A Friend for Lucy

We’ve got a full house this weekend. Kacey is home from school and Brad came home too along with his girlfriend, Heather and their dog, Dacotah.

We were all curious to see how Lucy was going to behave with another dog in her house and aside from a little incident involving a rawhide chew, all has gone well. In fact, it’s gone better than well. Lucy loves having a friend to play with. She and Dacota played in the back yard yesterday for hours on end. Dacota thought they were going to play “keep away” but it turned out to be a toss-up between “tug-of-war” and “keep away.”

The two dogs played and chased and tumbled and ran all over the back yard. Lucy got the upper hand when she realized she could hide out under Mark’s fishing boat and trailer which are sitting in the yard waiting to be winterized and stored.

The two dogs kept each other entertained and got plenty of exercise. Lucy, being the pup that she is, tired out before Dacota and was uncharacteristically quiet for most of the afternoon!

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13 thoughts on “A Friend for Lucy

  1. What fun the photos are! I love the one at the end of you on the couch with Lucy. How sweet. Glad you all have a house full and are enjoying a lovely November weekend! Thanks for sharing the pics. I loved them.


  2. Great pictures, as usual. It’s really cool that those two get along so well. That just means that Brad, Heather, and Dacotah need to come home more often. :)


  3. Puppy Play Days are wonderful! They give our pups a chance to interact with others of their kind, and there’s nothing better for tiring them out and helping them sleep at night! I know you had a fabulous visit with your kids and their friends.


  4. Awwww, I love when dogs get to play with each other!! Our dog just barks at other dogs….well, except for a select few relatives’ dogs. Sounds like a happy weekend!!


  5. I thought that Lucy would have a blast with other dogs. Glad to see those two get along so well. I still think that you ought to take her to one of the local dog parks to let her burn off some of that puppy energy. It is interesting to see how dogs react with others when given the room to play/explore. And the last pictures tell the tale. I bet Lucy makes a good snuggie.


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