The past week suddenly felt very long about halfway through. Things are slowing down again at work, so that may be why. I’m sure the weather contributed too. Cold! Very cold. It was -4 F when I woke up this morning. So tired of being cold.

I talked with Gina a lot this week over email. It seemed to be good for both of us. It provided us several chances to laugh anyway. We poured our frustrations out to each other, offered advice when we could, and jokes when we couldn’t. We decided a Thelma and Louise-type vacation would be fun, except without any murdering or driving off of cliffs. Because things would probably stop being fun if we had to go to prison or be dead.

I’ve been continuing to work out with the Wii Fit for the past week, combining strength training and yoga. (Man, you don’t realize how old and out of shape you are until you try to bend your body in ways you didn’t think were possible!) I tend to joke about Wii Fit workouts, insinuating they’re not real workouts. But I’ll be damned if I’m not seeing some positive changes, so I guess I’ll keep it up! We’re being promised highs in the upper thirties for the weekend, so I think I’ll add some outdoor walks to the fitness routine.

Saturday night is bowling night – always a highlight of my week. We may go to dinner before, or maybe do something fun after and call it Valentine’s Day, since Mark will be spending the evening at work on the actual day. That’s okay. I don’t put much stock in a Hallmark holiday anyway. And besides, it’s a bowling night! :D

11 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. I agree with de-I! Jail and dead are no options at all. I think you’re in the minority of women who consider V-Day a Hallmark holiday. Sweetest Day is a different story though.

    That’s interesting about the Wii Fit actually working. Good for you for trying it.


  2. Yeah – the weather outside has indeed, been quite frightful this past week! The kids had a 2-hour delay on both Tuesday a.m. and Wednesday -due mainly to the wind chill factors. Really, REALLY COLD!
    Thursday, I worked at the dinner after the funeral for a dear friend and couldn’t believe it when they actually took the funeral entourage up to the cemetery for internment! Our cemetery is located at the top of a hill and very, very barren, wind-blown majorly during the winter snows too. Just couldn’t imagine going there and getting out of cars to stand around the casket with the temps as low as they were and with all the drifted snow around there too.
    I finished a sweater I knitted for myself in time to wear it for Super Bowl Sunday here -it’s mottled colors in a very bulky yarn, with a nubby texture. Surprised myself that I got it done and could actually wear it too!
    And as to the weather being nicer this weekend -around these hills it may be a bit warmer (not much but hey, when you’ve been having temps in the below zero column and all of a sudden they are above 15 above, it’s a heat wave -but we are also getting snow now today too! Enough, already!


  3. > a Hallmark holiday

    Is there a holiday that’s not a Hallmark holiday? There are Hallmark “holidays” that I’ve never heard of.

    BTW, I’ve given up on Hallmark. The local American Greetings Cards store has a free membership in a “buy one card get one free and good 365 days a year” program, so of course I joined… I already picked out my “national gnat day” card! ;)


  4. I agree I am tired of being cold. We’ve been fortunate in STL to be in the lower 50s this week.. I just hope it stays like that. We’ll try to send some warmness your way.


  5. I’ve never cared much about Valentine’s Day either. I’ve always thought it was a dumb holiday. To me, if you really love someone, you need to go out of your way to show them more than one day out of the year.

    Such thoughts would get your typical male specimen in a great deal of trouble. Luckily, though, I married a girl who feels much the same way I do about the holiday, so I lucked out. :)


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