A Successful Grad Party and Back to Life as Usual

Well, we made it through Kacey’s graduation party! Everything seemed to fall into place to make for a very successful celebration. Too successful maybe. There were two roasters full of meat, one with roast beef au jus, and one with shredded turkey. The party was planned to go from 5:00 until 9:00 p.m. We ran out of the meats around 7:30. I was horrified! Never in a million years had I imagined we’d run out of food! I’ve prepared all of these foods before, for Brad’s graduation party. And I made more this time around! I wasn’t sure what to do until a friend offered to leave the party and go pick up something to offer in place of the meats. I didn’t want to ask one of our guests to leave, so Brad and Heather offered to run out to buy deli meats so we could offer sandwiches to anyone else still wanting to eat. The kitchen got quiet as soon as they left and I thought I’d sent them on a needless errand, but it’s a good thing I did. We filled a big platter with deli meats when they returned. Another wave of people came through to eat and those too eventually ran out. Almost all of the bars and cake were eaten. Most of the cole slaw and three-quarters of the potato salad were consumed as well. The only thing we had plenty of leftovers of was the fruit!

Even though I was embarrassed to have run out of food, I found out later that the reason wasn’t necessarily because I’d underestimated how much we would need. It turns out people were eating a lot! One neighbor told me it was the best food she’d ever eaten at a graduation party. Brad, who was busy in the kitchen with Heather keeping all of the foods replenished, said that quite a few people came back for second and third helpings and were taking two sandwiches at a time. I guess I can be glad that the food was well received!

It turned out to be a beautiful evening. It was warm and sunny and the rain held off.  There were people everywhere, in the front yard, in the house and out on the deck. The back yard was filled with Kacey’s high school friends. We were lucky we had chosen Friday evening for our party. It started raining Saturday morning and didn’t stop all day.

We had such a good time seeing all of our friends and relatives. I never did have a chance to eat anything as I was too busy talking, then checking on food supplies, and then talking some more. I had the best of intentions for taking pictures of the big event, but not surprisingly, I got caught up in entertaining and socializing and only managed to get a few photos.

The Cake

Andi, Kacey and Haley - best friends!

Kacey with two of her favorite softball coaches, Kristin and Steve

Kacey with her 14-year-old cousin, Zach and Jake. She's pouting because she's the short one now.

Me with some of my favorite coworkers

My brother and Connor goofing off with Brad

Kacey and her friends had a bonfire in the back yard after the majority of our guests had gone. Several of our own friends stayed late and had a few beers with Mark and me, and the last of them left just after midnight. The party went off so much better than I could have hoped for and we all fell into bed exhausted when it was over.

I feel like I’ve been out of the loop lately with my only focus being this graduation party. It was fun, but I’m glad it’s over. I’m ready to get back to routine and catch up with all of you again.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about a very special friend of Kacey’s and the wonderful way she honored their friendship on Kacey’s special day.

16 thoughts on “A Successful Grad Party and Back to Life as Usual

  1. Congratulations on graduation party super success! Makes me wonder what you’ll pull off when Kacey gets hitched!The cake is/was beautiful, almost seems a shame to cut it.


  2. Wow. I was wondering if you survived the hoopla, but I figured that, if anyone could pull it off, it was Terri. Although, I was looking for some reports of a disturbance from the neighbors.

    I totally relate to the ravenous crowds. Those roving teenager hordes can eat a whole water buffalo, if given the chance. Sounds like you pulled it off with style and panache. Congrats to Kacey and you and Mark! Great party for a great event! From the pictures, it looks like it took up the whole neighborhood.


  3. There’s nothing more complimentary of the chef than folks devouring your food, so a well-seasoned congratulations to you! It’s so fun watching you enjoy your daughter and her emerging adulthood! This is graduation for you, as well–that’s the part that is so easily forgotten!


  4. All the hard work paid off with so many guests enjoying the food and camaraderie. The pictures show the fun that was had by all. Great job and I know many people will reminisce about the graduation party for a long time.


  5. I would take the running out of food as being quite the compliment to the great fare you provided your guests!
    Did you count heads to see how many people you fed with that much food anyway? Just curious.


  6. Good food and good weather, sounds like a winning combo!! Good for you as I know how hard you worked on the party. Congrats Kacey!!!


  7. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that everyone loved the food. Just listening to you describe it made me hungry.

    Look at all the cars lined up along the street! There must’ve been a lot of people!

    And you think YOU have been out of the loop? I’m a month behind on blogs again. I don’t know how this always happens. I blink, and three or four weeks have gone by. I wish it would slow down a little.


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