What next?

I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions. It’s not that I’m indifferent to the prospect of self-improvement. It’s just that the beginning of a new year doesn’t tend to serve as a big motivator for me.

Not surprisingly, I don’t typically do spring cleaning in the spring either.

Regardless, I occasionally feel the pull to change something for the better. And when I do, I act on it, no matter what the time of year.  Remember that time when it wasn’t the beginning of the year and I decided to be a runner? Ha! Well, I had good intentions anyway. Someone once remarked to me that I have a classic runner’s body. My body apparently doesn’t know that.

So what about New Year’s resolutions?

Well…? Why not? I spent the better part of last year wondering what my new direction should be once my youngest child left for college. There was a slight mourning period that makes a reappearance now and then, especially after the kids come home to visit and then leave again. But more often these days, I’m remembering there is possibility in the days ahead. There’s time for me now. Why not make the most of it?

There are things I could do. I’m probably more likely to do them if I actually admit I’d like to do them.  Maybe there’s something to this whole resolution thing.

Yeah. There are things I could do. Like cooking. I feel kind of bad that I’ve always considered it such a chore and that I didn’t have more fun with it for the kids’ sake when they were around every day to enjoy it.  Now that I have more time on my hands and less pressure to be other places, I’ve discovered I sort of enjoy cooking. And I do a pretty decent job of it too. Granted, I’ll never come close to doing what de-I does, but I’ll bet I can do some pretty cool things in the kitchen. Besides, I have some new cookware and cookbooks. Best put them to use!

And there is some work-related stuff I could stand to work on as well. For most of the almost seven years that I’ve been with my employer, I haven’t really had to fight to advance. I just did my thing and it all came very easily. Someone noticed my work and said, “Hey, we’d like to move you up!” Then some changes occurred in the last year. I’ve come to realize that no one is going to just notice my work and pat me on the back for it. I’ve realized that I need to find a little bit of fight within myself. I could definitely stand to work on that.

And there’s something else I’ve contemplated a lot over the last few months. Writing. I love to write. I didn’t really realize that until I started blogging almost five years ago now. Over the last half-year or so, it just hasn’t seemed as easy to write as it once did. And when it doesn’t come easy, it’s all too easy to just not write. More often than ever, several days would pass between writings; sometimes almost a week. The less I wrote, the harder it was to just sit and write. Then Abby clued me in to this NaBloPoMo thing where bloggers commit to posting every day in a given month. I had heard of NaBloPoMo, but thought it only happened in November. Turns out it happens every month. So I took the leap and signed up in December. (So far, so good! Only two more days to go to meet the challenge!)

Writing daily has been challenging at times, but it has really helped me find my find my muse again. I wrote some pretty good posts in December and it felt good! So I think I’ll do it again in January.

So not wanting to set myself up for failure, I think I’ll just stick with the three resolutions.

  1. Find my inner culinary artist
  2. Workplace assertiveness
  3. WRITE!

That’s definitely a do-able list. And trust me. If sometime mid-year I decide to work on my sense of adventure and take up skydiving or some such thing, I’ll feel free to add that to the list of resolutions. I’ll let you know how it goes.


18 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Great “focus list”! Love it! Sadly, this is a painful task for me simply because I’m a list maker, and the bigger the better…not so bueno when it comes to “focus lists”!


  2. You are being realistic and not making a list of resolutions to be broken after a month. I hope you find that you enjoy cooking more than ever as you bring food to work to share and you can write about it in your blog. Cool.


  3. Those are admirable and attainable goals. On the cooking, I knew I enjoyed it but found what I love is cooking for others. Lord help me when the day comes and I have no one left to cook for .. I think I would have to volunteer to cook somewhere. :) Funny the things we learn about ourselves isn’t it?
    Happy New Year, MJ


  4. Hey, come on now. I thought resolutions were supposed to be a stretch for us to reach? Two of those (cooking and writing) seem to be gimmes for you. I think your writing skills are way better than most and you’ve seem to taken on some new culinary challenges in your new, updated and stylish kitchen. With more time on your hands and less kids underfoot, I think that is something to look forward to in the lull of winter. Still, great resolutions to start the year.

    At least you’ve taken on a new addition to the tribe with Lucy. I wondered if you have tried her out as a running partner.


  5. If you DO take up skydiving, let me know! We could meet in Wisconsin and jump! That would be sweet. I want to do it at some point…..just once.


  6. These sound like great goals, Terri! I wish you luck with the cooking and assertiveness stuff, as I’m not good at those–at all! And the writing–clearly a passion of mine, as well!

    Happy New Year to you and your family, my friend!



  7. Looks like a good list to me! (and I hope they also include your photography skillz). I’m so glad you joined NaBloPoMo for another month too. You can help keep me motivated!


  8. Several bloggers I follow have written on this theme. The consensus seems to be not to list resolutions but to adopt a new attitude that is proactive, responsible and caring. Makes sense. Jesus dismissed the rules of the Law. For Him it was about attitude.


  9. I would really, really, really encourage you to do more writing. I find that I your ability to paint pictures of scenes, emotions, actions, etc. to be very, very good. And I think you know me well enough that I’m not big into gratuitous praise. I’d encourage you to go beyond just the blog genre as well. For example, all the posts you did about your Christmas memories could be the basis for a short story or book of their own. No telling what you could do in my opinion. And if you ever wanted actually publish something, it has gotten much, much easier to self-publish for not that much money. I have my business book published through Lightning Source in Tennessee which means that the book is available on both the Amazon and Barnes and Noble catalogs. In the words of Mr. Lakeview Joe…Just Sayin’


    • Thank you, de-I. That really means a lot to me.

      There was a peanut brittle story somewhere in these December posts. I modified it a bit and printed it for my parents and siblings and gave it as part of their Christmas gifts (along with a tin of homemade peanut brittle for each.) My sister told me it was her favorite gift.

      That combined with what you’ve just said here… and I’m willing to consider the possibility of some self publishing.


  10. I’m both proud and envious of you taking on a challenge like that monthly posting thing! I think a good game there but totally lack the follow through to do something like that. Plus, I doubt I could come up with reasonably interesting topics to write a reasonable or even halfway reasonable, post about it. But you did very well with that task. Of course, I’d be at a loss to try to name a post that you’ve put up here where you weren’t on your best game, on the mark. Keep it all up and weren’t you writing some fiction stuff a long way back when you had the other blog? Maybe it’s time to pull that out of the closet and take another look at it too?


  11. I’m with De-I. As you know, I’m a horrible blog audience, and have a bad habit of falling behind in my reading at times. (Maybe I should add that to my list of resolutions for this year.) As I’ve read your stuff you’ve written over the past couple of weeks, though, I’ve continually been impressed by what you’ve produced. You truly have a gift for painting a picture with your words. Whatever you decide to write, I will certainly be eager to read.


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