Things I should probably find inappropriate except I just think they’re funny…

We are hectic at work. Everyone is busy. In fact, everyone is so busy they are nearly overwhelmed. Sometimes you want to pull your hair out, or cry because of it all. But laughing off the stress is way more fun.

We have some employees in our company who often provide us much amusement. One of them is a guy who’s definitely different. He’s an odd character, but he’s smart and gets the job done. Sometimes not on the schedule we’d like, but he gets it done. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call him George.

George makes up his own words for things. He walks around the office in socks sometimes. He forgets to try to be professional sometimes and uses the word frickin’ in meetings. We’re a very small company. He can get away with it internally. His mannerisms and habits very much remind me of a little boy. If I need something from George, it’s a good bet I’ll have to remind him at least once. But we all accept that about George because he sort of has the world on his shoulders. He’s always trying to juggle more than one person can possibly handle at any given time.

As I was leaving work today, I was having one of those end-of-day conversations with a coworker. (Let’s call her Babs.) Babs was explaining how she had been to George’s office trying to get answers for a project she’s been working on.

“And before I left George’s office,” Babs was saying, “I reminded him that you were waiting for something from him too.” (I was!)

I thanked Babs for following up on my behalf and told her I figured I wouldn’t get my answer today. I was explaining that I’d planned to follow up with George tomorrow.

“I have George on my to-do list for tomorrow,” I said.

“You have George on your to-do list?”

“Yeh….” I stopped short, realizing what she was implying… “Doh! That’s gross, Babs!”

She was still laughing as I made my exit from the office. “Can’t believe you want to DO George,” she was saying…

17 thoughts on “Things I should probably find inappropriate except I just think they’re funny…

  1. Heh, funny. I just typed out a draft blog (may post it later tonight) about stress. I wrote how mostly I need to laugh through it, but sometimes I just have to cry, and today I did. Ahh, I feel better now. Thanks for sharing this funny story. Be careful on your “to do” list tomorrow. ;-)


  2. Now THAT’S frickin’ funny, I was waiting for you to call him “Curious George”.
    I bet you will think twice about using those “To Do” notepads anymore.


  3. Funny!

    George sounds like one of my co-workers who often walks around the office in bare feet. And also has to be reminded multiple times when something is needed from her. It can be really frustrating, but what can you do?


  4. I can pretty much guarantee that if George really was on your to-do list, your requests to him would be handled much more quickly.

    I can also totally relate to the socks.


  5. Did you ever wonder if there are ANY phrases that are safe these days without inuendo? I especially am leery of The OFFICE phrase “That’s what he/she said….”


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