Proof that I am Cool (As if there were ever any doubt!)

I come in the door from work. Kacey says to me, “Connor says to tell you he got a turkey in bowling in gym today.”

(Clearly Connor knows how much I value bowling skills. So he wanted me to know he bowled three strikes in a row!)

So I said to Kacey, “Would you be okay with me texting him to congratulate him?”

“Sure,” she said.

I grabbed my phone and started texting.

“Don’t you need his number,” she asked?

“No, I have it already. He gave it to me the night you guys went to the semi-formal dance.”

“Creepy,” she said.

“Not creepy,” I said. “It was for safety reasons and for my peace of mind.”

I finished sending my text, and not long after, Kacey received one on her phone. She read it aloud to me, laughing, “Some random number just texted me, ‘Way to go…TURKEY!'”

She then explained to Connor that the random number was me, and in the meantime, he responded to me, “Thank you, anonymous person.”

I sent off one final text to Connor, “I’m taking you and Kacey bowling sometime.”

To which he responded, “So excited, YAY!”

I then told Kacey, “Tell Connor I will stop texting him now, because I don’t want to seem creepy!

“Okay,” she said. “Just one more thing. Connor says, ‘I’m having a convo with your mom over text. How cool!'”

See? Me = COOL. Connor says so.

17 thoughts on “Proof that I am Cool (As if there were ever any doubt!)

  1. Hey, you are preaching to the converted here – we all know how cool you are!

    In fact I think you should have your own reality show on MTV or something. No, I take that back, you are not annoying enough for that.


  2. This should be titled “More” proof that you’re cool.

    I’m reading this trying to imagine my mom texting my high school boyfriends. It’s just not happening.


  3. Not that you’re not cool, because clearly you are, but technically Connor was saying texting you was cool, which is pretty much true I’m thinking. We’ll need further confirmation that he actually thinks you’re cool. :-)


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