17 thoughts on “Got Nutmeg?

    • Well….. hmmmm…. okay, I’ll try :-)

      A wife and her hubby are sitting at the table together eating breakfast together. She looks at him and says, “Last night was amazing. Was that cinnamon you put in the dessert?”

      As she’s saying these words, there are subtitles that say what she is actually thinking : *”Wow, that K-Y Intense really worked!”*

      He replies to her, “Yes. A dash of nutmeg too.”

      His subtitle reads: *”I want to use that K-Y Intense again.”* ** She says, dreamily, “Wonderful spice, nutmeg is…”

      And her subtitle reads: “*I wonder if he’ll call in sick today.”* ** He responds to her assessment of nutmeg: “As spices go, I find nutmeg to be…. under-utilized.”

      His subtitle: *”I’m definitely calling in sick.”* ** She coughs slightly.

      He says softly, “Nutmeg.” Coughs slightly.

      Subtitle: *”K-Y Intense.”* ** And the announcer says, “K-Y Brand Intense. Makes that big moment feel even bigger.”

      But you really have to try to watch the video to appreciate the humor in all of this! :-)


  1. haha after reading your title I was going to say that I love nutmeg because it makes me think of pumpkin pie and other delicious things, but now I’m not sure how that sounds!


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