Holiday Rush

Christmas is coming too soon this year! The snow storm last weekend put me seriously behind schedule on my holiday preparations.

Well… maybe the snow storm isn’t entirely to blame. Maybe the fact that I always seem to be trying to get on top of things is just the nature of my life. Take right now, for instance. I could be making another batch of cookies. But what am I doing instead? Blogging! Oh well. It was time for a break anyway.

Yesterday was a busy day. Kacey had softball games all afternoon inside the athletic dome. While she did that, Mark, Jake and I cleaned house and did laundry. In the late afternoon, I helped Kacey and friends get ready for the semi-formal dance.

Connor and Kacey

After the kids left for the dance, it was time to go bowling. I’m finally getting the hang of my new bowling ball and was pretty happy with my scores! We didn’t stay long after bowling ended because we were expected at a neighborhood Christmas party. We arrived at the party a bit late, but no harm done. We were just in time for the exchanging of the white elephant gifts. I got some rainbow trout napkin rings and I discreetly left them under the bar at the home of our host and hostess. :-) The gift I brought to the party was a big hit and changed hands several times before someone finally got to claim it as their own… A Santa Claus Mr. Potato Head. Go figure something like that would be such a hot item!

This morning, I was up early. There was shopping to be done. Serious shopping. I woke Mark and we left the house long before the kids were awake. And we were gone for hours and hours trying to find just the perfect this and just the perfect that. I was really beginning to feel like one of those Who’s down in Whoville. But I’m happy to say that our shopping is almost done.

Once back home again, some wrapping got done, some Christmas cards got signed and addressed. Some cookies got made and another trip to the store was made.

There is still much wrapping to be done… the kind that Kacey can’t help me with. (And she has been such a tremendous help with the holiday preparations so far.) Like many others, I may be scarce online this week as I try to make sure all is ready for Christmas.

I wish I were better at this. Why does it all have to come down to such a rush?

17 thoughts on “Holiday Rush

  1. This is the first Christmas that I’ve actually gotten my shopping done ahead of time. It’s about 99.9% due to being married to a girl who doesn’t procrastinate like I typically do, and urges me to get stuff done.

    Kacey looks great. I hope she and Connor had a good time at the dance.


  2. I can’t believe you gave away rainbow trout napkin holders. Nothing screams Minnesota more that rainbow trout napkin holders…unless it would be the snow plow ear rings.


  3. White elephant gifts? Oh, now I remember. Funny inexpensive things bringing laughter to all with the unwrapping ritual. Did that long, long ago. Through the years now, the depressing thing is that every gift I have gotten was a white elephant thing. What is even more depressing is that the givers thought I was of such a mind that they felt I would be thrilled with such nonsensical items. I kept it simple this year because I am still furious over last year when I put together drawing, painting, paper items etc. for an impressive art set for my 7 years old granddaughter @ $125. Mom and kid have not looked at it for the whole year! I am still beside myself and furious. So now retired school teacher grandpa keeps it very simple: Each kid gets a set of books and a savings bond for college. Period.


  4. I was running late with cross stitch ornaments for the nieces and nephews this year and one batch of cookies, but all else had been bought and by early December.

    I started my 2011 Christmas shopping already! I was in Michael’s the other day and they had awesome cookie tins on sale so I scooped up several in preparation for next year. During the holiday sales I’ll pick up anything that I think would be perfect for someone and store the gifts ’til next year. I also do that throughout the year.

    Yeah, I still have some gaps to fill in November/early December, but my time and monetary budgets are very happy.

    Merry Christmas Terri!


  5. I envy them still playing softball this time of year. I would play year round if I could. Best game around.

    I wish you the best with the new bowling ball. I know it takes time to get used to using.


  6. KAcy looks fabulous! Hope they had a great time!

    Glad you are getting the hang of the new ball!

    I think we try to do too much. We do as much as our ancestors, or parents did and some. Then add todays complex family.

    Too much I tell ya!

    We’ll do more next year. Why? Because we like it.


  7. Have to agree with D-I, those napkin rings scream MN! Cute Potato head! Ha! I can see why people wanted it. Is conner the guy you talked to at school?? I can’t remember. Nice matching outfits though. Cute!


  8. I know! Christmas feels like it’s early this year. I blame it on our mild weather, but you can’t use that excuse!

    White elephant gift exchanges – the best!


  9. You gave up the Rainbow Trout Napkin Holders? I’ve got a Singing Bass I woulda traded you for them. Those white elephant gift exchanges can get interesting. I’ve even been on the receiving end of a couple of Chia pets.

    Kacey & Conner look like a cute couple.


  10. My how times have changed…Kacey’s dress would have been banned by my high school in 1970.

    As for Christmas, I guess I shouldn’t mention that all my cards (about 40) went out Dec 4 and all gifts needing mailing went out Dec 6? Ooops…! ;)

    Good thing I finished early, because I’ve been too frozen for the last two weeks to get much done….(Cold is all relative.)


  11. My shopping is done! Thankfully. I did bake one batch of cookies Saturday night – Peppermint chips -12 dozen of ’em, no less. They are very easy and VERY good too -recipe on the back of the Andes Peppermint chips bag. Give ’em a shot if you like peppermint! All that’s left now -wrapping gifts and baking more cookies and some breads too plus, fixing a big meal for Friday night with all the family here and then, off to church for the late service -which used to be at 11 p.m. but was changed a couple years ago to 9 p.m. Funny thing is I tend to just be waking up, coming to life, at 11 p.m.
    Kacey has to have been the belle of the ball in that super sharp outfit! Looking like a Princess, for sure!
    Have a wonderful Christmas -you and your family, Terri! (I think your snowstorm of last week is finally deciding to head our way for Friday/Saturday and I’d be quite happy if it went in a different direction. I know just call me “Madam Grinch” I guess!


  12. When we were kids my Dad used to have my sister wrap all the presents. And I do mean ALL of them. He’d put her presents in larger boxes so she couldn’t see what they were and then she’d wrap them, put them under the tree and then open them again when we did the gift exchange.

    Fortunately, my sister was/is amused by this and it’s some sort of good memory to her. I don’t think I’d feel nearly as good about it.


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