Blueberry Morning

Lucy and I got up early today. I’ve got a full weekend ahead – a bridal shower to attend today, a night of cards with the Bayfield vacation friends this evening, and hosting a family birthday party for my mom tomorrow. And things need doing!

I used Lucy as my excuse to get my lazy bones out of bed early. Actually, I haven’t been all that lazy the past few days. I made myself start getting up an hour earlier and go back to the gym this week. As he was refilling the hand sanitizer and paper towel dispenser, the friendly maintenance guy asked, “Where’ve you been?”

I said, “Sleeping.”

He smiled and asked, “Where’s your friend?” He was referring to my workout buddy who hasn’t been seen at the gym in a while either.

I said, “She’s pregnant.” He laughed.

Wanting to keep up the momentum, I thought I’d start my busy weekend with a walk with Lucy. We went out when the sky was still dark, but I knew it would start turning as we walked. It was nineteen degrees, not as cold as last weekend, but still… I put on my UnderArmour leggings and shirt under some yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I forgot that Lucy has two speeds – run and stop, (run, stop, sniff… run, stop, sniff.) I’d underestimated the effectiveness of UnderArmour and soon I was sweating.

Luckily, Lucy began to lose her momentum after a couple of miles and slowed down just enough to allow me to take in the morning and appreciate things a bit. I love those moments of the morning, when the darkness is fading but just before the sky really lights up. The sky is a beautiful color. I just read something describing it as the color of blueberries. I wish I could remember what I read and give the author credit, but they were right. Blueberries.

There’s a farm in our neighborhood. I suppose at one time our whole neighborhood was the farm, before all of our homes were constructed. Now the farm seems slightly misplaced in the middle of all this suburbia, in spite of the fact that it was here first. When I look at the old, white barn, its paint peeling in places, I can almost see the streets and homes disappearing and imagine what it looked like, undisturbed years ago. It’s still a functioning farm, in some capacity at least, and the smell of farm animals was potent in the crisp winter air. A few blocks away, where I live, I notice those smells occasionally. There’s a row of homes directly adjacent to the farm. I imagine it’s an ever-present aroma for those homeowners. I wonder if they’ve grown used to it, just like I’ve become accustomed to the sound of the trains.

Lucy is fun to walk with. She’s like a child who can’t discover enough about the world around her. She stops and marvels at every bird that flies overhead. Her ears perk at the hooting of an owl. Her body freezes, her tail pointing as she sniffs and tries to discern ducks, geese, cats and various other creatures that have ventured into the tall grasses near the ponds and wooded areas.

Even as her energy is waning, Lucy’s legs move at a trot, her body nearly bouncing because she can’t wait to see what we’ll encounter next. She finds sticks on the ground and grabs them up quickly in her mouth, as if she’s found some treasure. She trots off again, her head held high, turning her neck momentarily to make sure I’ve noticed the prize clenched in her teeth. She quickly gets bored with carrying it and drops it a few yards later. She’s so cute, I can’t help but laugh.

Back in our own driveway, as she always does, Lucy recognizes that the walk has come to an end. She begins to resist. No matter how far we’ve gone, no matter how tired she may be, she does not want to go back home. There’s adventure to be had and she wants more! I have to convince her we’re going in the house and in a moment, she relents. Once we’re back inside, she admits that maybe I’m right. It is time to be back home again where it’s warm and all of her toys live.

“Oh. There’s the love seat I’m allowed to be on. I think I need a nap.”

See? That didn’t take long!

18 thoughts on “Blueberry Morning

  1. Lucy lost her momentum after a couple of miles? Luckily? Such high energy you have to do that for so far. My faithful companion trots right by my side and I can’t keep up. Heh. Thanks for painting a pretty picture of your neighborhood. Enjoyed reading it.


  2. Great way to start off the morning. I’ve always loved the morning walks with the dogs (if I am not rushing off to work). Usually that happens on the weekends when we have no major plans. I love the way dogs look at the world, especially the young ones – everything’s an adventure.

    BTW – my dogs have the same speed settings.


  3. Some days it’s hard to get out the door, and that’s after overcoming the difficulty of getting out of bed. 19 degrees isn’t very inviting. But those mornings often turn into one of the nicest parts of the day and this morning sounds like it was one for you and cutie Lucy. Have fun with your busy weekend!


  4. Okay – I have to admit when I saw your title I thought it meant that you put your muffin tin to good use, like you told me you would. lol
    But I’m not disappointed. ;) I love the idea of describing the sky as blueberry colors. It’s a perfect description of what mornings are like around here as well.
    I’m really enjoying watching Lucy grow up with you. I’m having a small case of puppy fever, and your stories are enough to hold me off for a while. (I CAN’T do a puppy yet…) So thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  5. My Sheltie is a great walking buddy, especially when he meets some of his dog-friends. Then, they tussle and wag tails and lick each other, having a wonderful time! He’s also partial to squirrel-hunting; me? Not so much.


  6. Being up and moving before the dawn’s earliest light is generally not something that is part of my life’s schemes -unless I haven’t yet gone to bed, that is. (That’s pretty much the only way I’m up and awake to view things like that!) I’m more into sunsets -probably because it reminds me that after dark sometime I will fall asleep in the chair or go to bed -whichever comes first.) But walking with a dog -whatever the hour -is frequently a really interesting thing, isn’t it? Sammy is small (almost miniature compared to your Lucy) but I love walking behind him, watching him strut the way he does and the way he will also edge me out from walking on the berm of the road because he is too prim and prissy to walk in the dirt/mud/leaves along the edge of the road some times! So instead, he manages to get right smack-dab in front of me, walking slowly then too, in a manner that, at times, has a tendency to almost trip me too! Simple mutt! But he’s cute, sweet and fun -just a smaller version, with more hair, than Lucy has. Have a great day! I”m still marveling this morning that I’ve been awake since about 7:30 a.m. (See, another miracle, huh?)


  7. What a lovely walk with Lucy. You sound busy and happy in this post. I like your description of Lucy’s boundless energy and her curiosity at the sights along your walk. Hope your weekend was enjoyable.


  8. “I love those moments of the morning, when the darkness is fading but just before the sky really lights up.” Oh yes. That is such a peaceful and powerful time of day.

    Lucy gets cuter every time I see a new photo of her!

    I hope your busy weekend was totally-super-awesome!


  9. Cute!! Lucy is so adorable and so much fun!

    I love how the morning is compared to a blueberry. Maybe I’ll try to see that someday if I’m ever up early enough!


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