Day Brighteners

Day Brightener #1 – A Dog in the Office

I met Brittany Spears today. Not the famous, blonde, singing one. The canine one. Brittany Spears is a Yorkshire Terrier and she belongs to our Chief Financial Officer. His wife and kids are out-of-town and there was no one to watch the dog, so he brought her to work. (Apparently Brittany Spears cannot be left to her own devices for any length of time. She’s a high maintenance girl but unbelievably tiny and cute!)

I asked the CFO if no one stopped him on his way into the office to say, “Excuse me sir, but you can’t bring a dog in the office!”

“I thought of that,” he said with the funniest grin. “So I put her in this bag and carried it over my shoulder, and then I just pushed her head down inside the bag when I had to sneak her past anyone.”

So Brittany Spears wandered around the office all day and all day long, people would stop and say, “Did you see Brittany Spears? Isn’t she just adorable?

Funny how seeing a man talking to his little dog puts a softer shine on his personality.

Day Brightener #2 – The Minnesota State Fair!

The Minnesota State Fair announced the list of new foods that will appear at the big event this year. One of the best things about the fair is that it is in large part, a celebration of food! I don’t plan to try the Sweet Corn Ice Cream (cream based ice cream blended with sweet kernels and served in a waffle cone with a choice of wild blueberry or caramel bacon topping.)

Let’s think about this a moment. Corn in your ice cream. Caramel bacon topping. For your corn ice cream. So many things wrong with this, not the least of which is that there are vegetables in your ice cream. And bacon has no business being in caramel. Does that not make you want to just throw up? I know. Me too.

I am really just excited to realize how close we are to state fair time. I love the state fair for all there is to see, and buy, and look at. Oh, the people watching! The people watching is amazing!

But I really go there for the food. I discovered my new favorite fair food last year – deep-fried pickles – the kind with cream cheese inside and a side of ranch dipping sauce. If I eat nothing else at the fair, I will eat these. And some deep-fried cheese curds.

I might try the Breakfast Lollipop, which is new this year too. I’ll give you a moment to say eeeew, just like I did.

Done now? Okay. Now listen to this. The Breakfast Lollipop is a sausage patty, dipped in corn muffin batter, deep-fried and served on a stick (because we pride ourselves on our array of foods on sticks) with a side of maple syrup.

You want a Breakfast Lollipop now, don’t you? I knew you did. I do too!

And how about some of these other new things to eat?

  • Deep fried cookie dough (Yes, please!)
  • Chocolate covered jalapeno peppers on a stick (I’ll pass, thank you!)
  • White Razzie Puppies on a Stick (Belgian waffles with white chocolate baked inside then dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with raspberry sauce)
  • Fresh fruit wraps (Excuse me? This sounds… what’s the word? HEALTHY. Healthy food has no place at the fair.)

And there are about a million other things to eat (on a stick and otherwise) at the Minnesota State Fair. Leave your diets at home and wear something with an elastic waist band!


19 thoughts on “Day Brighteners

  1. How fun that the dog made it to the office. We often took our dogs to Sara’s office when we lived in Vietnam and Haiti, and everyone loved it–especially in Haiti where the conditions were so tough and her staff needed the mood to be lightened.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Terri!



  2. Yes boo on the fresh fruit wraps. I can get that at home. I tried fried pickles for the first time in Wichita in June on our way to Wife’s family reunion. I was amazed that I liked them!


  3. That corn ice cream is so wrong on so many levels, but I do love a warm serving of fried pickles. I haven’t been to the fair in years, I find as I get older I have less and less tolerance for crowds.


  4. “I met Brittany Spears today. Not the famous, blonde, singing one. The canine one.”

    Actually, I have often heard the “famous, blonde, singing one” referred to with a word usually referring to a female canine…


  5. Taking the dog to work is a wonderful idea — many offices do it on a regular basis. Working at home affords me the privilege of keeping my Sheltie by my side most of the day; he loves it, and so do I! I’m right there with you on the corn ice cream — that sounds plain nasty! Enjoy the fair’s festivities, Terri!


  6. Now that’s a twist on the old “Bring your Daughter to Work Day”. Every office should have a dog or two on call . Would cut down on the stress and tension.

    And no mention of Fried Butter? Come on! I hear it is to die for. The fresh fruit wrap might be acceptable if you dipped it in batter and fried it up with some powdered sugar on top…


  7. OK, this may be a senior moment. i thought I left a comment inviting you to the Seven Links Challenge but you haven’t stopped by at Seven Links Challenge. So, either I forgot or commented on your “work post” that you’ve taken down. If it’s the former, I apologize … and if the latter, I don’t mean to nag.


  8. I’ve never been to the Florida State Fair, but have it “on my list.”

    As for weird ice cream, I was in Gilroy (California) for the 25th Annual Garlic Festival. (Gilroy proclaims itself the garlic capital of the world.) That’s right…garlic ice cream. And no, I did not try it…. But the garlic fries weren’t bad.


  9. At our fair, I always used to have a funnel cake while watching the demolition derby. I haven’t had one of those in years, but it will be my indulgence at the next fair I go to. Can’t wait to hear how your new foods turn out! Take some pictures! :)


  10. The White Razzie Puppies sound the best to me. I’ve never seen or heard of them before, but they sound yummy enough that I may try making them at home. And at the risk of being outcasted, I have to mention that I’m a little intrigued by the bacon and caramel topping. I love the combination of salt and caramel – especially over ice cream (although not corn ice cream). In fact, just before reading this, I had ice cream topped with caramel, peanuts and peanut butter chips. Yummy!


  11. Honestly? The sweet corn ice cream with Carmel dipped bacon sounds kinda yummy! I’d have to at least sample it!

    And I’m noticing a trend with your preferences. They all seemed to start with “deep fried”, which, can’t go wrong eith that!


  12. I don’t know about caramel on bacon, but I went to a wedding reception several years ago whter ethey served thick slices of bacon with a crystal coating of brown sugar. It may have been simultaneously the least healthy and the best tasting thing I have ever eaten. Oh my.


  13. I don’t know about caramel on bacon, but I went to a wedding reception several years ago where they served thick slices of bacon with a crystal coating of brown sugar. It may have been simultaneously the least healthy and the best tasting thing I have ever eaten. Oh my.


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