Can’t Get Used to the Cold Yet

I’m still not used to the cold. I look out the window and see all that snow that I expected to melt by now and it gives me a chill. It’s been cold in the office this week too. Really cold. Someone finally called building maintenance yesterday and it warmed up for a while, but by 3:30 I had my jacket on again. It’s hard to work like that!

Work has been busy this week and the hours seem to fly by and I can’t get enough done. And yet it seems to have taken forever to get to Friday. How is that?

I went to the gym almost every morning this week. It’s even quieter there on Fridays. I guess some people give themselves a break on Fridays. I give myself a break on Tuesdays because that’s the day after bowling night. :-D I’ve been listening to an audio book, Wish You Well, to pass the time on the treadmill. I got so wrapped up in the story I stayed on the treadmill for an hour. Felt good.

Kacey and I switched roles this morning. Instead of being her usual brooding morning self, she was trying to engage me. Instead of being my usual bubbly morning self, I just feel quiet today. I’m glad it’s Friday.

16 thoughts on “Can’t Get Used to the Cold Yet

  1. The cold is getting to me, too.
    Good to hear you are getting to the gym. I’ve been in physical therapy for a couple of months now, and have finally gotten enough strength in my arm to drive, so I have been going to the gym all week to do lower body and walk the treadmill. Being laid up all this time has gotten me way out of shape.


  2. August and September are so miserably hot in Miami. It is downright oppressive. Can you imagine how depleted one feels living in a sauna all day? It’s so hot they call the basketball team “The Miami Heat.”


  3. It sux when they don’t kick up the heat enough to keep you warm. Nothing like typing on a keyboard when your fingers are cold/numb. You ought to bring out your Snuggie? Then maybe they’ll get the hint?

    Good that you are hitting the gym early before the holiday crowds. Exercise does tend to inspire the spirit. Enjoy the weekend and stay warm.


  4. I love Fridays too, but … do you ever wake up on Saturday and forget that it’s Saturday, thinking you have to get up and go to work … only to suddenly realize that you can roll back over and snooze?

    One of life’s great little rewards..

    — Judson


  5. You just keep all that snow up there, okay? I lovelovelove my Texas winters! We got down to 38 last night and I almost cried! 72 for a high today, though!

    Keep in mind – our summers are not the most ideal, though! HAHA


  6. The cold this year seems to be bothering me much more than it usually does. Maybe it is the treatments, maybe just my age -who knows. But, I throw my heavy jacket on to take Kurt out to get on or off his school van and for the maybe 60 seconds (not much more than that) that I am outside, only slightly exposed to the elements, when I get back inside, I spend the rest of the day -or several hours anyway -trying to get warm again! I used to have hot flashes -oh, about 15-20 years ago -and now, I get cold spells! I think being bald now may play into this problem a bit too though. Ah, who knows. Just gonna have to deal with it as it is what it is I guess. But I’m dreading January and February when the temps will be dropping down into the minus single digits. BRRRR!


  7. Are your work trying to economise on the bills by not heating or have they just not caught up with the change in weather?
    I have felt cold for weeks. I don’t mind cold and dry; but cold and damp and foggy how it is here now just seems to get inside my bones.


  8. I can’t get used to the cold either. Last night it was in the fifties!!! Time to light the fireplace (except we don’t have one). My daughter is a pre-Thanksgiving loonie … she has us and the in-laws coming. I think I’ll hang around with the grandkids …


  9. It’s always a little difficult to get adjusted to the change in seasons. I tend to get ‘depressed’ during the colder and darker months. Walking is one of the few things that lift my spirits during this time of year. Glad you got in a full-hour on the treadmill. That had to feel good!


  10. I need to start working out again. I think I’m getting to the point where I’m pretty serious about it, so maybe in the next couple weeks I will start using the elliptical machine that is so conveniently placed in our living room. Do you download your audio books?


  11. If I could live somewhere that was warm year-round, I absolutely would. I hate winter with a passion. There’s nothing worse than being cold… which I am frequently.

    I looked at the St. Croix harbor cam that Wreggie posted in the comments. Pretty cool. I actually have a funny storry about St. Croix. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime.


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