Life is Good – January 22, 2012

It was warmer this morning when we woke up. Twenty-two degrees! Lucy and I decided to go for a walk since it’s been a while. We headed out before sunrise and it was so quiet and peaceful. Did I say we walked?¬†Lucy likes to run. She made me run a little bit too. It wasn’t so bad. I might try that again sometime soon.

There’s a temple along the route we took today. It looks really pretty in the pre-dawn morning.

Later in the morning, Jake and I went to the bowling alley. I have a friend who is not only a phenomenal bowler, she’s a bowling coach. She runs clinics to help others learn to bowl better. I nagged her for months to run a clinic at our bowling alley, and so she did. We spent three hours figuring out what we were doing wrong and what we were doing right. We practiced drills and honed our new skills. I am amazed at how much I didn’t know going into this but I’m excited to start working on improving my game. And it was really fun having Jake along with me. He keeps to himself too much sometimes, but we have our love of bowling in common. I’m really glad I convinced him to come along with me.

After bowling, it was time to return Kacey to school. Her long winter break is over. She wasn’t happy to be leaving Connor. Connor wasn’t happy to see her go. I was feeling sad she had to go back. But I keep reminding myself that college is a good thing for her; the right thing. As much as I love having her around, she has to grow up. We picked up her friend, Matt and brought him back to school too. They chatted and laughed in the back seat while we drove. I was glad Matt was there to take her mind off the sadness of leaving Connor.

It rained most of the day, so the roads were sloppy and a bit slippery. But we made it back to school safe and sound. Kacey’s good friend, Caitlin was already there and waiting for her. They were happy to see each other, which made it easier for me to drive away. My sister had come along for the ride, so I had some fun company on the drive home, making it hard to feel too down.

Besides, I give Kacey two weekends before she’s back home again. And I’m not complaining!

Life is good!


15 thoughts on “Life is Good – January 22, 2012

  1. 22 degrees?? Sun just coming up? ….. perfect running conditions. :) I bet Lucy was in heaven. She’ll make a great trainer for you! Sounds like it was hard for everyone to say goodbye to Kacey, but you’re right. It’s good for her. And she’ll be back before you know it. Until then, you can pass the time coming up with a new favorite meal to serve her and Connor and the gang!


  2. Lucy’ll make a great running coach/partner. She looks like she is built for speed.

    It’s good that you had all that time with Kacey. Hard to see her head back to hit the books, but I’m sure there will be plenty of visits this semester.


  3. What sort of temple is that Terri? Like a Hindu one or something?
    Leysa my eldest daughter will be going to university september. She is a year younger than Kacey I guess. We are sort of hoping she will split up from her boyfriend though after a few months apart. Or even anytime now would be great.


  4. Yay Terri! Run girl, run!! Still so cold up there? Crazy. It’s in the 40’s here and it RAINED last night which got rid of most of the snow. It’s been a great winter!!


  5. Life does, in fact, sound good with you! It’s nice that Kacey’s college is so close. And good for Lucy for reminding you that you can run!

    We went bowling this weekend too. I know I could use a clinic! I think I’m getting that ball this week. Chaco promised to bowl often with me when/if I get one.


  6. Gosh, it’s always hard to go back to school after a break. The good thing is that Kasey will have her mind occupied with other things and is less likely to remain so sad. I think the initial return is always the hardest.

    Thanks for the reminder about life’s goodness. Have a great week, my friend,



  7. Kacey will be fine, once classes and her normal routine start again. And you’ll be fine, too my friend, because you’re busy and active and have lots of good things to occupy your mind and time. Stay safe out there!


  8. It was warmer here today as well. Still very cold… but warmer. You won’t find me outside running until I can pull off wearing shorts again. I don’t do cold.

    You’ll have to post some bowling tutorials for us, showing off what you learned!


  9. Lucy as a jogging companion! Sounds good to me – until she cuts in front and sends you flying… Hm, maybe not so good. :-)

    You finally got your bowling coach session! Will be watching out for new high scores from you now!

    It is nice that Kacey can get home for weekends sometimes. My eldest is going to uni a fair distance away so we will only see him at holiday times. That will be hard.


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