When I started to awaken this morning, laying in bed and not yet ready to join the world again, I slowly became aware of a sound that I just couldn’t place. I laid there for a few moments before it finally dawned on me. Rain.

A couple of hours later, it is still falling steadily. This should wash away most of that crusty, packed snow and the salt and sand that get left behind after such a forceful winter. Of course, this is Minnesota and it is only March, so the rains are predicted to turn to snow sometime between today and tomorrow. That’s okay. There’s no way it can last long now.

So yes, I fell off the post-a-day bandwagon. And once I let one day go by, it was too easy to let a few more go. I didn’t consciously take a break. I just got into a dark mood – a combination of things like work, and the death of my friend’s dad. I learned some of the details surrounding his death, like the fact that the drunk driver hit him from behind, at 70 miles an hour. How he didn’t have any ID on him, and how his cell phone kept ringing and the police couldn’t figure out where the call was originating from. It was his wife, worried about him, trying to reach him from the hotel phone. I found out how she began to realize that something was wrong and when the police were called, because if was that bad,¬†they said, “Don’t come to the scene. We’ll come to you.”

We went to the funeral on Saturday and it was a beautiful service. I’ve never been to a funeral where so many people have attended. The church was packed to overflowing, with people sitting and standing in the gathering space outside of the church. This man was clearly loved by many. I feel so sad for his wife, his children and their families. They are now left to figure out how to move on without him. This world is just so unfair sometimes.

But, life does go on. I can only hope the dark days and months ahead pass quickly for my friend and her family and they are soon able to find a new sort of normal where it doesn’t hurt so intensely and so often.

Really makes my problems seem quite inconsequential.

17 thoughts on “Raining

  1. Yes, to find a new sense of normal. But every time we adjust cause comes for a redesign of the normal again. The ancient Greeks called it anomie. The status quo is that there is no status quo. It certainly defines our contemporary world, huh?


  2. I think we can forgive you for not posting. Who am I to complain about someone not posting at the weekend, anyway!

    That is a lot of difficult stuff for your friend’s family to deal with. Death is never good, but it is far worse when the details are painful too. My heart goes out to them.


  3. Well, yes, I noticed you skipped, and was kinda worried. But I’m also glad that you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself and know when you need some “quiet time”.

    You know I’m a traffic Nazi. Drunk drivers are high on my black list.


  4. Daily posting can be like an albatross around your neck sometimes. As with dieting, you have to want to be doing it more than having a sense of HAVING to do it.

    Random, senseless death. Ugh. That’s so awful.


  5. Hi, Terri –

    Sorry for your difficult times … you officially have a “Postaday2011 Hall Pass.” Yes, I AM the Postaday Police :) . I was at my retreat which was pretty serious (see my Monday Smiles if you have a chance) and focused on “Getting Through Life as It Is.” I’m watching my brother go through his grief, too. His son’s death was a suicide, something I can’t even imagine dealing with. Anyway, here we are, you back posting and me back commenting. That’s a good thing.

    If you get a chance, take a look at Allison’s blog at http://undividing.wordpress.com/. I think you’ll like it and she deserves a reader like you.



  6. Thank you for writing this, I appreciated the insight into the good and the bad, most importantly, your feelings about it. Post a Day (something I’m not familiar with) probably serves a wonderful purpose, but I say it’s better to post well than often. This, was posted well.


  7. Terri, I am so sorry for you and for your friend’s family. Drunk drivers are a menace to society that have never been truly dealt with. I have a passion for getting rid of drunk drivers once and for all because I lost mhy four month old nephew and my sister to a drunk driver. I know the pain your friends are going through and only time will ease it somewhat. The place your friend and her family are in now because of a drunk driver is a place NO ONE should have to go. Please accept my condolences.


  8. Everyone, and I think especially those who sign up with the best of intentions to do a “post a day” thing should at least get a card where you can get a “buy” -a day off now and then. All of us, even the most prolific writers/bloggers hit on dry spells that maybe only last a few hours or day but sometimes -as in my own case at times -may last a week or longer! Hey, you only have a certain amount of time each day, plus you have a job, family, a life and also, obligations too that crop up unexpectedly, as with the funeral, so give yourself a much needed break and don’t worry about a missed day to post now and then.


  9. “I hope the dark days and months ahead pass quickly for my friend and her family.” Me too, Terri. Me too. I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through. It really does put things into perspective.


  10. Terri —

    I know exactly what you mean. I thought about doing the “post-a-day” and about the same time things started to overload me at work and overwhelm on a personal level and suddenly I was lucky to be in a “post-a-month” mode.

    Not to be preachy … I hate when people are preachy … but if I didn’t absolutely believe that I’d see my loved ones again someday, I’d be in a constant dark mood.

    This life is great, but it isn’t all THAT great and if *this* is all there is … well, dang now here I go down that slippery slope, LOL.

    Anyway, It’s NOT all there is. I’ll leave it at that. Sermon over … :-)

    — Judson


  11. What a hard time. I’m very sorry to hear of this family’s loss. I don’t know what I would do if I were in their shoes. :(

    I need to go see my family soon.


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