A Little Bit of Everything

So just in case you were wondering, the tin can telephones were a big hit with my boss. I had them set up on his desk when he arrived and he immediately blamed one of my coworkers, telling her, “No one but you would actually spend time putting these together just to play a joke on me.”

She insisted it wasn’t her and by this time, she and I were laughing so hard, my boss knew who was the culprit. He was a good sport about it and immediately ran the other end of the “phone” to another office. He left it out all day and various other people would come by and have a good laugh while my boss demonstrated how his new gadget worked.


A parade of Kacey’s friends came through this weekend. Everyone wanted to meet the new puppy. Some of the kids ended up just hanging out for a while. I really like these kids. They are all so polite and they’re just good people. They are all unique in their own ways and they are so accepting of others. They all affectionately refer to me as “Ter” which started out as a joke with Kacey. You know… it’s funny to call Mom “Ter” instead of “Mom.” But it sort of stuck and I didn’t mind, so that’s what they all call me. ┬áKind of eliminates that whole question about whether they should call me Mrs. Kacey’s Mom or Terri or what. It’s Ter.

On Saturday night, one of the boys came to hang out with Kacey and Connor since his girlfriend had to work. The three kids sat with me in the living room and talked to me about college and life and their friends and the future. Normally, I would make myself scarce when Kacey’s friends come to hang out. If they are upstairs, I go down, or vice versa. But they chose to be where I was that night – with Lucy – so we all hung out together. I recognized it as a very rare occurrence and felt so honored to be welcomed into their conversations. I just love those kids!


We’re having a blast with Lucy. The rescue group asked for a family picture for the website. (Yes, minus Brad. He doesn’t come home often enough so he’s missing from the family photo. Bummer.) But look how happy we all are!

Lucy’s foster mom also asked that Lucy get a Facebook account so she could see pictures as Lucy grows. So Lucy has her own Facebook page! (I know. This is sort of ridiculous, but it’s way more fun than updating my own Facebook page.)

And remember how Mark was hesitant about the idea of getting a dog? Yeah… look how hesitant he is now!

We go for daily walks and spend time playing in the back yard and after all that, Lucy is so worn out she sleeps like a baby! Well, because she is one!

And she’s still sleeping through the night.

In our bed.

Yep. Our bed. Even though Mark said she couldn’t sleep in the bed. He’s a sucker. So am I. And Lucy is one happy puppy.

At four months, she’s really still a puppy and she’s reminding us of all the things we’d forgotten about having a puppy. Like when we go for a walk, she thinks that everything of interest needs to be in her mouth. She’s been good for us for the most part. Mark has learned to put his shoes in the closet instead of leaving them in the foyer, lest Lucy decides to munch on them. I bought her some rawhide chew bones tonight and now she is happily chewing away on one of those instead.

The cat has established his dominance. He’s happy and all is well for now!

14 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything

  1. Well, THAT didn’t take long for her to train you guys. Somebody is getting spoiled.
    I love the facebook set up. I set up dogbook pages for my two mutts but they are not as socially active as Lucy. I was curious as to how Mark would take to the “joys” of a new puppy but the pictures tell the story. Lucy has definitely found the right place to call home.


  2. The phones are clearly the latest trend in office accessories – maybe you should go into business selling them? I would buy a set!
    Excellent photos – especially the one with Mark – he clearly hates the idea of having a dog…
    4 months? Hm, I thnk you are going to have a fair sized dog on your hands soon! It will be fun to see her grow up!


  3. Great update, Terri. Both of our dogs sleep with us–guess we’re suckers for canine companionship while we sleep. The funny thing is–both dogs snore–as does Sara. I use earplugs, but that only works blacks out part of the sound.

    The Lucy photos are darling!



  4. Great piece, Terri! Loved the picture of Mark and Lucy together on the floor. The look on that pup’s face says it all -“This is my pal and don’t you dare disturb him!” You’re on a fantastic ride now with Lucy so go enjoy it to the max!


  5. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

    Your phone joke has inspired me to do some sort of gift like that for my boss, who has very sloppy handwriting. Maybe a workbook on how to write in cursive. I don’t know if he would take it as well as your boss did! It might have to be from Secret Santa.

    Lila, my dog, and I just got back from the dog park and we heard a couple of interesting names there – Cosmos and Harvey – more people names!


  6. Glad to hear Lucy is settling in so nicely. What a lovely family picture (minus Brad of course). Sounds like Lucy’s “puppydom” is reminding you what it’s like to have a baby around… Maybe she’s getting you ready to be a Grandmother… ;)


  7. What a fabulous update! I had been wondering about the tin-can phone and the dog. Your comment about Mark and the dog made me laugh. My brother, who was my roommate at the time I adopted Sai, was not especially excited about my adopting a dog. Then I brought Sai home and immediately started snapping pictures capturing just how happy the little booger made . . . well, the big booger. ;)

    I may love him, but we ARE still siblings!


  8. Heh… “Ter.” Julia’s mom’s name is Holly, but Jules lovingly refers to her as “Hol,” just because it drives her crazy. …Especially when you yell it in a harsh voice. “HOL!!”

    Anyway, sounds like things have been going really well lately. I’m so glad. Lucy seems to be fitting in just fine.


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