Beautiful Inside and Out

My baby girl turned 18 years old today.

Photo credit: My Best Friend, Gina!

Isn’t she beautiful?

That’s a rhetorical question. She is. She’s beautiful. Inside and out.

I love her.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Kacey.

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Inside and Out

  1. She sure is. God bless her. Takes after her mom. And it sounds like she’s a chip off the block. Happy Birthday Kacey! !!!! We’re all proud!


  2. She is one beautiful young lady and I do believe a lot of that comes from the smile that looks very much like her beautiful Momma’s! I’d say she gets her other attributes probably pretty evenly dispersed but if she has an attitude deep inside anything like yours is, Terri, she’ll do quite well in life!


  3. W00t! She is growing up fast. And congratulations to you and your husband for the good job you are doing of raising your kids.


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