The Old Man Returns

Winter took a little vacation last week and I was in Heaven! By Thursday, temperatures were in the fifties and the mountains of snow that lined the neighborhood streets had begun to shrink.

Sadly, our little heat wave had to come to an end. After all, it is only February and this is Minnesota. Time to get used to the fact that over the next few days, things will be returning to normal for this time of year.

It was starting to look a little dirty after all that melting anyway. A new snow will make it look all fresh and clean again.

13 thoughts on “The Old Man Returns

  1. As I type this, we are having very deceptive weather – sunny, bright, looks really nice outside but it is quite brisk; cold. And my body is telling me that this is all a false front too as my back is aching as are my legs and ankles, sure warnings that the weather is about to take a drastic change. Plus, I heard that on the weather forecast last night too that the weather is supposed to turn nasty this evening sometime with that dreaded “Wintry mix” stuff -meaning we could get just about anything. The snow was getting really grungy around here too but I’d much rather have seen more green than white on the way.


  2. I’m not in Minnesota, but I can relate. The last couple days were 70 and 72. People running around in shorts and tee shirts. Me, driving with all the windows down. Then yesterday, howling winds started. A rumor that the national Christmas tree blew down (why is it still up?). Today, temps near feezing. Not fair. At all.


  3. All of our snow is gone now, except for the biggest piles, and we’re having rain. Not great, but you don’t have to shovel rain!!


  4. A fresh snow is so clean and when it starts melting it is sloshy and muddy. That is how it is here right now. It rained all last night. Thunder an lightning too. I didn’t get much sleep last night. We aren’t supposed to get snow this week, just rain. Hope your snow is beautiful.


  5. Just across the Lake, here in West Michigan, we had green grass yesterday morning and, by suppertime, 6″ of fresh snow. Sure is pretty. Sure is icy! But you’re right .. covers up the grey snardly stuff … if it’s gonna be cold, might as well have some snow to play in. Stay warm!



  6. I think … er … I HOPE we’re done with snow for this year. Been downright “spring-like” recently in North Carolina. Great! I probably just jinxed it …

    — Judson


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