This -n- That

Coolness Confirmed: Joe said, in reference to my post about being cool, that technically Connor did not say that I was cool. He said that what Connor was saying was that texting with me was cool and that there needed to be further proof that I actually do possess the coolness gene.  I have proof.

Connor had dinner with us tonight. In the midst of the various conversations, Kacey sarcastically joked to me, “Well, aren’t you cool?” to which Connor replied, “She is.”

Don’t piss me off. Or just go ahead because I won’t do anything about it anyway: I had a little issue yesterday with a particular person, in a place where I spend the main part of my day. Said Person and I, along with a couple other people, are trying to accomplish something together. Said Person went on vacation for a couple of weeks and before leaving, asked me to accomplish something while she was away and make sure it was provided to Important Person. Said Person had gotten a start on this something but needed to hand it off to someone else for completion. I did just as she asked and Important Person was very, very pleased. When Said Person returned from vacation and found that I had very successfully completed the something, she was apparently threatened and proceeded to pick apart the something piece by piece, even going so far as to say to me, “Wow. You must have really hated the piece that I started, because you completely changed everything.” (Did not!)  Said Person likes to be important and look important. Said Person wants to be a leader. I am more than happy be the behind-the-scenes person, and Said Person should know this about me, but clearly she wonders if I’m in competition with her. I was annoyed with Said Person. I was offended by her remarks, even though I gave them little merit since Important Person had already made it clear she was happy with the something I did.

I did the girl thing. I stewed about it. I griped about it. I thought about taking some sort of secret revenge involving a computer mouse and stapler. In the end, I couldn’t do it. It was fun to think about though. Besides, I am resting comfortably in the knowledge that Said Person’s insecurities are torture enough for her. I don’t need to mess with her things.

I live in Narnia: Rumor has it that Minnesota is in for another good dumping of snow next week. I can’t stomach the thought. We are in the midst of the never-ending winter. There is so much snow on the ground here that our city just came through the neighborhoods with a front-loader and pushed the snowbanks back from the curbs and further into the yards. I presume this in anticipation of the additional six to twelve inches Mark keeps telling me that we’ll be getting. My favorite new saying is “Why do we live in this god-forsaken state?” I hate it here. But I will completely deny having said that come July.

My firstborn is 22 years old today! Happy Birthday, Brad! I love you!

19 thoughts on “This -n- That

  1. First – congrats on officially being cool in Connor’s book!
    Second – congrats on a job well done! Sometimes it’s really hard to let Said Person stew in her own juices, but yay for you for letting her!
    Lastly – so sorry ’bout the snow thing. I’ll do my best to send this Saturday’s 70 degree sunny weather to your neck of the woods so it rewards you for tolerating the snow ;-)


  2. Be thankful you lived through the snow when I am living through the heat this summer. I am not looking forward to it.You hav such nice looking offspring. I almost said children but obviously they are not that any longer. A friend of mine calls her adult children chadults. As in my chadult is living in China now. AA


  3. I don’t like Said Person either, just on principle, the very fact that she has to make snarky comments about your wonderful work. None of us likes her. In fact, nobody likes Said Person. I’ve heard it from a reliable source that Said Person is the Devil!

    Hugs from Haiti,


  4. I never doubted your coolness. Joe doesn’t know of who he speaks.
    I think you handled the project with the “person who shall not be named” very well. I don’t think I wouldn’t have been as mature. Bully for you! You took the high road and remained the adult. It may be hard, but people recognize the ones who contribute the most. But, in case you’re still jonesing for some payback, try stealing the ball out of her mouse. Harmless but annoying.

    Remember, Revenge is a dish best served cold. And it is cold in Minnesota….


  5. Hm, maybe Said Person is threatened by your coolness too?

    At some point I am going to start my dissertation which will be looking at population movement in the USA. I suspect that the drift south to the “Sunbelt” is continuing…

    Happy Brithday Brad! I think he was still at school when I started reading your blog…


  6. That was a funny post. Said Person probably ruined her own holiday worrying the place could not run without her. Can’t believe you are still getting snow. Happy Birthday Brad! It’s all downhill from now kiddo.


  7. Coolness verified!! I suspected no less.

    More freaking snow?? Seriously? We had rain today and de-I said on the way to the airport “at least it’s not snow” and I added that at least I don’t have to shovel it!! Move a little south and join us!!!

    Slip her a mickey!! Nah, you’re probably right, let her suffer in her own insecurities. She knows you did a good job and is probably losing sleep over it. Of course, a mickey could put her in the hospital for a while…..


  8. Happy birthday to your handsome firstborn! And as to the co-worker with her snarkyness, glad you said you will stew about it but do nothing because planning revenge over something of a serious nature (like work) generally results in the person seeking revenge getting burned, sometimes even scorched and I’d really hate to see that happen to you. It will come back to her, eventually, and probably in spades too and by just stewing about it, that will make the end result that much sweeter then for you. No energy really wasted that way, ya know!
    Not to brag but our tulips and crocus plants have begun to peek out from the ground in front of the house -right under the big living room window. And while it’s nice -comforting even -to see that, I also hate to see them poking up this early because I know there’s still plenty of time for a lot of really yucky, snowy, icy weather to come and pay us another -or several -visit! Wish they’d learn to sleep in a bit, ya know.


  9. Terri – You are cool in my book too. >2 years now!

    Overall it is known that YOU did the work. Just let that be the fact.
    Everyone will always rework something to suit thier taste. If she had stayed, you most likely would have changed it the way it ended up.

    Narnia. yes.

    Happy Belated birthday Bro!!!!!!


  10. Happy Birthday Brad!!!!!

    There is a person at work who I butt heads with frequently… different departments, completely different jobs…but the way he runs things affects my job and guests, and he is ……. weird. Let’s just say that when others are involved or asked for their opinion to solve the situation, I am right about 98% of the time. I’m glad the Important Person loved what you did!!! Your other person should have been happy about it!!


  11. If you were good enough to finish Said Person’s work, she should keep her mouth shut and just be grateful. Glad Important Person liked it, though!

    Happy (belated) birthday, Brad!!


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