Happiness is a Bunch of Toys

It was a busy and very productive day. Contrary to yesterday, things seemed to go just as planned and there was no headache at day’s end. After work, we met our friends, Dave and Shelly for a long overdue dinner together. We had such fun. Shelly had us in stitches telling us how her daughter, (and Kacey’s friend) Andrea always takes her check card when she needs to go buy a few necessities. One day while Andrea was off with the check card, Shelly called her and asked, “Are you still at the store?”

“I’m just leaving,” Andi said.

“I need you to do me a favor,” Shelly told her. I’m really having bad poops lately. I need you to go back in the store and ask the pharmacist if they sell home enema kits.”

“MOM! Are you kidding me???”┬ácame Andi’s reply.

We were doubled over with laughter as Shelly explained how she pulls these jokes on Andrea all the time. And poor Andi! She never knows if Mom is being serious or pulling her leg. I told Shelly that in all the years we’ve been friends, I never knew she was such a prankster. That’s the great thing about good friendships. There’s always something new to learn about each other. (I hope she won’t mind that I shared her story. It was too good not to share!)

After dinner, we came home to relax and let dinner digest. Lucy welcomed us home by parading all of her toys for us and then leaving them scattered all over the family room floor. Here she’s surrounded herself with most of her favorites. There’s only one stuffed toy she hasn’t ripped apart and removed all of the stuffing. We call this one Baby. She insists on having Baby when she has to go in her kennel and she always brings Baby out with her when we let her loose again.

Clearly, my dog is a never-ending source of cuteness for me. I’m such a sap.

21 thoughts on “Happiness is a Bunch of Toys

  1. Yay! I’m glad today was a better day for you! And I loved your friend’s prank. How funny is that? AND the video… you really should do more of those. Your words always put a great picture in our minds, but seeing it in “person” is even better! (My dog does the same thing, btw. She loves stuffed animals but will pick them apart, very carefully, until only the skin is left. And I’m left with cleaning up eyeballs, and fluff, and torn body parts.)


  2. You friend is cruel! And very funny….

    Our dogs are similar in having favrourite toys that don’t get destroyed. I sometimes wonder what it is that makes one toy a favourite that gets carried around for months and another one that is just gutted in a few minutes!


    • They’re so funny, aren’t they? EVERY stuffed toy Lucy has had before has been ripped to shreds and unstuffed. But Baby (the white and black striped thing in the video) is one that I bought and had ready for her when we first brought her home. She’s always been so gentle with that one.


  3. Love the video. Clearly shows how cute Lucy is with her parade of toys. My dogs aren’t really into toys, except for one squeaker that Claire will possess. These two prefer bones over toys. I had considered a Kong, but wasn’t sure if they would take to it. What do you stuff in your Kong to keep Lucy entertained?

    Shelly is a real prankster. That joke sounds like something you ought to try on Kacey.


  4. Lucy loves bones as well. I stuff little dog biscuits inside the Kong. It keeps her busy for a while. When she gets frustrated with trying to get the treat out, she stands at the top of the stairs and drops the toy down onto the tile floor so that the treats might break apart and spill out.


    • We bought Custard a Kong when he was a baby, but he destroyed it. The power in his jaws is frightening, and that is why he is not allowed bones – he would splinter them and get bits stuck inside his stomach (shudder).


  5. Cute video! I love how she briefly looked up when her name was called, as if in 0.02 seconds she decided it wasn’t something serious and went back to her chew toy. You should take a video as you open the door when you get home!


  6. Well, if you are a “sap” over your dog and her antics then you sure as heck are not out on that ledge alone as there are a whole bunch of us out there too! I just posted a couple of days ago two videos (pretty lame ones at that) of our Sammy the mutt and Pearl the cat playing their own little chase games which had all of us about rolling on the floor laughing at the two of them and their silly antics.I think it really has more to do with us all being very easily entertained maybe. Sammy has one toy that is a stuffed toy that he occasionally chews on but would much rather have people throw it around the house so he can race and chase and fetch it back to you and then, clamp his teeth into to fight your getting it loose from him just to do it all over again. Silly, but fun!


  7. Enema kits! I was thinking I should do that my kids next time they’re out shopping for me, but knowing them, they’d actually go get an enema kit… and then what?

    Lucy is too cute with all of her toys! And clearly in dog heaven.


  8. Puppies and their toys! So cute. Very funny story too. You have to have a victim who is just gullible or nice enough to make that work.Awesome.


  9. Ah… video blogs are awesome. You certainly picked a cute dog. Sometimes I wish I could step into a dog’s “shoes” like that… not having a care in the world, other than the chew toy in front of me.


  10. She’s super cute! And very focused. :)

    That extraordinarily short look when her name was called. Cracked me, up!


    “Huh? OK back to this now.”


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