A Rare Sighting

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a great while, we enjoy the return of an elusive creature.


Teenagers are unfamiliar with the concept of down-time, otherwise known as “relaxing” or “vegging out.” As you can see, this one still found ways to stay connected to the boyfriend, via FaceBook chat. She nearly crawled out of her skin at the thought of staying in the house for the evening. (I’m not sure then, why she chose to do so. It’s not as if she was grounded. I have a suspicion she knows she’s been gone just a bit too much and decided to toss us a bread crumb by gracing us with her presence for a change. Ohhhh….wait… Now I get it! She’s going to ask for money soon. I’m sure of it!)

Her inability to sit still definitely worked out in my favor, though. I had two of these, fresh from the oven. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside. Yum!

Anyone who wants to bake cookies is welcome in my kitchen anytime!

Must find ways to keep her home more often!

16 thoughts on “A Rare Sighting

  1. A rare sighting indeed! As long as you keep baiting the trap with warm fresh cookies, teenagers will flock around for a while. At least until the BF replies/calls or the cookies run out.


  2. So she stayed home and cooked? Awesome for you. Those cookies look awesome. My bet is the boyfriend was otherwise detained. That’s ok though, those were good memories for me (dating in high school).


  3. Food works in mysterious ways! Have you tried the whole “Want to make a trip to the mall with me?” ploy? This may or may not work, depending on your teenager. Some will refuse to be caught with any parental figure on the premises of a mall/movie theatre/amusement park/grocery store. Others will figure out that you’re going to do some shopping, and may tag along in case they can weasel anything out of you! If yours is like the latter, then there’s another opportunity for some bonding time (and you don’t even have to buy her anything…maybe a soft pretzel or some ice cream at the end!)


  4. Even a teenager knows they have to make an appearance every once in awhile, or you just might stop cooking for them, and you can’t let that happen.


  5. My daughter is 37 and she’s either going-going-going or talking-talking-talking. The only time I get any real personal time with her is to take her to lunch. For some reason, she then calms down and visits with me.


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