Labor Day weekend and the kitchen is finally (almost) finished!

It’s been a fantastic long weekend. The weather has been gorgeous, in the low seventies, sunny, and a nice breeze. It’s good to have the windows open again! I’ve spent my time just as I’d planned – catching up on long neglected chores around the house and finally finishing the last of the remodeling items in the kitchen! (Well, almost anyway. I still have to paint one wall and that will be finished by the end of the day today.)

So this weekend, we installed new light fixtures. Here you can see the new light over the sink. The window valance is new too. I liked it because it has wine bottles and glasses on it.

And here you can see the new ceiling light. I wanted something more than just your basic, run-of-the-mill kitchen light, but it was a challenge because we don’t have vaulted ceilings. We found this one at Lowe’s and for a relatively low price too. The ceiling is going to need some clean-up and repair from where the old fluorescent light was. Try not to notice, okay?

And here’s a close-up of the back-splash. I think I’ve posted this before, but I just love it. The accent strip is interspersed with glass tiles. I’m so happy with the way this turned out! Also note in this picture, my kitchen essentials… the Kitchen-Aide and Pampered Chef’s version of the Slap-Chopper.

Hey… What’s this?

“Feed me?”

Ah-HA! This looks like the work of Kacey’s friend, Hailey!

What you see here is a set of hand-carved camels. These were my mom’s, a gift from an acquaintance of hers when she worked in the International division at 3-M. She was an executive assistant and she was really well liked, so she was often the recipient of gifts from around the world. When we cleaned my parents’ basement a few weeks back, we came across these. My mom didn’t want them anymore, but also didn’t want to just toss them. I took them, and they’ve been in the china cabinet since then, until a better place for them can be found. Hailey likes to rearrange them and surprise me with new locations for them.  I don’t think the microwave is likely to become the camels’ permanent home.

Last week, I discovered them here…. in the refrigerator!

Hailey cracks me up!

So… the kitchen is almost all the way done. And since we’re hosting my dad’s 70th birthday party here next weekend, we’ve got incentive to get those last little things done.

A good long weekend. I needed it.

19 thoughts on “Labor Day weekend and the kitchen is finally (almost) finished!

  1. Hey! This works…and it looks like the fixture over the sink matches (or is at least close) to the overhead light. The supply registers in the base cabinets are rarely fun things to deal with. Even something that seems simple, like installing a new floor, can impact the register over these things.

    No one is going to be able to feel satisfied if all that they are consuming is Skim and 1% milk…except maybe camels. They can go weeks…can’t they?


  2. I love, love, LOVE IT! Especially the backsplash! We haven’t done ours yet (hey, we’ve only been in this house 6 years!) because I haven’t found anything I really liked yet. But I really like yours…maybe I’ll do something similar, if ya don’t mind! You guys did a great job!


  3. Holy cow! That looks incredible! I love the countertops and the tile-work! That light is really cool; I’ve never seen one like that before. Cabinets are awesome as well. You did a fantastic job!


  4. I. LOVE. your. kitchen. When Mike and I look for a house and someday remodel a kitchen if necessary, I’m seriously going to come back and look at these pictures. Everything goes together so perfectly and it looks so inviting!! I would want to spend hours in that kitchen and it would be so much fun cooking in it. That’s funny about the light fixture because I noticed it in the picture before I read that part of your blog and I was thinking to myself how cool it was. I love the rugs in there too. That kitchen is my style to the T. I am jealous. And I can’t tell for sure but the glass on the cabinets looks like it is ….oh, I’m not going to think of the term for it.. but it’s some kind of designed glass that isn’t just plain glass. If it’s what I’m thinking of, I love that too. And the back-splash. I’m still jealous!!


  5. and bless you for having a faucet that comes up and over the edge of the sink. One of my pet peeves in home/faucet design are the faucets that when you are washing your hands your hands keep hitting the back of the sink. It doesn’t make me feel like I’m accomplishing anything and it’s almost a struggle to wash your hands! Just thought I would share that extra bit with you :)


  6. The kitchen looks awesome Terri and I really love the overhead light! The twig look is perfect for Minnesota as it’s rugged looking and outdoorsy – exactly what I think of when I think of your state!


  7. The kitchen looks great!!! Love the backsplash and the light – and the camels made me laugh – we do stuff like that in our family – but I have to respect taking the time to set up all those camels!


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