This week’s excitement? SOUP!

I would just like it to be known that I cooked this week.

I know. Mark that one down on the calendar.




Alright, so technically, I cooked once this week so far – on Sunday – and technically, I didn’t cook soups. I cooked white chicken chili and bacon chowder that doesn’t have any bacon in it. I thought it sounded better with kielbasa, so I substituted. (Alright, I didn’t think it sounded better. I was just too lazy to cook up the bacon and didn’t want to make a huge greasy bacon mess in my clean kitchen, and the kielbasa was easy to chop up and not greasy, so I substituted.) But hey! Kudos to me for cooking two meal items all at once!

So, the meals in question were indisputably from the soup family. And the ulterior motive was that these foods were things that could be cooked all in one pot and also that I’d be willing to take to work in my lunch (because otherwise I will be at Asian Express every other day getting the world’s greatest sesame chicken of which they give you three pounds of food and then you feel guilty for eating so much) and also that they were things the family might be willing to eat as leftovers, which they have done, which makes me feel good because as much as always think I should cook more and then don’t anyways, because no one is ever here to eat the hypothetical cooking I might do, I always feel the slightest bit guilty when I learn that the kids have eaten hot dogs or pop tarts or Peanut Butter Crunch for dinner. Although, I had some Peanut Butter Crunch two weekends ago after bowling. Technically it wasn’t dinner, but it was a late-in-the-day meal and it was really tasty. I love Peanut Butter Crunch. Best cereal ever. Except maybe Count Chocula. Or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Okay, we’ll save the cereal discussion for another day, because, as the title of this post states, we were clearly talking about soups. Sort of.

(I think I may have violated the laws of run-on-sentences in that previous paragraph. Several times.)

I don’t know why I don’t cook more. I actually do like to cook. And I’m pretty good at it too.  Oh yeah. It’s that lack of time thing and that lack of anyone here to eat it thing.  Those are some big de-motivators.

So anyway, two days later, there has yet to be any other cooking happening in our kitchen. Because that’s what we do. We don’t cook. (De-I, I can feel your disappointment. Don’t judge.) We are experts at heating things in the microwave though. Although, some members of the family have yet to nail down the dos and don’ts of covering splattery and explosive foods with a paper towel or sheet of wax paper, thank you very much. Can you guess who cleans the microwave every week?

But it’s okay that I haven’t cooked again since Sunday. Because we have leftovers! And, encouraged by my daughter’s praise of the chowder she was enjoying (again) this evening (and which I made, as you might have noticed, I mentioned earlier,) I am actually considering cooking again this week.

I know! I’m a maniac!

Kacey has requested… go figure! More soup! She now wants me to make my famous cheesy ham and wild rice soup with potatoes, for which I am sort of famous. (Not really.)

And I am seriously considering cooking it! WHOA!

And in case you’re wondering, the reason I am rambling on about cooking and soups is only because I bowled so badly last night that I can’t bear to talk about it.

Yes, I just wrote a whole blog post about cooking soup. Stay tuned next time when we discuss cleaning the lint from the dryer vent.

16 thoughts on “This week’s excitement? SOUP!

  1. Everything you just described sounds absolutely delicious. If you’re ever in need of someone to eat your culinary creations, hit me up. I will road-trip if there is food involved. :)


  2. Disappointed? I’m ecstatic that you’re cooking. Look at Lakeview Joe. He started small and have become an gastronomic machine. I’m holding out great hope :)


  3. My kids utterly refuse to eat the same thing in a week – “Pasta? We had pasta on Tuesday!” But that is OK, because we never have left overs…

    Sorry you bowled badly – must have been distracted by the thought of cooking again :-) Sorry, just had to say that!

    Looking forward to the Lint post. I miss that – we haven’t had a dryer since we moved to this house, which has a massive airing cupboard…


  4. I love cooking soups in my Crock Pot. Makes my whole house smell great, and I don’t have to spend all night in the kitchen. (I have chili leftovers in the frig that I’m saving for lunch today.)


  5. My cooking tends to go in spurts -I may be on a cooking streak several days running and then, suddenly, I go completely brain dead where I can’t think of anything to fix for our main meal. The last 2-3 weeks have been the most productive I’ve been in the kitchen in a long time now-even baked bread, not once but twice. A bit of a record seeing as I hadn’t baked bread in almost a year. And pasta in this house is THE main staple -generally, that’s about the only thing the kids will eat without starting WW3. (Good thing I happen to love pasta and usually don’t mind fixing it either.) Yesterday, while I was getting my 5.5 hour chemo treatment, my daughter took over the kitchen -a rare thing indeed -and I came home to find not one, but two big pans of lasagne ready to eat. The lasagne was really good -she outdid herself on it -and it’s one of the things that usually she can do quite well too -that and Roast beef with kluski noodles cooked in the gravy alongside the meal and of course, her main item when she ventures into the great unknown -the kitchen -is tacos! I’m having lunch today with several friends -probably will be about 10 of us -so when I get back home this afternoon, it will be a brain dead kitchen day cause I won’t feel like eating then, much less cooking. But thankfully, there’s still lasagne!
    I’m not usually big on making soups mainly cause the kids only like tomato with a rare venture now and again into eating chicken noodle, plus Kurt doesn’t have the technique mastered yet with a spoon to be able to eat soup either -he tends to turn the spoon upside down just before it goes into his mouth so the soup ends up all over the table and the floor then and I’m not ultra keen on scrubbing the floor after messes like that. I much prefer meals that are as hassle free as possible, as little work too as possible cause I do tend to be a lazy cook! Imagine that? Me, lazy? You bet your butt!


  6. Interesting. Soup. I cook chili, but I’ve never cooked soup. Last night I made bay scallops and acorn squash. Simple, simple, simple. And good for you!! Seriously, if you can knock out 4-5 meals, rotate the main courses with veggies and then go out to eat periodically, you’re considered a chef!! Tonight it’s breaded catfish with….probably broccoli. Mix and match, just like your clothes!!


  7. I love home made soup.
    Don’t not cook good things for yourself! I cook great things for myself and believe me it gets eaten eventually.

    kielbasi chowder? Ok I’ll bite…

    Bad day bowling? Hey – you gotta let the other guys win once in a while – you’re a good sport!


  8. Migosh, the whole time I’m reading this I’m thinking, “I could’ve written this post!” because (1) I really enjoy cooking, yet rarely cook much “real” food because of lack of time, (2) some of my best dishes are soups, (3) my life is boring enough to blog of making soups, and (4) I suck at bowling.

    Kindred spirits, Terri. Kindred spirits.


  9. Cooking TWICE in one week? You sound like you are turning into little miss susy homemaker. Still, I find it nice to improvise in the kitchen (Yes, I cook). Some of my best recipes have been experiments. A few others were less memorable. But if your audience asks for more, consider it a success! Next up – Iron Chef?


  10. I picked up a plastic microwave dome at Bed, Bath and Beneath which encourages covering foods. No, I’m not a neatnic, I’m a prime offender when it comes to splattering the microwave but I figures it would keep me out of trouble (it doesn’t, I just get in different trouble). I did get kudos for buying it, though, after my wife got over the shock.


  11. Just about every mother of “grown” kids I’ve ever talked to has expressed the same sentiment as you “Don’t want to cook if no one is going to be around to eat it.” Or something along those lines, I don’t feel like scrolling up to find the quote. ;)

    I find it fascinating because I feel exactly the opposite. Of course I’ve never been a mother (and don’t think I ever will unless you know about some miracle of modern medicine I don’t.) And while I did live with Michelle for six years, she was often not home for dinner. I’m quite used to cooking for just myself. I know I get healthier, fresher meals that way. Plus, I don’t like cooking for other people because I’m afraid they won’t like what I cook or how I cook it.

    I don’t guess this is really all that relevant to your post; it’s just what popped into my head while I read it. ;)


  12. If you want a simple, but “exotic” soup, try some Tom Kha Gai….Thai chicken soup.

    You can Google a recipe, but all you really need is chunks of chicken and College Inn’s “Thai Coconut Curry” broth for the base. Add in a can of coconut milk if you want to pump up the coconut flavor (and you do). Even if you leave out the rest of what the recipe calls for, it’s a fine soup. I throw in some straw mushrooms. (Since I like mine spicy, I usaully add in some Sriracha Thai hot sauce..)


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