If this keeps up, I’m totally going to get fat.

So there’s this thing in my kitchen that I’ve barely noticed before now.

I thought it was just a place for the kids to put clean dishes when they unload the dishwasher and they don’t want to bend down to put things away all the way into that cupboard nearest the floor. Bending down is hard work, you know.

Turns out, you can actually make food on that thing!

I also discovered this vast collection of books that sit on a rack in the kitchen.

Turns out these books contain instructions for making food that tastes good and doesn’t start out as something frozen that gets heated up in a microwave.

In fact, as it turns out?


Can COOK! 

I know. I was as surprised as you are.

It was a rather cool day today. Perfect day for making lasagna, I thought.

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And so I did. I made lasagna! And I’m just going to be honest. It was phenomenal! There was so.much.cheese in this recipe. Can’t go wrong with lots of cheese. There were three kinds of cheese; one pound of mozzarella alone! The recipe said I should shred the mozzarella cheese, but HELLO! Why would I do that when I can buy it already shredded in a handy plastic bag? Yeah, I know, you food-snob types are thinking I just compromised the integrity of my lasagna with the pre-shredded stuff, but let me reiterate. Phenomenal!

How do I know? Because Jake ate it. And he even said out loud that it was good. And he said to make sure there were leftovers for him to eat when he got home from work. So there you have it.

Tell me this doesn’t look good:

Maybe you need a closer look?

And yes, this cooking thing is totally a ploy to lure the kids back home when they get sick of that nasty college food.

And I know you’re drooling now, so here’s the recipe. Go make your own.

24 thoughts on “If this keeps up, I’m totally going to get fat.

  1. This is a great post, Terri, and a wonderful title–a title that will make folks really want to read to see what could possibly be making you fat. The lasagna looks wonderful. I’m with Tara, only I’m worse. I don’t want to just lick the screen; I want to actually eat it. Do you think that will make ME fat?


  2. Lasagne is the best! Mrs RC does an amazing one – a recent addition of mine is to sprinkle shredded bacon over the top…

    Just wondering – poor Kacey – you find the cooker just as she leaves home! Is this a ploy to make sure she comes back again? :-)


  3. Love, love, love lasagne! Recipe sounds super good -and especially the cheeses. One can’t have to much cheese in lasagne, can you? Mandy’s boyfriend, Ken, made two great big pans of lasagne back on Super Bowl Sunday and brought here for the whole gang of my family plus our minister for our dining pleasure while watching the game and it was super-fantastic as he had put 7 – yes, you read that correctly -7 different kinds of cheeses in his lasagne! Don’t ask me what they were as I can’t remember that tidbit of info at the moment but it seemed to me he must have used every darned kind of cheese ever -except maybe for bleu cheese! But anyway, it was great and shows you can’t go wrong with loads of that substance huh?


  4. Om-nom-nom — love lasagna! This looks super. You’re so right about that nasty college food; your kids will totally love coming home to home-cooked meals! I’m with Carl, though, about draining the meat — your heart will thank you one day, or so I hear!


  5. Yum yum. Love lasagna. Love PW’s recipes. Love your kitchen … know what else? You can make this up AHEAD of the college kids visit and have it ready to be reheated when they get there. Cheers!! MJ


  6. Look at you – chopping fresh basil and parsley. Was that little broadside about the mozzarella aimed at moi? Just a trick for next time you can have the joy of the the real thing without the hassle of shredding by just cutting it into slices. Works just as well.


  7. Looks dee-lishus! I LOVE Lasagna!

    I had to chuckle when I saw the first picture. You’re so “unfamiliar” with that thing in your kitchen, I couldn’t hep notice the clock isn’t even turned on. :)


  8. I love the setup for this, but dang! Most of all I would really like some of that, nevermind how very unvegetarian it looks! ;)

    Did I mention I loved the setup for this? I think I have one of those things in my kitchen.

    I’m not sure, but I think my son might have tried to climb up something like it once . . . ?


  9. Lasagna is one of the few things that all my children will eat…. I’ll be trying out your recipe. Actually – who am I kidding. It’ll probably be something I have my daughter make cuz I’m usually too busy or too tired, but she would love to try it. Glad you found something else you like to do. It’ll help pass the time in between visits, and you are going to love cooking for them. :)


  10. Terri, for Pete’s sake, I (67 year old curmudgeon) can cook. I actually discovered that once our kids were gone and Muri started to tire of cooking, so I volunteered to do one (now two) nights a week. I tend to avoid the heavy stuff like lasagna (my favorite is eggplant parm) because even more than I can cook, I can EAT. There are dozens of things waiting to fill this new vacuum in your life if you let them. Once you do, you’ll covet the time and wonder how you’ll ever get to them when the kids visit. You might actually look forward to them leaving once in a while.


  11. I’m not a lasagna fan (my pasta interest leans to linguine and clams) but that photo made me reconsider!

    I don’t use the stove much either. I prefer to grill or use a crock pot. I do, of course, believe in stir fry. If that book has a recipe for pork adobo, try it out! Or Google a recipe.


  12. WOW! YOU CAN COOK THAT YUMMY FOOD ON THAT FAINCY TV MACHINE!!!? I want one like yers. Mine dont do nuthin’ but light up – no movies – no nuttin. So maybe I will see ifn mine cooks stuff on it too?
    Oh and Howdy Stranger :-)


  13. Mmmmm that looks delicious!!! I actually have lasagna on my ‘to make list’ in the next two weeks. I have all the ingredients I need and might even make it tomorrow!! and for the first time ever I bought actual herbs at the grocery store –the leafy kind– instead of using my dried seasonings, so I expect much tastier results.


  14. Ho-leee cow! My mouth is watering hardcore right now. You did good! I don’t even have to taste it. I can tell just by looking at it that it’s delicious. Way to go!


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