Goings-on ’round here

I just cut all my fingernails off. I can type again. I let them grow out after summer bowling ended and I had them all nice and pretty for my class reunion. Polished and everything! (I know. Shocker.) I have really good fingernails. People are always asking me if they’re real. (Don’t really have that issue with other body parts.) But they were hindering my typing (and my bowling) so I cut them off again.

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been away from the blog for the better part of the week and the most exciting thing I have to talk about is my fingernails? Nah, not really. I just never know where to begin when it’s been too many days since I’ve written.

So. The goings-on here this week:

I’ve been a little distracted with Facebook. Since the reunion, it’s been buzzing with chatter between all of the classmates who have reconnected again or made a connection for the first time. I’m having such fun with it! Although, I was a little disappointed when I discovered a friend with whom I was pretty close in my freshman and sophomore years. I friended her and asked her how she was doing. Her response sort of felt like…. “Oh. Hi. How are you? Who are you again?” Oh well. The other connections more than make up for that slight.

Mark and I missed our first night of bowling in the couples league due to his work-anniversary-banquet thingy. There’s a guy in that league, Steve, who sends me text-messages semi-regularly with ideas for this year’s fun night. (I am in charge of fun night this year.) He’ll send me ideas like Toga Bowling or Jello Shots Bowling. If you don’t pick up your spare, you have to have a shot. Thankfully I’m in charge of things. I don’t do shots.

Apparently, Steve was talking smack about me to our friend Paul at the first night of bowling, saying I never text him back and we never go golfing with the group when he invites us. (It’s true. We don’t. Mark is always working on the nights they golf.) Steve said I shouldn’t be in charge of fun night because I’m not fun anymore. I am fun! Steve has no idea how fun I can be! So Paul told me that Steve was bad mouthing me and I was offended. Paul said I should bend my knee or my arm and take a close-up picture of it and send it to Steve as a pix message. The theory being, if I did a good job of this, Steve might think he was getting a picture of cleavage. (Not MY cleavage. The man’s not stupid.) I had Mark help take the picture and sent it to Steve. (Steve’s wife is a really good sport. Otherwise I would never have agreed to this juvenile idea.)

It took a while but Steve finally texted back, “What IS that?”

“Ask Paul,” I responded.

Later, I felt guilty. So I sent Steve a message saying, “You KNOW that was an arm, right?”

“Yeah, right.”

“Okay,” I said. “You got me. It was Mark’s butt.”

I can’t wait to see how Steve looks at Mark when we show up at bowling this weekend!

At home, I’m enjoying Kacey so much. She is just loving life! She always has, but I think my class reunion and all my recent reflection on the person I was in high school has me marveling at the difference between my daughter and the high school me. I have to wonder how I got so lucky to have such a great kid. She likes everyone (almost), enjoys her classes, banters with her teachers and is well-liked by them, and still finds time for sports, socializing with her friends and volunteer activities. This week is Homecoming week at school and each day there is a theme. Yesterday was class-color day. The freshman, sophomores and juniors were each assigned a solid color. Seniors were assigned camouflage. Kacey and her friends are so into this, they made their own shirts and she took pictures all over school yesterday.

Haley (of the wooden camel rearranging fame) and Kacey

Matt (just a friend!) and Kacey

Can’t wait to see the pictures from today, which is City vs. Country day. She left the house this morning in a plaid shirt and her friend’s red cowboy boots!

In running news… well. I haven’t run in a few weeks now. I am just a bad runner and I’m tired of struggling with it. BUT… I did start doing some other things at the gym. Muscle building things and six-pack building things. And I LIKED it. Maybe if I get the rest of me toned up, I’ll find that I’m a better runner.

And in work news, The three-dollar and seven cent check has found its way back to my desk. (Back story here.) By my estimation, we have now spent $1.80 mailing this check back and forth. Dr. Michael’s Dad now wants the check reissued in Michael’s name “because the check is now void.” I don’t know WHY the check is void. I didn’t say it was void. Who is he to decide that it is now void? I’m sitting on this for a few days while I contemplate my response to him and try to convey to him that his son should cash the damn thing and please do not mail it back to us again, or he will just be out the damn three dollars and seven cents!

So. That’s been my week so far, other than the fact that it took Jake three days to change the litter in the cat’s litter box. But that’s a┬ástory that is best not told.

11 thoughts on “Goings-on ’round here

  1. You’re so lucky it only took Jake a mere three days to empty the litter box. That chore has always been a thorn in everyone’s side in this house but now that we are down to just one cat -Fluffer-Nutter -who has decided to use the great open outdoors now as his large private potty, we’ve had no more issues about emptying the litter box. (Lucky break for us, that is!)

    I just figured out that all that extra activity going on between you and your h.s. friends, from your class reunion, is what knocked Facebook down this afternoon! (I just read a piece online about FB being out of commission yesterday and now, again today. I must have slept through the outage yesterday apparently cause I knew nothing about it but I can attest to its being down as I check my reader and write comments.


  2. Love that the cheque has returned – I think it should be framed and hung in the company’s entrance hall!

    So this guy now thinks that you are sending him pics of Mark’s butt – fantastic! This is a story that could run and run!


  3. Although they can look nice – I’ve never understood long fancy nails. As soon as mine grow long enough that I feel then touching a key, I cut them.

    Facebook CAN keep you busy – I use my daughter’s account to look around. Its nice you connected with old friends.

    Don’t sell yourself short- cutie! Sounds like the bowling world is a real fun part of your life! Thats great!

    Did Kacey dye her hair? or whatever women do? Its very blonde. Looks cute!

    Just get a dog that favors cat poop. ( a problem at my house)


  4. Love the “butt” photo thing – had me laughing out loud – and I can’t believe the check is back!!!! I’d send it to him all in pennies!!!


  5. The arm thing? Now that’s funny as all get out! Adults talking smack about other adults is just not cool. You should take a photo of Steve’s face when you and Mark go bowling. He will probably be looking at the two of you all night long. ‘

    I have a feeling that check is going to haunt you for a long time to come. I’m with the others. Send him pennies.


  6. Brings new meaning to the old expression “the check’s in the mail”. You could always send the dad a bill for a “check handling fee”, but I don’t think he would get the joke or see the point (people can be clueless).

    And the arm cleavage was funny. Some people never seem to grow up…


  7. I cannot type with long fingernails either! And yes, facebook takes up way too much of my time – but in a good way! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter like Kacey. And, if it makes you feel any better I haven’t done any running in a few weeks either. But I am hoping to get back into it sooner than later.


  8. Jules got her fingernails all done up for the wedding too. They looked great. Being a guy, though, and never really having any fingernails at all, I can understand how it would be hard to type with such things.

    Don’t let him tell you that you’re not fun! If you weren’t fun, I wouldn’t continue to read your musings. :)

    I can’t believe that dude mailed the check back again. What an idiot. That check isn’t even worth the money in gas to drive to the bank to deposit it, much less pay for postage.


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