Halloween Weekend

It was a full weekend around here! First, there was a going away party for my parents. Most of the family was there, and everyone was in good spirits. Things got really silly and we had a great time!

My niece, Lauren found out what happens when she leaves her purse unattended around her mom and Auntie Terri!

My mom seems completely unaware of her son's and granddaughter's strange behavior.

Kacey is not bothered by the fact that Uncle Jim is sitting on her.

My brother, Craig and I... don't ask why... singing "Close to You." Yeah, these are the kinds of things that happen at our family gatherings.

My sister and sister-in-law wanted some Mike's Hard Lemonade. We ran into "Axl Rose" at the liquor store and he let us take pictures!!

Kacey and Lauren seem embarrassed and amused by my sister, Cory's behavior.

Later in the evening, Kacey and friends gathered at our house to get ready for a Halloween party. Don’t they look great?

Heather, Andi, Kacey and Haley - usually the four musketeers - dressed up as M & Ms for the evening.

M & Ms with attitude

The day wrapped up with a get-together with Gina, her husband, Jeff and some other mutual friends. We had a fun evening, talking, laughing and catching up. Of course, it was over too soon and there were tears when we hugged goodbye. They’ll be back for Christmas. I’m counting the days already!

17 thoughts on “Halloween Weekend

  1. It sure looks and sounds like your family knows how to have a good time when they get together. Being silly is the spice of life. Keeps you young, and young at heart. Cute M&M’s.


  2. Great family stuff and photos too. I am terrible at picture taking and usually just buy the post cards for memories if I go anywhere. Please give my compliment to mom. The babe looks pretty hot in the jeans as far as this 61 year old bachelor is concerned. Where did you get that rare blue ostrich egg by her feet? When it hatches, let me tell you, you will need a backyard as big as the town park.


  3. Don’t you love family gatherings though where everyone acts a little goofy and a good time then is had by all? I loved the M&M getup though -where’d they find those snazzy tights that matched the shirts?


  4. Wait, where are your parents going??

    I like the pumpkin purse! I thought it was a real thing. Ha!

    Sorry Kacey, M&M costume is a bit weak. Can’t give her kudos.


  5. That photo with “Axl” is great!

    I thought it’d be tough to beat last year’s low of 2 “Trick or Treaters” but we hit bottom this year with none at all. But, we’re on a one street subdivision with a cul-de-sac. Now, we have to eat all two big bags of Tootsie Roll midgees by ourselves…. ;)


  6. I think the m&m costumes are great!

    I also thought the purse was a real thing, had to blow up the picture to see the… Enhancements? Nicely done! ;-)


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