First Snow

Holy Cow! They said the ground was too warm for this to stick!

I love waking up to the first big snow of the year. So pretty.

19 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Terri you have NO idea how incredibly jealous I am!!!! Yes, I spent today outdoors in shorts and a T-shirt, laboring hard in my front yard in 78 degree/11% humidity, but I would trade all of that never-ending sun and warm weather for one full day buried underneath layers of blankets while staring at a white landscape!!!


  2. I love your photo of the first snow. It’s beautiful. But, PLEASE, keep the snow up there. I’m really not in the mindset to deal with snow. I know it’s coming, but, but, but not yet! It’s raining here tonight and I’m hoping it stays rain and doesn’t turn into the white stuff. It’s lovely to look at, but not drive in.


  3. Yowza!! That’s quite the change from the weather you were describing early last week!!

    Oh how I remember those days, and how glad they make me to live in California! The snow is beautiful! But that one extreme to the other thing, I don’t miss at all.


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