Back to the Ballfields!

Kacey’s summer softball team, the Rev is back in action and started their season with a tournament this past weekend. It was SO fun!

I have to say that Kacey’s school softball season was not quite as fun as she had hoped it would be. The coaches made decisions that didn’t seem to make sense and the girls were too often frustrated with the way things were going. They ended the season heavy on losses and with too few wins. So considering that experience, it was great to see the Rev come together with a great attitude, lots of smiles and so much energy.

On Saturday the girls won two out of their three games. The loss that day was a nail biter and they only lost by one. It was a beautiful, sunny weekend, and even Brad and Connor came along to cheer on the girls and chase foul balls that fell outside the fence.

The girls came back on Sunday and won their first two games to land themselves in the championship game. It was an AWESOME game too! The Rev was down 6-0 at one point, but then suddenly tied up the score a couple of innings later. There were two questionable calls at home plate, and had those calls been in our favor, the Rev would have taken the championship. Unfortunately, it was not to be and the team lost 7-6.

They played with all their heart, got REALLY dirty and had fun, and in the end, they came away smiling. Happy girls! That’s what I love to see!

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16 thoughts on “Back to the Ballfields!

  1. So I can see that you are going to become one of those sports photographers you always see on the side line with huge mega lenses and all. Just let Mark how much those things cost!


  2. Lookie at you and your fancy slide show! You go, Terri! Love it!

    I do love a good ball season/weekend/tournament. Here’s to lots more of those – for both of us – this summer!


  3. Yep -onward and upward with the sports photography, my friend! Love the way your pics seem to melt into the next one -very smooth transition on my computer.
    And really cool that Kacey is playing softball during this summer too! As active as that girl always seems to be, I was kind of wondering here what she was going to do if she didn’t have some type of athletic thing going on while waiting for fall -and college -to begin! Great start for the team too.


  4. Ohhhh, soooo close!! Good for them fighting through the losers bracket though. That’s a tough way to go….as my team has been finding out too often.


  5. Great photos! They look like they’re having fun while being focused and competetive at the same time. Sounds and looks like a great start to the season!


  6. Go Revs! Nice way to start a season. They look like the team to beat this summer.
    Love the sports photography. You could get a job doing pictures for the Twins.
    I am intrigued on how she goes about drying her gear.


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