Snow Again

Two days ago, there was a steady, all-day rain. The snow in the front yard had begun to melt away and I could even see hints of green in the matted-down grass. Overnight Tuesday and most of the day yesterday, it snowed. Heavily. The predicted one to three inches turned out to be more like seven.

Rush hour traffic was a nightmare yesterday morning. My normal twenty-minute commute took an hour and fifteen minutes. This was thanks to a jack-knifed semi trailer right in the heart of Spaghetti Junction on I-94. The highway patrol closed down the right lane and traffic was backed up for miles. The jack-knifed semi was reported to be carrying a trailer full of fresh eggs. (Good thing it was so cold out! Can you imagine the smell if that wreck had happened on a hot day?) So as bad as I thought my day was starting, it was nothing compared to the one the driver of that truck was having. Besides, I left the house a good hour before I normally would have, so I just relaxed and listened to music knowing I would get to work on time.

The truck was in such a bad spot that it was decided there would be no attempt to haul it away before the morning rush had ended. Removing it must have been a bigger problem than anticipated. It was still there when I left work at 5:00.

Later next week it is supposed to warm up again, so hopefully that means that spring will be coming to stay this time. I’m so done with winter. I need to get back outside again, feel the sun, and see color.

I just finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, about a girl who watches her family from Heaven after she is murdered. (I know this book was all the rage a year ago. I’m always behind the times on these things.)

I loved the perspective of this book – the concept that Heaven looks different for each person, depending on who they are and where they were at in life when they left it. This book also led to the possibility that people still learn and grow even after they’ve left this world. The main character, Susie, spends years in “her Heaven” watching her family members. She watches them grieve and she observes the way each one copes with their loss. She spends time with them and lives vicariously through her younger sister, doing and feeling all the things she was robbed of when her life was taken. She spends time as well, learning more about her murderer and following his twisted life over the years, even finding a way to protect another girl from the same fate she suffered.

I enjoyed this book and am ready to download a new one to my Nook. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Nook? I go nowhere without it!) I’ve been making note of books that others have mentioned on their blogs and am ready for a good can’t-put-it-down kind of book. So tell me. What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

15 thoughts on “Snow Again

  1. I heard about that truck on the early early morning (okay, overnight) news! They didn’t mention anything about it still being there during the evening commute tho. Here’s hoping the rest of the week’s commutes are better!

    I read, loved and blogged my review of Learning to Swim by Sara J. Henry. I’m now reading Skipping A Beat by Sarah Pekkanen. I’m enjoying this book as well — it’s about how a husband’s perspective of life/marriage changes after a serious accident. Right now I want to hit his wife upside the head, but I’m only 1/4 of the way through so I’m not sure if I’ll still be feeling that way at the end ;-)


  2. Hmmm. My friend, Scott, who I worked with at AccuWeather and who now lives in the Minneapolis area (fairly near I think we figured out to you) posted last night on Facebook that his wife was in an accident with a semi. She’s okay but the car -pretty banged up apparently. Wonder if that may have been this accident you mentioned here. I’ll have to ask him about that.
    As to the book you mentioned here, I’ve not read it but had heard of it. I’ll have to see if Mandy has read it and if not, she or I can look for it and have a good read.
    Recent books though -I sent you a message last night about the book I received in the mail yesterday and read it through last night -“About Her” and anthology -“Stories of Grace, Grit, Grievance and Gratitude.” Excellent book and I highly recommend it.
    I finished the new Jodi Picoult book 2-3 days back and very much enjoyed it! Mandy is reading it now so I’ll tell you her thoughts about this book at a later date.


  3. Run Like A Mother! Made me realize it’s okay to want to run out the door away from your babe and hubby sometimes. Just as long as you get in a sweat . . . and eventually return home :) A great read for those who want to or love to run but feel like they can barely keep up with their family’s needs, let alone make time for themselves.


  4. I think the weather is on the starting blocks right now…stop, start….stop, start. The ‘clever’ weathermen here seem to be continualy hedging their bets. This morning we were apparently in for rain, right through the weekend (after a glorious few days). On opening the internet just now it says fair/fine. I’m sure they are just looking out the window periodically and perusing their pet pine cone! :)

    I’m not a booky person but if you’re up to it ‘One Second After’ by William Forstchen still haunts me, almost 9 months on. A word of warning: It’ll get you stockpiling water and corned beef! …And when asked, I’m *still* bleating on about the wonders of ‘Perfume’ by Patrick Suskind and ‘Star of the Sea’ by Joseph O’Connor (a modern ‘classic’, I’m sure).


  5. It’s been snowing and raining and MISERABLE over here too. I was just getting into my morning walk routine too. *sigh*

    I saw the movie The Lovely Bones, and while I’m sure the book was MUCH better, I was totally captivated by the whole story. And the special effects were pretty amazing.


  6. Just got back from Connecticut visiting my Dad where it was 70 while I was there! I think I have managed to get through the whole winter without having gotten caught up north in snow.


  7. I may have to read or watch The Lovely Bones. I never knew that’s what it was about..I thought it was just another thriller movie like all the rest of them. I haven’t read anything lately but I still say the best book I have read is 102 Minutes, which is absolutely a book you don’t want to put down.


  8. Terri, that book is on my book shelves! And I love my Sony ereader as you love your Nook ;) Because of it I’m reading even more than I already did, it travels with me – even to the dentist.


  9. I’m in a young-adult mood right now – like for the last 15 years, haha. That’s what my area of specialization was for my master’s degree way back when. I love YA lit. I’m reading some vampire series right now – Evernight – and while I’m not necessarily a vampire fan, I am enjoying the plot.

    And, I’m (re)reading Wuthering Heights. I’d like to (re)read all the classics from high school again.


  10. We’re experiencing Winter redux in Chicago. I’m heartily sick of winter and want spring very badly. We were teased with spring and then got blasted, again. We didn’t have seven inches of snow, just a nice coating of ice. I’m going to have a tantrum if spring doesn’t get here soon.

    I am a voracious reader and currently I’m reading the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs. If you like “cozies,” you’ll like this series.


  11. The Help by Katherine Stockett. I have already read 16 books so far this year and that was by far the best . Yes I know this is the second time I have recommended this to you.
    Don’t want you to miss out on this one!
    We are finally getting sunshine here.


  12. Cold weather is grating on me more and more. Sorry, can’t help on the book front. Not much of a reader on the book side of things.


  13. I’ve heard good things about that book. Wasn’t sure if it was for me or not, though. I may have to give it a try anyway.

    I love my Kindle. I download books far faster than I can read them. I’m currently reading one called “Dune.” It’s a sci-fi adventure-type story. It’s decent.


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