Weekend Contentment

I love waking up slowly, no alarm clock shaking me from a sound sleep. I don’t have to open my eyes right away if I don’t want to. I can allow myself to fall back asleep. And I did. I was having a nice dream about our friends, the Jacksons. We haven’t seen them in a long time, since the girls started high school in different places.  They are such good people with such good kids; Kacey’s friends. In the dream I told them how much we’ve missed them. I felt a little bit sad to realize it was just a dream. Kacey says we should call them. We should.

I feel the chill of the winter morning air as I’m waking up and the warmth of my puppy-girl curled behind my knees. She won’t leave the bed until I do, unless of course, the cat starts howling for his treats. Then the chase is on.

I open the door to let Lucy outside after a long night inside. She hasn’t had an accident since those first weeks after she arrived, but I’m still not sure I trust her to wait. There is frost on the deck and a wave of cold air hits us through the open door. I stand above her while she contemplates her willingness to go out. I give her a little nudge and she tiptoes out into the morning with a sigh, her body scrunching up like an accordion as she acclimates to the drastic change in temperature. And we haven’t even had a “real” Minnesota snow yet this winter!

I love the luxury of sitting in my warm flannel pajama pants and the bulky sweatshirt I tossed on the previous night when I was shivering. I sit in the comfy living room chair, with a cup of coffee and my favorite hazelnut creamer mixed in. I read a few blogs and think, “I should go shower.” Then I decide it’s the weekend and I’ve got nowhere to go just yet. I’ll sit a while longer.

I love the quiet of the morning and puttering around the house while everyone else sleeps. I love being here when they finally decide to greet the day, sometime close to noon. Late work nights and winter break from college make me a little more forgiving of their lazy habits.

I get chores done around the house, run errands, do some cooking. Unlike those five other days of the week, I barely give a second thought to the clock. There is time to see my kids and talk with them. I give them a few chores to do. Kacey just says, “Okay” and does what I ask. Jake pretends not to hear me the first time.

There is coming and going. Mark and Jake leave for their jobs. Kacey’s friends come to hang out. It’s a quiet night, socially and they go searching in the game cupboard. They seem embarrassed to be staying home playing board games, telling me they are “losers” and explaining how, as college students, they should be doing more exciting things. I hear the Jenga tower fall and listen to their shouting and laughter. I tell them I love having them here. It’s too quiet when they’re away.

"Bored" games

I love weekends like this!

19 thoughts on “Weekend Contentment

  1. Sounds like a sinful weekend to enjoy. Too bad Monday has to roll around and mess it all up. I was wondering how Lucy was taking to the cold. With her short hair, I was expecting to see her in one of those winter doggy coats.


  2. I wish I could get my kids to play more board games! We played Buzzword at Thanksgiving. That’s a fun game. You should try that one if you haven’t already.

    My husband and I have started a tradition of playing Scrabble on Friday nights, if we don’t have anything else going on. I thought I had the letter “V” to make the word vase, but it turns out it was a “Y,” and there is no such word as yase. I think I was tired! Too bad my husband didn’t figure it out right away. Now we are having a good laugh on that one:)


  3. It does sound like a lovely weekend. It warms my heart to read your words. As a mom who had the same feelings and now I am so many miles from my grown kids, it is beautiful to read about your weekend.


  4. I need more…no read any…weekends like that. Being self-employed and (bluntly) suffering from bad decisions made decades ago, there is always work (meaning business work) that needs to be done. Just ramping it down has been an accomplishment.


  5. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend! My son only has one more week to enjoy his break, then it’s back to campus. He hasn’t busted out the board games yet, but the video games are getting a real workout, ha! My Sheltie, thanks to his long furs, loves going outside in the morning and rolling in our heavy frost. He probably wonders where the snow has gone!


  6. Sounds like a nice day. I don’t blame Lucy. I’d have to think twice about going out in that cold too!

    I remember being “a college kid” and feeling like I “should be” out doing something. Now sitting at home with a couple close friends and playing “bored” games sounds really nice!

    Wait! Does that mean I’M getting old?


  7. I can’t remember the last time I woke up without an alarm. Even on days I don’t work, I get up about 6, usually to get the kids off to school, and to exercise, and mainly because I’m too afraid to sleep in because I need to be tired at night for the days that I have to get up at 3:15am for work. But what I do get to do is sit with my hubby and enjoy some coffee after the kids have gone to school. Sometimes that beats sleeping in. :) Your weekend sounds fabulous, though. I actually can’t wait for you to get some snow, however, because I love looking at your pictures of it. Just beautiful.


  8. I love board games!! And yes, sleeping in and not waking up to an annoying alarm clock is great. I love getting up on my own, even though I don’t really like to sleep in past 7:30 or 8:00.


  9. I can fully relate to the dog sleeping in the crook of your knee! Sammy almost always is snoozing right up against my back when I awake every morning. The other night though, I woke up about 3 or 4 a.m. and there was Sam, at the top of Maya’s and my pillows with his face right in between Maya and me! He must of woke up when he heard or felt me stir a bit because he looked over at me and that damned tongue came out with a big fat slurp, right up my face! ARRGH! (I do hate that!) Anyway, as to the board games -sounds like a darned good way to have a fun evening to me! Maybe one of these days in the fairly near future, Maya and Kurt -or at least one of them anyway -will understand board games a bit and we can do the same here then too! Peace.


  10. That sounds like a perfect day to me. I love lounging around the house, reading, drinking coffee, and relaxing. It’s nice that you got to see the kiddos as well.


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