I Wanna Ride in the Cash Cab

So the day is coming to a close and I’m coming dangerously close to not posting something for the first time this year, so I guess I’d better put some words down on this page, huh?

I had a really good day today. It felt great after the earlier part of the week just seemed to drag on, dull and lifeless. I had things going on at work today that allowed me to really dig in and I love when I can do that. It makes the hours go by fast. They may have gone by a little too fast, since I ended up staying late to finish things up.

Came home after work and Mark was just waking up for the day. (No, he’s not that lazy. He’s on the night shift this week.) He wanted to get an early dinner since he had to go in to work early tonight. We grabbed some SmashBurger, of which I’ve decided I’m not a fan. The food tastes great but it’s too greasy. Anyway, we got our food to go and came home to eat it in front of the t.v., watching several episodes of Cash Cab, where, according to the website, “Unassuming people enter the ‘Cash Cab’ as simple passengers taking a normal taxi ride, only to be shocked when they discover that they’re instant contestants on Discovery Channel’s innovative game show!”

Now, I know you’re not going to be the least bit surprised when I tell you that I’ve discovered I’m really good at this game. I was on fire, answering questions left and right!

The practice of growing plants without dirt? Hydroponics!

A cotton-like fabric with wrinkles that keep it from sticking to the skin? Seersucker!

Author of Free to Love, Free to Heal? Deepak Chopra!

Okay, you got me. I didn’t really get Deepak Chopra. But I got a scary number of answers correct. Mark was very impressed. (Alright, you got me again. It doesn’t take much to impress him.) Some people have the itch to go to Vegas and try their luck. Me? I want to go to New York and take a ride in the Cash Cab.

13 thoughts on “I Wanna Ride in the Cash Cab

  1. You should go on Jeopardy. Is that still on TV? Since I don’t watch TV I don’t know the shows people talk about, but if you like the taxi cab cash thingy then I would root for you.


  2. That’s a fun show. I know a lot of the answers too, but know if I ever had the opportunity to play, my mind would turn to mush and I probably couldn’t spell my name.


  3. Taking a cab in New York is very risky business…they drive like lunatics.

    But hey…did you click at the Smashburger site to win a Vegas trip? I’ll be there in late April and will give it a try, even though you do not recommend it. I want to check it out against the infamous StripBurger and see which of the three (Five Guys being the third) I like most.


  4. You don’t have to go to NY, it came to Chicago!! I’m not sure if they are still shooting here or not, but it definitely was here for several months. Unfortunately I don’t take many cabs. It’s a cool show and good concept though. Why ANYONE does the video at the end of the ride is beyond me (unless it was a short ride and you only accumulated like $200 or something). Just take the money and run!!!


  5. We love that show. My son, Aaron, started turning it on during dinner. I, too, do very well with the questions, which for some reason, amazes him. I’ve got this huge storehouse of trivia in my brain which I’m afraid will come pouring out some day when I’m in the old age home.


  6. I LOVE Cash Cab! Somedays, I really amaze myself at the answers I know too. Then there are other days when I am amazed at what an idiot I must be to miss really simple questions too! But it’s fun, isn’t it?


  7. I’ve seen that game..not a bad way to spend a cab ride! I would rather go on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I always get mad at the people who go out on the easy questions.


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