Caviar. Tried it for the first time at work the other day and snacked on it all day long.

And did I mention there will be beer? There will. ‘Cause I’m pretty good at drinking beer.

22 thoughts on “There Will Be Beer

  1. YAY! Terri! I’m stoked for your seven day vacation! Just what you need! And please have at least one blue vodka with lemonade for me, while you are on the golf course! [It’s such a fantastic sport! My favorite!]

    *wow clearly, I am excited for you. Otherwise I am just abusing exclamation points!


  2. Hmmm. A long break from work and kids with ample libations and food to partake in. Sounds like just what you need/deserve. Hope you have a blast, eat too much, drink to excess, take lots of pictures, and generally act immature. In other words, have a great week!


  3. I’m a firm believer that beer goes well with just about any food items and also, for almost any event imaginable too! That Seriously Sharp cheese sounds great to me -love cheese, especially the sharp stuff and mix and mingle that with some crackers, or dip or whatever -and beer -can’t be beat in my book! (I’d probably toss in some slices of Polish sausage to accompany the cheese, crackers, dip, spreads too though.)
    Enjoy the time off! You deserve a break today as the commercial goes and that’s the truth, as said by Lily Tomlin!


  4. Sounds like you are in for a fantastic time!

    Is that bar really legal? It looks like a death-trap!

    Texas Caviar? Sounds really suspicious – hope they’re not like Rocky Mountain Oysters – saw those on Man v Food yesterday… :-(

    Anyway, keep on practicing with the beer – you can never be too good at drinking it!


  5. I wrote down the recipe for the Texas Caviar – though my daughters like to remind me that even if my printer isn’t working I could take my laptop into the kitchen… Thanks for sharing and always love the photos after this vacation!


  6. Oh my gosh, the Texas Caviar sounds fabulous and oh so healthy! (Until you get to the chips, but whatever!)

    I hope your vacation is/was wonderful! Stay safe and enjoy the beer (responsibly of course.)


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