Thanksgiving in Pictures

Thanksgiving came and went. It was a very nice day. My sister and I did a fabulous job of putting on the feast, if I do say so myself. My brother, the pie-maker, made several pumpkin pies and what I’m pretty sure was the best pecan pie I have ever tasted. He may be moody, but he can make a damn good pie! And he and I bonded over the turkey carving, which was nice.

The photos are pretty minimal, since I spent a good part of the day in the kitchen with my sister, doing preparation and clean-up instead of playing the role of family photographer. Kacey served as dish-dryer extraordinaire. It felt like we were there for hours! Does anyone else find it’s always the same people helping clean up after these kinds of things, and the same people relaxing in the living room in a food coma without a care as to all the work involved?

Yeah, me neither.

Anyway… it was a pretty typical holiday celebration for us, with the usual share of goofball antics.

My pumpkin roll - not quite as pretty as the ones Mom used to make, but tasty!

Just a few of the family members - From left to right, brother Jim, sis-in-law Lisa, niece Lauren, sister Cori, Dad, and nephew Matthew in front


What? Your family members don't measure each others height on holidays?

Matthew tolerates being kissed by his favorite auntie!

And the little ones on the in-law side were thrilled to get a visit late in the day from one of their favorite cousins!

No wonder they love Kacey so much! She's great at being silly and having fun!

The husband and sons managed to avoid the camera… again. Maybe I’ll catch them on Christmas.

25 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Pictures

  1. Heckuva pumpkin roll, Terri. And fun photos as always. Maybe you should put some real wagers on the height contest – like tallest 4 people have to clean everything up!


  2. Nice to see the whole crew enjoying time together over the holidays, even if it is in a tryptophan induced coma. You look like everyone had a blast and the pumpkin roll looks fantastic.

    BTW – I am usually the one who winds up with clean up duty afterwards. THAT is why I always vote for paper plates and plastic utensils (but get voted down).


  3. Yes to the question on the same ones always being the ones helping. At least in the old days when we used to have the big ole family gathering. Why do young ones like being held upside down and thrown all over the place. I do it to my grandkids and I remember loving it as a child myself? Must be some sort of combination of thrill along with trust thing going along. That pumpkin roll looked pretty good to me!


  4. I envy the energy and stamina those little ones have! The little guy was doing running somersaults across the family room – over and over and over! And then he still wanted to be tossed around and hung upside down!


  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Terri. We got to spend ours at my daughter’s house, up to our necks in grandkids. We had tow for a sleepover on Wednesday night ad the oldest Thursday night and Friday. Now, it’s Saturday and we’re hiding out to rest up.


  6. We had Thanksgiving at my house this year. We have no dishwasher in our 100-year-old, only-partially-renovated house. Sara cooks. I clean-up, usually. This year, however, my sister helped me with the dishes–dinner for 14–all of it washed and dried by hand. I never appreciated my sister more. Glad you all had a great Thanksgiving, Terri.


  7. Mmmmm, that pumpkin roll DOES look good. As you know, the dishes vs. paper plates is an issue at my folks house. If they used the dishwasher, I’d gladly clear and prep the plates, but boycott them if the dishwasher isn’t used…..which it never is. I do help out some, but not as much as I should. Laura did a shift this time though.


  8. Terri – everyone looks like they had a great time. A feast for sure – the pies and the pumpkin log all sound so good. Hopefully you’ll get the boys in the picture next time!


  9. Your phrase about the same people doing all the work, and the other ones resting with the food coma rang true in our house too. Those same thoughts were running through my mind as I was peeling potatoes earlier on in the day and washing dishes towards the end of the day!

    Yes, it is so nice to have everyone over and spend time together. I should be glad that they like my cooking!

    It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Nice post.


  10. Quite a family. Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving.

    I may or may not have been one of the “guilty” ones passed out in the recliner after Thanksgiving dinner this year. I can neither confirm nor deny. :)

    Oh, and I’m familiar with measuring heights. The edge of the wall in the hallway at my parents’ house has markings that are probably 20 or more years old, where we’ve marked everyone’s height as we grew up over the years.


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