Flying Monkeys – the Perfect Christmas Gift!

Well, I did it! I finally started my Christmas shopping.  Oh, I still have a long ways to go, but I’m feeling good about this purchase. A coworker received one of these as a gag-gift from our CEO, and the minute I saw it in action, I knew I’d be purchasing several of them as gifts myself.

It’s a slingshot monkey! And when he flies across a room, he screeches in the most annoying way.

And just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I’m done torturing my siblings. My tactics are just a little different than they were in my younger days. Now, I can antagonize my brothers and sister through their children.

Yep. Six young nephews and one young niece will each be receiving a flying, screeching monkey for Christmas this year. And if there are any protests from the moms and dads, I’ll just remind them of all of the years my kids received gifts such as the book about farting, and the games about nose picking and toilet flushing.

I suppose I should really get on with the serious shopping, but I wanted to make sure I got the really important stuff taken care of first :-)

21 thoughts on “Flying Monkeys – the Perfect Christmas Gift!

  1. Those are fun. I got my son a screaming monkey slignshot two years ago. Totally fun and useless toy (unless you count annoying your friends and coworkers as fun). If you ever wanted your own sonic screwdriver or bacon wallet or even a cube trebuchet, try for some really interesting/cool/off beat gifts.


  2. Ah ha! I see you already answered the question I had about where to get one of these monkeys! I’ll have to check that out as I think it would be a great gift for a special grandson on my gift list. Good for a 13-year-old, agreed?


  3. I love it! I do the same thing! I send noisy firetrucks and things that make all kinds of racket! What’s wrong with fart toys? Lol

    I AM getting a few of those!


  4. > my kids received gifts such as the book about farting, and the games about nose picking > and toilet flushing.

    I KNEW that growing up overseas deprived me of something. Now I know what, because I never received any of those presents. But, a flying monkey woulda been cool….First I’ve heard of it.


  5. My sister is a total “poop” about noise making toys for her kids. She doesn’t want them to have any and she takes the noise maker out whenever they get something and she’s able.

    She would just dismantle it, but I’m sorely tempted to send one of these to each of my nieces. >:)


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