Almost Packed Up, Almost Ready to Go

I remember when Brad was starting college just a few years ago. I remember the feelings of uncertainty, both for Brad, being the first of our kids to leave home and go to school and for us. We were newbie parents of a college student.

What I don’t remember is much of anything to do with packing. I’m sure that’s because Brad, being a typical boy, probably hauled out a couple of duffel bags a day or so before he left for school and stuffed them with his standard uniform of shorts, jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts. VoilĂ . Done. Ready to go.

Girls are so different. As Kacey prepares for her first year of college, I realize just how very different this experience is for a girl.

It started with lists. First she collected lists of necessary items for college life. She found these lists online, in magazines, and free for the taking in various department stores. Then there was the personalized list she created while helping a friend pack for her college departure. This list included things like “coffee mug,” “Febreeze” and “smell goods.”

Then the process began. Packing for college, for Kacey, has definitely been a process. Her room is small as it is, and has grown smaller as a pile of various items began to take up much of the precious space. Now that Brad has moved out again, Kacey considers his room to be fair game. The packing is now being organized all over Brad’s bed, dresser and floor.

And the clothing can’t actually be packed into any sort of luggage just yet. What if she needs to wear one or more of these items in the next two days? Nope. It can’t be packed yet.

I’ve seen the dorm rooms and I’m seriously beginning to wonder how all this stuff is going to fit inside, especially when Kacey can only lay claim to half of the room! Half of it belongs to her new roommate! And between these two girls, they’ll have all the comforts of home. They’ve been communicating via FaceBook to make sure they have all their bases covered. They’ll have all the usual necessities like a refrigerator, microwave, t.v. and DVD player. They’re each bringing a butterfly chair. Kacey is bringing a portable ironing board and an iron. I told Kacey I was drawing the line at a coffee-maker. I said I thought she could live without one. As it turns out, the roommate, much to Kacey’s delight, is bringing a coffee-maker!

There is bedding and there are towels. There’s a fan and a power cord. And there are all those incidentals that just go along with being a girl! SO much stuff!

Oh, and did I mention the great robe search? We don’t wear robes around this house. Most everyone sleeps in sweats and t-shirts. But in a college dorm, a robe might come in handy when traveling to and from the showers. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to find a robe. When Kacey finally found one she liked, I refused to buy it. I wasn’t ready to spend sixty dollars on something I wasn’t even sure she’d wear. Today I managed to find one with a reasonable price tag and that meets with her approval. It’s fluffy and soft and I sure hope she actually wears the thing after that effort!

So she’s almost ready to go. I’ll never be really ready for her to go but it’s gong to happen. She’s excited and only a little bit nervous. And the fact that she’s so excited helps me to be less sad about saying goodbye for a while.

12 thoughts on “Almost Packed Up, Almost Ready to Go

  1. It was only 5 years ago, but I still remember Stephen’s first dorm room. Took two days to move in and set up. Muliple trips to B,B&B, dorm room furniture, shelves, bulletin boards, closet organizers, bed risers, university color dorm towels, same brown area rug. Ah, the life of a college freshmen. How can they fit it all in one tiny room with two young adults. Hope the move goes well.


  2. It’s interesting the differences between boys and girls. I know you are going to miss, Kasey, but how wonderful that she’s excited. I suspect this will be a fabulous year for both of you—————-


  3. I was more like your sons on this one! Being a mom has made me a little more methodical, but I’m still at heart of the oh-shoot-it’s-that-time-already?! school of moving.

    My heart aches a little when I think of Li’l D’s turn to fly, and that’s still many, many years away yet. I’m rooting for you and hope there are lots of sweet moments yet to enjoy . . .


  4. First off -If Kacey decides not to utilize that robe, I’d take it off her hands! Love the color! (Looks a lot like the robe my son gave me prior to one of my hospital stays in the past 8 years except mine is white -which, by the way, is not exactly the best color for me to wear! Messy Mom, ya know!
    Packing is a royal pain in the butt whether it be for going off to college or actually moving to a whole new house/apartment, whatever! Been there, done that on numerous occasions and never had a moving experience I didn’t dislike -immensely!
    Tomorrow -actually today now, since it’s officially tomorrow now today (after midnight, ya know) is the big day here for two kids going to school! Maya returns as a second grader -can you believe that? And Kurtis -well the little man has his first day of kindergarten -an all-day kindergarten too boot! Both kids are excited as all get out although Kurtis did tell me tonight when he came to give me his “nite-nite kiss” that he’s a little scared of the whole deal. Fortunately, his TSS, Miss Dawn, will be there with him, all day, every day for as long as he (and the teacher too) need her to be there to help him. She know him like a book -which things he will navigate easily, what things will probably wig him out and what things will definitely create mass pandemonium in him -one of the latter being a fire drill and they (the school) will definitely have one sometime in the next two weeks! If Miss Dawn is given a heads up before the fire drill occurs, she can ward off some of his issues so here’s hoping it’s not a surprise one for EVERYONE there!
    Hope Kacey manages to get all her stuff all packed up and then, that you are able to fit all of it into your vehicle to make it a “one-trip” move! And all the packing is also giving you something to take your mind off her leaving too, in a weird way, by getting all wrapped up in the packing aspect ya know! Peace and Happy Landings for Kacey in her new surroundings!


  5. She is really well organised isn’t she? Typical girl. I dread when my son has to go – I suspect that my wife will do his packing for him…

    We all have those fluffy robes – great for snuggling in when it is cold!


  6. Oh, your adventure is just beginning! My son was more like yours — boys need so much less than girls. And somehow, despite those dorm rooms being the size of a closet, they manage to get everything in there. Be sure to pack some Tylenol or Advil to take before you go to bed after helping her haul all that stuff up and down stairs!


  7. HA! You are so right about the difference between boy packing and girl packing. You would think my daughter was packing for a third world country when she left for college. My son doesn’t even worry about having enough underwear when packing for a weekend.


  8. Aw Mum, you did all that you were supposed to. But no one ever tells us that it will leave a lump in our throats the size of Montana.

    Hugs to you as you (I mean she) makes this move… MJ


  9. That’s a lot o’ stuff. I too am wondering how it will all fit in half of a dorm room. And nice robe find! It looks really fluffy comfy – not as comfy as home for Kacey, but it should do in a pinch.


  10. It’s hard to be sad when they are so excited… isn’t it? That should be some comfort for you when you return home. She’s doing what makes her happy, and isn’t that what all parents want? Best of luck to all of you! :)


  11. Oooh reminds me of moving in to college….I don’t remember how much stuff I had packed, but I do remember making lists so I wouldn’t forget anything. What an exciting time! I did not have a robe, though. In the dorm I was in, two rooms shared a bathroom, which you had to access just across a tiny hallway in which all three doors were located, so most of the time I just threw on shorts and a tshirt to get from one door to the other, or I just wore a towel!


  12. Ha! I’m so glad I’m a guy. All of that sounds like a lot of work. Kacey sounds a lot like my wife. Very organized, very much a planner, and a creator of lots of lists. Sounds like she’s set!


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