I think I’m ready…

Friday is here already. I’ve spent the entire week preparing for Kacey’s graduation party and I awoke this morning to what looks to be a beautiful day. For the past week, Johnny Raincloud (aka Mark) has insisted on reporting the likelihood of rain for the day. I would love for him to be proven wrong.¬†(I just checked weather.com. The forecast calls for a high of 80 and isolated thunderstorms. Let’s hope those thunderstorms isolate themselves anywhere not over my house!)

I feel out of touch with everything else going on right now. My whole focus this week has been this party. The food is ready, as well it should be. I’ve probably spent more time in my kitchen this week than I do in a normal month! I’ve cooked six chuck roasts and four turkey breasts for shredded beef au jus and hot turkey sandwiches. Forty pounds of potatoes were made into potato salad. I had Heather and Kacey’s help with peeling and dicing potatoes. Heather says if she never sees another potato again, it will be too soon. After we were done putting it all together, I looked at the amount of potato salad and said to Mark, “I think I may have overdone it on the potato salad. “I think you might have underestimated,” he said. He loves my potato salad, but I think he’s forgetting that there will be more to eat than just potato salad.

The three-bean hot dish just needs to be mixed and heated in a crock pot. I hosted a fruit-cutting party last night. My mom, friend Megan, Heather and I cut up loads of strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe and watermelon. It was so good to have the help and the work seemed to go quickly as we talked and laughed together.

When I wasn’t preparing food this week, I washed all the windows in the house, cleaned carpets and did all of that spring cleaning kind of stuff. Kacey asked why I was washing window valances. “Who is going to be looking at the window valances???” I told her I wasn’t worried that guests would be assessing the cleanliness of our window valances. I just had to do all this stuff while the spirit was moving me.

Today, all that’s left to do is clean the bathrooms and kitchen and then set up for the party. Mark and Brad will be picking up orders of buns, cake, coleslaw, beer and the tables and chairs we rented. Our neighbor, Melissa who is 13 years old keeps reminding us she’s available to help. School is out and she’s bored already. Last night I was on FaceBook for a moment and a chat message popped up from Melissa’s mom saying, “I’m supposed to remind you that if you need any help tomorrow, Melissa is willing. She is sooo bored.”

I think I’ll take her up on the offer. It will be good for Melissa’s boredom and good for my sanity to have someone willing to do some of this stuff.

The only real glitch so far? A self-inflicted rash all over my body. I had a moment of vanity on Monday that I would later regret. As I left the shower, I noticed a bottle of self-tanning lotion sitting on the vanity. I had bought it for Kacey to use before prom and there was some left over. I’ve used self-tanning lotion in the past, but not this particular brand. I generously rubbed it all over my skin and all was well until I woke up the next morning covered in an itchy rash. It’s not horrendous. You probably wouldn’t really notice unless I pointed it out, but I know it’s there. I took some Benadryl before bed last night, hoping it would help. All it did was knock me out cold and I woke up too late to go work out at the gym this morning, which I was really hoping to do so that I could start my day stress-free. It has eased up some, but is still present today. Lovely. I should probably go see a doctor, but there’s no time.

So, the party goes on tonight. Rain or shine, we’ll be celebrating Kacey’s very successful completion of her high school career. Tomorrow, we can go back to life as usual.

19 thoughts on “I think I’m ready…

  1. O miss TerriTerri – I was slightly glad to not see you at the gym at 5AM. I had high hopes that you were sleeping in because you had anticipated a long night of beer drinking and Kasey-commemorating! The gym will be looking for you on Monday for a full report of the festivities!


  2. Boy that’s a lot of cooking and cleaning! No wonder I don’t have parties very often……almost ever…..just at Super Bowl time. Sounds like it’s going to be fun AND delicious! Good luck. I’m heading north to the Madison WI area, right by where de-I was a week or so ago, and I think they called for the same kind of weather.


  3. That’s the spirit. Rain or shine, the celebration goes on. You have done a lot of work to prepare for the party. I hope the rash leaves you alone so you can enjoy the fruits of you labor. Have a great time.


  4. Holy Rip, Terri! Did you also go out and buy another big, big refrigerator to have a cold place where you could store all that food for the party? That’s always my biggest problem now if I do a lot of cooking for some event as my refrigerator is always stuffed to the gills and yet, there’s rarely anything in there to eat! Or so it seems when the muchies hit anyway. Well, except for ice cream as I generally have several containers of that in the freezer compartment almost all the time! (Priorities on that stuff, ya know.) I think you’ve sent your rain all this way as yesterday was grey, cloudy, occasional rain and even a couple thunder boomers too and the same forecast is pretty much in place for that today now but the weekend is supposed to be wonderful. Sure hope so and I hope those storms are all very isolated in your neck of the woods all day today. Enjoy! Enjoy!


  5. Good luck! Sounds like a great party! Sorry I’ll miss it. :-)

    I hope the rash isn’t too serious. What a nuisance.

    Congratulations to Kacey on her wonderful achievement. I hope the weather holds ’til your party is over!

    And then???

    Get some rest!! :-)


  6. That is quite the tour de force with all that cooking and cleaning! I’m not sure, even with my propensity to cook, that I would take on such a challenge. I am sure it will be wonderful!


  7. Reading that was exhausting, given my totally incompatible skill sets! (Yeah, let’s just pretend for a moment I have such things . . . )

    I hope it’s beautiful. Props to you for taking all this care to make sure it’s memorable in all the right ways!


  8. I hope the festivities go off without a hitch. Please feel free to share your abundance of leftover potato salad with me :)


  9. Jeez, you really do this party stuff up big. Maybe it was a mistake, but we didn’t make much of a deal of our kids graduations. I hope (know) everything will go well. Try an oatmeal bath for your rash … you can buy the soluble packets in the drug store.


  10. Good luck with the party, I’m sure it will go off without a hitch. And… everyone better tell you how wonderful your house looks. Congrats again to Kacey on her graduation.


  11. > I hosted a fruit-cutting party

    Wow…I’d never heard of this before. The variations are endless. I’m gonna host a house cleaning party! ;)

    Enjoy the party. Post some photos!


  12. Good luck with the party. With all that preparation, I am certain it will be a monsterous hit, even if the valances were dusty. Hope the weather is clear and dry and everyone has a great time and you get some rest after it is all over. Would love some potato salad if you have any left over.


  13. I’m sure your party is going to be a hit with all the guests, especially the food! You’ve made me hungry and exhausted reading this post! Wow! I’ll know who to call if I need hints on throwing a party or spring cleaning. :) I hope all of you enjoy yourselves! Congratulation Kacey on a job well done!


  14. Sorry I’m late getting to this post. It’s Saturday morning. The party is bound to be over and you have not an ounce of potato salad left in the frig! Hope you survived and your valances are proud to be clean, cause now that the party’s over, that’s probably the only thing that stayed clean!
    Happy morning after,


  15. Dang… this has been a full-time job for you. I’m sure it turned out wonderfully. Congrats to your kiddo. I know her high school career was one to remember.


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