Remember when I said it was unlikely we’d adopt the first dog we saw?

I might have been wrong about that.

On Saturday, Kacey, Connor and I went to a nearby pet store to attend a dog adoption event where we would meet Lucy. As soon as we walked in the door, I saw her. I turned to Kacey and said, “That’s her!”

We walked over to a woman who had one dog leash wrapped around her waist and attached to an adorable and gentle German Shepherd, and another leash in her hand attached to the puppy I believed to be Lucy.

“Is this Lucy,” I asked her?

“Yes,” she replied with excitement in her voice. “Are you Terri?”

I told her I was and she introduced herself to me as Lisa, the woman with whom I’d been exchanging emails about Lucy.  We talked for a long time while Kacey and I petted and cuddled and got to know Lucy. Lisa told us that Lucy was a very good dog. She currently has six dogs in her care and explained that Lucy played very well with all of them, including the “beasties.” She said Lucy was nearly house-trained, had all of her shots, and was scheduled to be spayed on Monday. She said she has a habit of eating flip-flops and panties.

Meanwhile, Connor held a Husky/German Shepherd puppy in his arms and she seemed quite content to stay there. He wanted to take her home. I told him if I had a bigger house and yard, I’d have seriously considered her too.

We spent about an hour in the pet store with Lucy and Lisa and by that time, I was certain I wanted to adopt Lucy. But since Mark was away for the weekend on a hunting trip and not there to meet her, I didn’t feel ready to commit on the spot. I explained this to Lisa, and asked, “So how does this work?”

Lisa told me she wanted Lucy to come live with us. She said she knew right away that ours would be a good home for her. She said I confirmed all the good things she was looking for and all I needed to do was turn in my application and we could set up a home visit for later in the week.

I asked what would happen if someone else came along and expressed interest in Lucy. Lisa told me that for the remainder of the event, anyone interested would be told that Lucy was taken. She wanted her to be with me! One of the volunteers called our vet as a reference, and apparently good things were said. Lisa told me that when she brought Lucy to my house for a home visit, she would probably just leave her with me.

We took a picture to mark the happy occasion…

… and then promptly came home, called Mark and got his voice mail. So I left him an excited message explaining that Kacey and I had just fallen in love with the dog we said we were just going to “look at” and that I wanted him to know this was serious. I told him, “We’re gone over this dog, and we didn’t commit 100%, just like 99.99% but to be fair, I wanted to give you all the details first. She’s coming for a home visit later next week and she’ll probably just stay. Unless you say no. Which we hope you don’t.”

He didn’t say no. When he got home, he just rolled his eyes and sort of laughed at how quickly it had all happened. Then he rolled his eyes a little more when he saw the chew toys I’d already purchased for Lucy.

She arrives on FRIDAY!   Kacey has been texting me to remind me how excited she is and that she wants to come home from school for the weekend again to spend time with Lucy. Lisa asked that I create a FaceBook page for Lucy so she can keep up with her once she comes to live with us. That made me laugh, but I’ll totally do it!

Can you believe it? I’m getting a dog!

26 thoughts on “Remember when I said it was unlikely we’d adopt the first dog we saw?

  1. Even from this far away, I could tell it was going to happen. Congrats on the new four footed family member and kudos for adopting her. Lucy deserves a good home and I think that she is one lucky dog. I know she will be spoiled rotten.

    Remember to get a good leash and collar and lots of poop bags. If your rescue group hasn’t already done it, I’d highly recomment having Lucy microchipped. It provides extra security/peace of mind in case she gets lost.

    I bet you won’t sleep a wink until Friday comes. Good luck.


    • Yes, she’ll probably be a little spoiled. The fact that I’ve already bought her some toys might be a good indication.

      We shopped for her tonight and got her food and water dishes, food, puppy treats, a comfy bed and a good leash and collar. The rescue group already took care of the microchip, so she’s good to go in that respect.


  2. Can I believe you are getting a dog? It would have been much, much harder for me to believe you WERE NOT getting a dog and especially THIS dog! Sight unseen (in the flesh, that is) it was becoming very obviously you were smitten by Lucy’s charms before you ever actually met her!
    The coming days are going to be bringing a lot of things your way that you’ve put in the back of your mind about puppies but knowing, all too well, how sweet it is to have one, even when they are unruly, make messes for us to clean up and all that, they are so worth while to have one to curl up beside you! Sammy wasn’t a puppy when Mandy brought him home here -he was 16 months old but this silly mutt has been such a Godsend to me, to the kids too, as I watch and can see their love for him growing too! Enjoy, enjoy, as I’m quite sure you and the whole family will be doing and may her stay be a very long one with you too!


  3. Yes, I can believe it – Lucy is just the perfect dog for you, I can see it in this photo. She is leaning on you like she has known you all her life.

    It is so good to see rescue centres that work well – we gave up on our local one…

    Looking forward to your Friday post!


  4. I KNEW you were going to do this! Something about the way a dog wraps you around its paw — and this Lucy has such a sweet face. Why, a person could forgive anything of a pup this cute (yes, even destroying the flip-flops!) Congratulations to ALL of you and I just know it will work out. What an adventure you’re beginning!


  5. Lucy is a cutie…no doubt. Good for you! I’m sure you’ll be happy together. And adopting is outstanding! Double good for you!


  6. I’m a bit tardy catching up with you but it sound like you’re definitely ready to have a dog in the house. As a cat guy, I can see how much people love their dogs … I just don’t get it. I don’t like clingy, needy friends or women … I guess I”m the same way with pets. I totally understand passing on the “almost pit bull” … we have friends who work in shelters and tell us over and over how loving pit bulls can be, but I wouldn’t have one. There are insurance issues, too. Still, I feel sorry for little Mason … I hope someone like our friends will take him in.

    This will probably sound crankier than it’s meant to be, but it drives me crazy that everyone talks about “adopting” a dog. As a parent who waited for years to adopt my two children, I’ll never be comfortable with that, even though it’s clearly now part of the way the word is used. I may even end up writing a cranky post on the subject to get it out of my system.


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