A Dog Named Roger

I am nowhere near close to owning another dog since my Shelby died a little over two years ago, but I think about it a lot. I especially think about it when I come home to an empty house and there’s no one here who has missed me and is dying for my attention. A dog would be good for that.

I don’t know if I’m really ready for another dog yet, and that has more to do with the amount of time I spend away from home than anything else. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a dog into my home and then never be here for him. So I’m not actively dog shopping, but I do think about it a lot. I think a lot about what I would name my dog. I don’t think we put enough effort into naming our dog the first time around. Shelby was an English Springer Spaniel. I had a baby name book, so I looked for English names. Shelby was an English name and I thought it was such a clever name until the puppy kindergarten teacher told me that everyone names their Springers Shelby. Next time, I plan to come up with something really unique.

A girl I work with, Michelle has a dog and a cat. Her oldest son was allowed to name the dog and he named her Emma. The cat joined the family just a few months after Emma came to live with them. Since Michelle’s oldest son got to name the dog, she allowed her younger son to name the cat. He named him…


I love that! A cat named Larry! That’s hilarious, isn’t it? Michelle talks about Larry quite often while we’re on our lunch break. Every story cracks me up, not because Larry seems that impressive or comical as a cat, but simply because… his name is Larry!

Thinking about Larry made me think that I should have a dog with a people name. Naming a pet with a people name is funny! I told the kids that someday I’m going to have another dog. (Their dad thinks there will be no more dogs, but the reality is, if I want a dog, I will get a dog. That is how it works.) I told the kids I am going to have a dog and I am going to name him Roger. The kids argued with me.

“You can’t name a dog Roger!

“Yeah I can,” I said. “I can name my dog anything I want, and I like Roger.”

We were in the living room at the time. Brad and Heather were here with Dacotah and Brad argued that Dacotah would not approve of having  a playmate named Roger. The more I insisted I would name my dog Roger, the more they argued. They threw pillows at me and laughingly tried to convince me that Roger was a stupid name for a dog, but the more they tried to convince me, the funnier it became and the more I was convinced that I will name my dog Roger.

Besides, I named my daughter Kacey, and do you have any idea how often I hear of someone whose dog is named Casey? Sometimes I feel bad that I gave my daughter a dog’s name.

My sister, Cory has a friend, Abby. Cory has an American Bulldog hybrid named Roxy and was excited to learn that Abby has an American Bulldog hybrid too. When my sister asked Abby what her dog’s name was, Abby replied, “Josh.”

My sister laughed. “You named your dog JOSH?

Abby replied very matter-of-fact, “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve introduced myself to someone and they reply, ‘Abby? I have a dog named Abby!’ So I named my dog Josh and now every time someone tells me they have a child named Josh I say, ‘Josh? I have a dog named Josh!'”

So I think I can have a dog named Roger. Of course, if Roger is a girl, I may have to rethink this whole Roger idea…

22 thoughts on “A Dog Named Roger

  1. Wow — we are on similar wavelengths…but at the same time…we are not.

    I have a cat, not a dog, and I love him to pieces. He is totally independent yet as I sit in bed writing this, he is curled up at the foot of the bed. Though the cat is not as responsive as a dog, he is still very communicative in his own feline way.

    That being said, I want a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel canine in the worst way. I have vowed that said puppy will be a retirement treat to me (if it hasn’t appeared sooner).

    There is absolutely no doubt that pets, those four-legged family members – are just as important, if not more so thanks to their unconditional love, than the two-legged versions!!!


  2. I’m sensing a dog in your future. Mark may object, but he doesn’t realize he is on the losing end of that arguement. I like Roger. Good name for a dog. A lot of people are giving their pets the nonstandard names. Abby, Shannon, Buckley, Mel, Alice, Dourado are a few of our current dogs in the adoption pool. Somehow, the dogs seem to grow into their names.


  3. Of the last six pets we’ve had, I have yet to be the one who gets to name them. The next pet we get, I want a small, lapdog and I WILL name her Talullah… just so I can draw out her name when I call her…. Ta-luuuuUUUU- lah! (or just shorten it to Lulu.)

    (We now have Pollo del Fuego, Scuffy, Hershey and Maxx)

    Roger is a GREAT dog name.


  4. We don’t have a dog right now, but I’ve had plenty in the past. The last one was named, appropriately, Matty. And when I was in high school, we had an English Springer Spaniel named Chris. I always tell my wife that some day I want to have a dog and name it “Melvin”. So dorky of a name that it’s cute.


  5. Long ago, I read an in-depth study on the choice of pet names.
    It became most helpful to me as a dating guide, to determine if there would be a second date (along with a separate sure-fire discloser….another day for that).

    The study pointed out that people who chose “real” names, such as Mike, Don, Frank, Sheila, Monica, and the like……were psychologically more balanced than folks who instead chose “pet” names like Fido, Spot, Spike, Woof-Woof, Buff, and the like.

    My dating life in college bore this truth out, as the dates with named pets with real names were fun and normal, while those whose pets were Puss and Boots, were always bad candidates for a repeat date.

    This came to mind only TWICE for the rest of my life. (until this blogpost).
    The first time was when I had daughters, and raised them as a single dad.
    We went into the country to buy a flat of springtime flowers, and the store owner had a cat with a pile of kittens fighting for a food outlet from the mom. My girls fell in love with the kittens and insisted we take one of these “free” things home, as offered on the sign.

    I declined as the petunias were of extraordinary color that year and needed attention from me. But daughters bug dads until they get what they want, and I relented.
    The owner said the kittens needed mom’s milk for 6 weeks and to come back then to pick up the kitten. We did. But little thought had been put into the name.

    We opened the front door and put the kitten on the carpet, where she promptly scampered under the Lazy-Boy rocker. My then two year old, Karli, climbed up on the Lazy-Boy and began to wildly rock back and forth, laughing her head off and yelling as loud as she could:
    “SAMANTHA! You come out of there right now!”
    It was the first I knew I owned a kitten named Samantha, but inside, I felt waves of relief that my daughter would get plenty of second dates in life.

    A few years later, Samantha made a mistake, forgetting this was a one-parent home, and I decide things. While the girls were in school and I was at work, Samantha noticed a fake red cardinal, in a nest, on top of my beautiful, huge hybiscus tree…..potted in front of the living room window.
    Each Christmas, a string of white lights was left on 24/7 and by New Years Eve, red bells of hybiscus bloomed galore for the season. This was a huge, beautiful plant of glory.

    Samantha climbed my very expensive, non-see-through sheers, shredding every inch of them. Buh-bye curtains too. From the ceiling, she pounced on that wooden cardinal and thrashed the nest, broke every branch of the tree, tipped the dirt onto the carpet, and left the room utterly shattered. The cardinal no longer resembled a bird.
    We all came home to this disaster, and I told Karli that cats have 9 lives, and Samantha just ate up 8 of her 9 lives that day.

    Samantha was to leave our house and the tears flowed from my daughters.
    I told them not to worry because I had a country friend with a barn, and he needed a mouser. We could see Samantha, but not in our living room.

    While golfing a tad later, my friend told me:
    “Sorry about Samantha”.
    “What happened?”, I asked.
    “Well, my dog, BEAR, ( — a wolf of some breed—) just didn’t take a liking to Samantha, chased her up a tree, and waited until Samantha came down eventually. Sorry”

    “You can NEVER tell my daughters. Just say that you haven’t seen her for a while, but you don’t go in the barn much”. He agreed.

    He then swung his golf club on the 9th hole at Overlake Club, and the drive was low to the ground. A flock of geese was about 90 yards out, and walking around on the fairway. My friend’s drive promptly entered the butt of one of the geese, who honked loud enough to upset the entire golf course, ran forward with this burn in the butt, and wiggled the ball back out, to plop on the ground about 15 yards forward.

    We approached the ball and it was no longer “white as a Titleist”.
    I pulled out my rule book and opened it to a random page, as if challenging my golf partner. The random page said “Rectification of the Lie”, and we both began howls of laughter that drew waay too much attention for golfers.

    Without reading, I exclaimed: “That is an illegal forward. Your ball stopped back there and the goose moved it forward for you. You have to put the ball back 15 yards”.

    The owner of BEAR replied to me: “I ain’t touching that ball……ever!”

    That day I learned that the choice of a pet name not only indicates likelihood or not of a second date, it indicates who you should golf with too.
    The goose with the sorest of butts just stood there and glared, as BEAR’S owner took a mulligan with a brand new ball.

    Roger is the pet name of a psychologically balanced owner.

    Later, I went on one date with a gal who insisted we stop at the pet cemetery to see her dead dog buried there……Chardonnay! That tombstone told me everything I needed to know. Who names a poodle after a French wine????

    Someday, I may tell you of the life, and death, of Thumper…..my daughter, Kellie’s rabbit.
    So sad.
    Idiot name precluded the destiny.

    Kacey is a good name. My kids are all “K” names too.



  6. I’m still thinking about that cat named “Larry”. Cracks me up too!

    One of my best friends while growing up had a dog named “Fred”. Everybody loved Fred.


  7. I haven’t much constructive to add. Just the names of pets we have had.
    Oscar was a hamster with a great personality. We still miss him.
    Smartie is our black cat. He is scared of everything.
    Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan were goldfish.
    Peanuts, Romeo and Leo are our rabbits.

    My wife did give one of our daughters the middle name of George- just because she liked it.

    I think Roger is pretty cool for a dog.


  8. I like that you are spunky and if you want a dog you will get a dog, doggone it! It is funny the names people give their pets and of course so many of the pet names are people names. Ha. I was reading a blog regularly and then she got a dog and named her dog my real name and I told her that and then she stopped commenting on my blog. Yikes.


  9. I’ve had several dogs over my lifetime. The first was named Lady, then came Duffy, followed by Cindy. A break of several years until we got Jingles, then Harvey, and after Harvey came Willie and Cactus. Then there was Sheba, Fred, Caesar and Hercules. The little mutt we have now, Sammy, came to us when he was 16 months old and already had been named long before we got him. Cats -a whole different genre of names ya know -we’ve had Gracie Baby, Nina, Jorge (a female no less) Javier and now, “Fluffernutter” aka “Fluff-Nuts!” (Oh, we also had a cat named “Ben-Gay” too who managed to hang himself in the basement by our dryer. The naming process is actually quite involved isn’t it? My son’s beautiful dog -part Akita and part German Shepherd, was named Andrei and he was the sweetest, biggest lug you’d ever hope to see. So, as you can see, I don’t find anything wrong or unusual about naming a dog “Roger!”


  10. Roger IS a great name for ANY pet you want…..

    Of course I named our cat Flannel because she is completely gray, like a piece of Flannel and my grandfather always wore a cologne named Gray Flannel….so she had to have that name.

    Our dog, when I was a kid, was named Shaker because her father was Pepper and her mother was Salty….Salt and Pepper Shaker-perfect, no?


  11. Hey, if a rabbit can be movie famous while being named Roger, why can’t you name your dog Roger? Seems fine to me! We had two Afghan dogs named Pat and Mike. We also had a “King”, “Happy” and “Misha”. Then again I’ve also had an “Oscar” (a bulldog) and a “Sam”. Guess I’m all over the board.


  12. Hey, we had a cat named Norman and another one secretly named Glenn by my son (we called him Kitty … why he had a secret name is a whole other story!). Now we have a female cat named Elvis. Go for it. Roger


  13. I think you can name your pets anything you want. Personally, I think it’s more fun to give them more creative, less human (or obviously human) names, but Roger is just as good a name as say, Spot or Trigger. My cat’s name is Mischa. You don’t meet too many “Mischa’s” but I deliberately wanted to give him a russian sounding name and “Mischa” is a nickname for Mikael. It was my mother’s idea. After two days of him not responding to “Baryshnikov” I reluctantly gave Mischa a try. Little brat learned it in four hours.


  14. I have had three dogs, an Italian greyhound named Mercutio, an American Eskimo named Maya and now a red poodle named: Roger. Roger is amazing and everyone loves him and his name. When I walk him in the neighborhood people are always calling out to him “Hi Roger” etc. Roger has grown into his name and his brother Charlie lives around the corner, they make quite the pair. I love Roger deeply and his name fits him, now I cannot imagine him with any other name….go for it.


  15. I know right we got a dog and we were thinking of what to name him then my brother said “Roger” I was like no but it was more dog than mine so like ya


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