It’s become a bit quieter around the house over the past few days. Brad went back to school in North Dakota last Friday. Jake starts his classes this week. Kacey gets to enjoy summer a little bit longer. Her senior year begins after Labor Day.

Kacey is pretty much over being cut from the volleyball team. We all just chalked it up to “the way things go sometimes.” But I’ve been amazed at the number of people who have approached us to express their disbelief that she was cut from the team, which only seems to reinforce that I wasn’t just being “one of those parents” when I felt so upset over her being cut. Obviously, others saw talent in her too.

But, what’s done is done and she has moved on. She’s enjoying having time to just hang out with friends and she’s already filling her calendar with volunteer opportunities (needed for National Honor Society) and other activities. Fall softball began yesterday afternoon. It was an unbelievably hot and humid day, but the girls didn’t seem to notice and they won both games and seemed to be having a good time in spite of the weather. They got new shirts for the fall season too. The coach was bored with the old logo. The team had been wearing the same design for three years and he wanted something new. For some reason, he thought Kacey might be able to come up with a new design, and so she did. When they donned their new shirts yesterday, I couldn’t help smiling thinking how my daughter had created it. It was pretty cool!

Work is crazy busy. I switched from my flex hours for the next two weeks so I’m working every day, technically from 9 to 5, but the last two days I’ve stayed until 8 p.m. and still can’t make a dent in the work that needs to get done. It’s overwhelming, but busy is better than bored, right? In fact, I’ve been so busy, I’m seriously debating taking a blogging break…but I don’t really want to, so I’m going to try not to.

But life is not all work and no play. I’ve been busy trying to get the bowling team back in order for the winter season. The Ball Busters just aren’t going to be the same without my crazy best friend, Gina. She’s a hard woman to replace. In fact, I had to find three people just to fill her shoes. (None of them wanted to bowl every week. They’re going to rotate weeks.) For a while, I was worried I wouldn’t find someone to take Gina’s place at all! I even put an ad on my FaceBook page seeking a new team-mate. My partner, Dan, from the summer league was the first to volunteer, but I told him he had the wrong body parts. Women can bowl in the men’s league, but men aren’t allowed in the women’s league. I told him he’d just have to be patient until next summer rolls around again and the Nice Tries are back on the lanes.

And… apropos of nothing, there seems to be an overabundance of creatures hanging around (and on) the house lately. First, a squirrel was making himself quite comfy, right on the deck outside the patio door. I had to actually go out on the deck on Saturday and shoo him away. He was making a mess with some acorns. Then, there was this guy on the kitchen window…

And then tonight, the biggest, ickiest bug I’ve ever seen was hanging out by the front door. He flew toward me and I screeched and ran back inside, but not before I got a few shots of him and his hideously long tail…

They just better stay where they belong, though… outside. Bugs and creatures are fascinating when they’re outside, but the minute they find their way into the house, it’s Death by Shoe!

20 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. What in the world is coming out of that bug’s butt? If Jules saw something like that in our home, there would most likely be therapy sessions for a few years.

    Glad to hear work is busy. Hope you are able to find time to blog at least some!


  2. The flying bug is gross!!! I’m beginning to keep a can of Raid in every room of my home – just so I don’t have to turn my back on any critters and then come back and find they’ve disappeared!


  3. Holy Rip, Girl! What the hell kind of bug is that anyway and also, you all sure do grow ’em big up your way, don’t ‘cha? I think I would have lost it completely just seeing the frog creature hanging on my window but to encounter a bug that size and one that is ugly as sin to begin with -well, we won’t discuss in mixed company what I’d have done there! (Mandy would probably still be shaking and screaming in a panic cause she wigs out over moths and mosquitos!)


  4. Love the logo!! Though I would rather have that big bug in my house than an equally large spider…but I would freak out anyway and then Mike would have to come ‘take care of it’.


  5. We all knew she has talent. Pretty neat shirts!

    It all works out in th elong run – she has more time… ( like I said!)

    A normal schedule – must be interesting for you – c’ept normal doesn’t include late hours.

    I’m sure your bowling team will come together! It HAS TO! we need our doses of Terri Bowling!

    Pretty scary bugs over there! Yikes!


  6. I was thinking it after your “riled up” entry, and I’m thinking it still: Screw the Volleyball team! It just feels like something fishy is going on their. They’ll get what’s coming to them.

    Tell Dan that there’s a small town in Colorado where he can… uhm… be eligible to bowl with you.

    That bug creeps me out. Thanks, Terri.


  7. I would SOOOOO kill that bottom bug.

    Maybe bringing a cot to work might be a good solution. Just watch out of those night cleaning people. In my office, there could be a dead person in a cubicle and the cleaning people would never even know it for weeks.


  8. Kacey is such an awesome inspiration. You must be so proud of the way she handled everything. And I’m glad you received validation from other parents too.

    “but busy is better than bored, right? ” Yes.

    And, that photo of the frog is totally-super-cool!


  9. Very creative logo, Kacey!

    WHAT is that BUG? That’s just gross! I have the same rule about bugs in my house. They stay outside they are allowed to live. If they come inside, all bets are off!

    I absolutely adore your photos. How did you manage getting the bug shot? I’d be shaking so much all I’d get is a blur!


  10. Cool logo. Kacey has some real talent there. Glad she is not letting getting cut keep her down, but I didn’t think it would. She’s got too much of her mom in her to let that crap slow her down.

    Pretty bugs you got there. I’ll trade that flying critter for one of our Asian Tree Roaches.


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  12. OK, your bug reminds me of a story, Right before Christmas, we were having dinner when Elvis, my son’s cat walked by. She seemed to have a piece of string about 2 inches long sticking out from under her tail. I reached down and grabbed it and as she walked away, a piece of dental floss about two feet long came out. The cat will eat anything. Maybe that’s a post for next year.


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