We celebrated my mom’s birthday here yesterday. I’m happy to say that it was a very nice party with a complete lack of family drama. (Okay, maybe one twelve-year old nephew now considers me Mean Old Auntie Terri because I wouldn’t let him catapult off my love seat, torment the dog or eat his dinner in front of a Rob Schneider movie instead of at the table with the rest of the family. But other than that, it was a great party!)

My youngest brother smoked a huge beef roast in his smoker. I made the potatoes and gravy and put together a veggie platter. My sister made glazed carrots and dinner rolls. It was all delicious!

My sister also proved to be an artist in the birthday cake department.

It's a bouquet of flowers! It's a cake! It's the best of both worlds!

And there was picture-taking for posterity’s sake.

Mom and her "baby" and some of the grandkids too

Mom and her favorite (and only) daughters

It was such a successful party, I’m tempted to do it again! But maybe I’ll wait another year! ;-)

19 thoughts on “Seventy-One

  1. Beautiful cake, beautiful lady and beautiful family! Hope your Mom is doing a little better these days. I thought of you when I posted about “TLC Chicken Spaghetti” – maybe she – and your crew – would enjoy it for supper.

    Cheers! MJ


  2. Happy Birthday Terri’s Mom!! What a great party, I bet your mom was so happy.

    And I think that Mean old Auntie Terri did her nephew a favor. You’ve seen one Rob Schneider movie, you’ve seen them all.


  3. She looks good, Terri! Has she been feeling better? Gained any belly fat yet?
    And did I spy your deviant nephew in the background, doing his own thing again? ;)
    So happy it went over well. You just never know what may happen when you get the whole family together… I know, because we’ve had some major tension on the in-law side these past few months… so I’m glad your family played together nicely for Mom’s sake!


  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! She (and her daughters) look pretty darn good given her recent issues. I hope she was able to enjoy some of that scrumptious cake.

    And you did your nephew a favor. Watching a Rob Schneider movie could rot his brain.


  5. Mandy and I frequently turn into “Mean Grammie” or “Mean Mandy” -with my son’s girlfriend’s little guy as well as with Kurt and Maya. When that happens, I usually just tell the offending child “It will all be better before you get married!” Loved the cake photo! Congratulate your sister for me on a job well done! And, gotta tell you this too -you and your sister could pass for sisters of my next-door neighbor and/or her older daughter! Just kind of uncanny how much of a resemblance exists there!


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