Life is Good – November 27, 2011

I almost forgot to blog my thankfulness, on this of all weeks! I wouldn’t have remembered at all if it weren’t for Abby’s Silver Liningness post!

It was a nice short work week, thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday and the Thanksgiving weekend proved to be a good mix of busyness and family, fun and relaxation.

Our family enjoyed a delicious and plentiful holiday meal together, complete with multiple tasty desserts. The pecan pie was so yummy it didn’t last long. When I complimented my brother on his pie skills, he mentioned he was going to make another pecan pie over the weekend and he promised to bring me a piece. And he did! And I ate it for breakfast on Saturday!

One really special thing about this Thanksgiving was that my parents were with us. Since they’ve been wintering in Arizona for the past several years, they are often already gone to their winter home by the time the holidays roll around. This year they decided to stick it out in Minnesota through Christmas before escaping to a warmer climate. We kids were happy to have them. The holidays just don’t seem quite right without Mom and Dad.

Oldest boy, Brad was missing from our holiday gathering. He and Heather were spending this Thanksgiving with her family, about an hour away from here. (The trade-off here is that we get them for Christmas!) But since Heather’s parents live relatively close to us, Brad and Heather paid us a visit for the day on Friday. They brought Dacotah with them and Lucy was a happy girl!

I love weekends like this one, when there’s extra time to enjoy the kids, the comforts of home, and the company of friends. We visited our friends, Paul and Megan on Friday night and enjoyed a crazy and loud game of cards. Megan sent us home with her copy of Bridesmaids, which we watched on Saturday night. For me, it lived up to its reputation for gut-busting, tears-running-down-your-face laughter. But about the time I was trying to catch my breath, I noticed Mark was just staring at television with a rather blank look on his face. Guess it’s not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

Doesn’t it seem like the long weekend just got here? And now it’s over already. That’s okay. There will be another one in about… oh… four weeks! And I need time to get ready for it!

Life is good!

18 thoughts on “Life is Good – November 27, 2011

  1. Terri, I love having pie for breakfast! That’s why the pumpkin pie disappears so fast at our house! I’m glad you were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with your parents — having multiple generations around during the holidays makes them more special, I think.


  2. I managed to finish up the leftover pumpkin pie right before heading out to celebrate Black Friday. It turned out to be a good combination!

    I also thought that Bridesmaids was hilarious! I especially liked the scenes with the puppies – so cute.


  3. Yum pecan pie. We went with apple this year, but that is always a fav.

    Glad your parents were able to celebrate with you and I hope they enjoy an unseasonably warm December there.


  4. Pecan pie is a fully acceptable breakfast food. Ours didn’t make it past Black Friday. We are finishing up the rest of the pumpkin pie now. It was a good weekend, just long enough to gorge yourself silly and lay about watching football or movies and enjoy family. Glad to see your parents are hanging around for the holidays. That should add to the holiday spirit.


  5. Sounds like a winner! Nice shot of Dakota’s Butt.

    “Excuse me, but I’m not sure where that came from…” (I saw it last night)

    Glad you enjoyed the 4 day weekend and that mom and dad were there. maybe a new norm.


  6. I visited Abby Normal blog and enjoyed the look around. Nice recommendation. Thanks.
    How nice that your folks are staying nearby through Christmas this year. I know you will appreciate them being with all of you in body and not just in spirit. You have a nice family.


  7. Sounds like a stellar Thanksgiving! And I swear that Lucy is totally posing for that pic, like “look at me with the frisbee – take a pic already!”

    Yes, I want to see Bridesmaids too! Except I think the husband will not be as gung-ho.


  8. Doggie tug of war!! So fun! I can’t imagine the holidays without my parents…..hopefully I won’t have to for some time!! And I too thought Bridesmaids was hysterical. Laura had seen it before and wasn’t all that impressed, but she laughed more when she watched it with me…..I think I have that effect on people.


  9. Glad you got to see the parents this Thanksgiving. Jules and I have a similar arrangement with our parents this year. We spent Thanksgiving with hers, and are going to spend Christmas with ours. It was really the only reasonable thing to do, since her parents live about three and a half hours in one direction, and mine live about an hour and a half in the other. We lucked out, though, and her parents actually came to OUR house for Thanksgiving, so we missed out on the long drive.

    Jules borrowed ‘Bridesmaids’ from a friend of hers, and had me watch it with her. She enjoyed it, but I kinda had to side with Mark. It had some funny parts, but it was definitely a chick flick.


  10. Just to set things straight, I didn’t make Mike watch that movie. lol. I asked and he agreed.

    I’m glad you had a good holiday and that Brad was able to stop by for the day on Friday!


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