Crazy Much?

I’m cold. It’s ten degrees outside right now.

I know. I shouldn’t complain. It was above fifty degrees earlier this week, on Tuesday. We’ve hardly had any snow yet. Last year at this time we were sitting under about eight feet of snow. (I may be exaggerating slightly, but we had at least two blizzards by December last winter.)

It’s good timing for winter to show up though. There’s a big event around here this weekend, drawing lots of attention. It involves brave people wearing ice skates and helmets and hurtling themselves down a frozen ice track. Somehow I don’t think that protective equipment is going to keep it from hurting when one falls!

Red Bull Crashed Ice.jpg
Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships 2012
Red Bull Crashed Ice Saint Paul

Headed downhill

Red Bull Crashed Ice Saint Paul

Pretty sure this isn't going to end well!

Red Bull Crashed Ice Saint Paul

The track starts at the Cathedral where racers can offer up a quick prayer before taking their lives in their hands.

Kacey and Connor went yesterday and just returned from watching today’s events. They plan to go back again tomorrow. I knew nothing about this extreme sport of Ice Cross Downhill until just a few days ago. I guess this is the latest in cold weather entertainment. What will they think of next?

24 thoughts on “Crazy Much?

  1. I could (and probably, would) watch this on tv -after all, I watch the Olympics Winter stuff and the snowboarding is pretty rough and tumble -but I can’t see me standing outside in the cold to watch anything at all! Yeah, call me chicken-you-know-what then! You’re right about the Cathedral being a good place to start -say some prayers for a low-injury ratio and on your way you go!


  2. What is the point? I’m not even kidding. I don’t understand what the objective of this event is.

    Regardless, I’m with Jeni. Ten degrees is entirely too cold to be spending any more time outside than you have to! Better to stay in side with a nice warm and loving puppy to cuddle with. :)


  3. Thank goodness for the creativity of a few to get us all out into the fresh air. Ever been to the Outdoor games? There’s all kinds of them around here – most involve a fair amount of beer, snow and snowmobiles + dog sled teams and more beer. Fun!

    I’d rather watch than be the Gladiator on skates though :)


  4. Well, I suppose it beats cow tipping. Looks like a sort of cross between downhill skiing, ice racing, and roller derby. You certainly find the most interesting hobbies/sports to enjoy. What’s next? Ice bowling?


  5. Downhill SKATING?! I can’t imagine ever doing that but… I’d like to party with those guys! I like the inclusion of the prayer cathedral.

    We had a nasty cold day this week. Snow, wind, yuck. Not a good crossing guard day at all. Happy winter.


  6. Looks like a good way to lose some fingers. Although it’s doubtful I would ever participate, as I do well to even stand up on skates, it looks like it would be fun.


  7. Ah, that looks like great fun TO WATCH! Might even be better than the extreme skiing that I saw where there were 4 people racing at a time. The carnage was amazing. But crashing while wearing ice skates? There will be blood…


  8. I agree with Rock Chef, great fun to watch, not to be doing.

    It was eleven degrees here this morning, but at 9:00 in the morning it is all the way up to 25 degrees. Going to be another nice day. Some of the winter birds are returning to this area and it is good to see them.


  9. TERRI!!!!????? I MISS YOU!!!!how are you? I think of you and wonder how you are?? Things are good here but I sure miss my blog family/friends:-) I hope it warms up soon here too. Hope to see you around… you TW


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