One Saturday in November

I woke up just after seven and realized that rare feeling of having had enough sleep. The house was quiet and there was a distinct absence of anxiety… nothing hanging over my head, the whole day seeming “doable.” Oh, there was plenty to be done in the hours ahead, but none of it seemed overwhelming. You’d be surprised how often life in general can seem such a daunting task to me.

Having been to the gym nearly every morning of the past week, I was feeling motivated and slid out of bed to go in search of gym clothes and a pair of my favorite socks… the kind that don’t slip down into my shoe while I’m on the treadmill. Shorts, t-shirt, sports bra and the “good” socks were all located in short order and after getting dressed and pulling up my hair, I realized the gym wasn’t open for another half hour.  I had the luxury of slipping into a good book for a little while with the silence of a sleeping household all around me.

I walked into the gym just after 8:00 and made my way to a treadmill at the far end of one row. At least that way, no one could sidle up next to me on my right side. I turned on my iPod and got lost in another book, the electronic kind this time, until a couple of women decided to occupy the treadmills immediately to my left. They insisted on talking and laughing and it annoyed me just a little, but I turned up the volume and tuned them out for the next hour while I walked. I haven’t run in several weeks. I’ve returned to being a walker, but I don’t let myself take it too easy. I chose the “rolling hills” setting today and cranked up the speed and clearly was feeling optimistic as my legs are still protesting the inclines we tackled today. They’ll thank me later… I hope.

Home again, I cancelled out all the calories burned with an omelet filled with sausage and cheese, but I didn’t care. I knew they’d get burned off again with a day of cleaning house and an evening of bowling later on.

A very good start to the day, for sure… Nothing exciting. Just a good feeling I wanted to write down and come back to visit later when things seem too much again some days.

12 thoughts on “One Saturday in November

  1. Maybe the “enough sleep” thing is a tad contagious? This a.m., I woke up around 8 but knew I wasn’t ready to get up and moving -still a bit groggy, so I went back to sleep till almost 10 and by then, Mandy had coffee made and I sat down at the computer to read e-mail, blogs, facebook, etc. feeling much more friendly about the day ahead. Good things looking back at me today cause my son got back home late last night from his 4 week work-stint in the boondocks of northern Texas and miracle of miracles, when I did my blood sugar this morning then, for the first time since I had to start this blood testing process, my sugar levels this morning were a low of 138! Gives me at least a bit more incentive in this diabetic learning process I’m into now! Next step -finding some really warm clothes to layer with and try to get back at least a little bit, into walking once again! I told Mandy since my sugar was that low this a.m., now I have all day to run the levels back up again with forbidden foods. (No, not really gonna go to that extreme, but I am at least going to enjoy eating a little bit today since I know the levels will occasionally drop to being somewhat acceptable now!)


  2. Ah, day that’s “doable”. Is it the do? Is it the day? Is it the able? Some times the itinerary is met with eager anticipation. Other days it’s “just do it”. I think the validation that comes with “being done” creates an attitude that increases the number of days “doable” when we wake up and decreases the number of “I can’t face this today” days.


  3. Sounds nice. At sixty-six, I’m still a night own, up late every night, so I rarely have that well-rested feeling. Thank God for coffee. Since I’m in Arizona, my time is only my own at night … between my wife, daughter and grandkids, the rest is spoken for. Most of the time, I love it. My wife and I are doing the “Belly Fat Cure” … very low sugar and carbs, whole grains only. Sausage and egg are OK for us. We always crave what we can’t have.


  4. It’s good to take some me time to enjoy yourself. Life addes enough stress to make things hectic.

    I agree with your strategy to run alone. Hate to have “chatty” people trying to engage you in some converstation/dialog. Just keep the iPod dialed up and ignor them.


  5. Waking up without feeling overwhelmed is an amazing feeling – and its good you had the time just to appreciate that!

    I haven’t been running either – just walking. I think I get more satisfaction from walking than I ever did running. And one of the reasons I don’t go to the gym is because of those ‘chatty’ types. They irritate me to no end. Good thing you were able to crank up the iPod and tune them out!


  6. The day always seems easier for me to tackle when I start it out with a workout . . .

    And I agree about the ‘talkers’ – they annoy me to no end. I go there for an hour to myself. lol


  7. On the one hand I am more motivated to work out at the gym if someone goes with me, but there is an unwritten rule about being loud and disrupting others workouts. At least you had your book that you could turn up the volume so you didn’t have to listen to their conversation. Yay for a pleasant day! I think I might have one today.


  8. Thank God for my iPhone. I fire up my “workout music” and drown out everyone around me. It gets my adreneline going too. Most of the people at my gym really aren’t that loud, though, so that’s a good thing.

    That omelette sounds amazing, by the way.


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