What if we all had beards?

Kacey loves to take pictures of herself with her friends and then get creative with them. She plays with the colors and often adds captions that are sentimental or inspiring. But sometimes… her silly side kicks in. I just love this one!

Think about it! What if we DID all have beards?

12 thoughts on “What if we all had beards?

  1. Maybe electrician if all the softball players had beards, the bomb toting terrorists would go clean shaven. They wouldn’t want to look like the rest of us would they?


  2. Funny stuff.

    The kids have a child’s camera that we can paint imaginary beards and mustaches on images–they were doing this yesterday and laughing at the results.


  3. What is the old expression – idle hands?
    Interesting what kids can do with a little photoshop.
    Of course, if we all have facial hair, some people would look like Groucho Marx.


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