Watch Dog

The weather these last few days has been gorgeous! It’s hard to believe that according to the calendar, it’s actually still winter. Temps are heading for the upper seventies today. You’ll find me downtown, enjoying the St. Patrick’s day parade with some of our bowling friends. I might even try some green beer.

Lucy is doing better than she was last weekend. Every  morning, I give her an anti-inflammatory pill. They taste good and she eats them straight up. This is the plan until we decide what further measures to take for her Hip Displasia.

I took her for a walk last night. She’s definitely slower and more careful than she was just a few months ago when she couldn’t explore fast enough. She used to love to run, and I’m sure she still would if I encouraged her but that probably wouldn’t be so good for her.

Lucy is such a sweet dog but she’s got a few bad habits. She digs. The back yard looks like a war zone. I’m not sure what she’s looking for, but I hope she finds it soon. She barks too. No dog or person is allowed to walk the path behind our yard without Lucy letting them know who is in charge of this area. And it’s fine during the day. But Lucy gets up when I do, often before five o’clock. The family on one side of us has a toddler. On the other side, there is a baby. I can’t have my dog howling and barking at night and during the early morning hours like she does. We’re considering a bark collar, much as I hate the thought.

This morning Lucy woke me up at seven. I let her outside and she was quiet just until I stopped watching from the door. Then she began to howl. I marched right out onto the deck to tell her to knock it off, but as my eyes scanned the yard below, I couldn’t see her. When I got closer to the steps, I found out why. She was perched on a step and surveying her kingdom from there. She’s such a goofball.

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15 thoughts on “Watch Dog

  1. Yea, them dogs do tend get a bit territorial. She’s doing a good job as a low tech burglar alarm. My two don’t really bark (unless Jinx the next door cat is right outside the window taunting Grayson), but Shadow used to bark any time the door bell rang or someone came in the back yard. I am not a fan of the bark collars, but you might have to consider something to keep the peace in the neighborhood. There are some other alternatives out there for bark suppression ( that don’t resort to shock treatment.

    Glad to hear she is doing a bit better. Hope the AI pills will help loosen her up a bit.


  2. Our Lucy is a barker and Ralph is a digger. The digging isn’t great, but, clearly, the barking is more difficult to handle. We talked about one of those bark collars, but haven’t done it–at least not yet–can’t really tolerate the thought. I totally understand your struggle. Sara and I still wrestle with the issue.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and lovely St. Patrick’s Day.



  3. I’m glad Lucy is feeling better. It sounds like she is doing a good job of being a dog! I don’t like it when Lila digs up the back yard. It’s such a bummer. We try to keep an eye on her, but it’s impossible. Just when I think she’s growing out of it, we find another hole somewhere. Lila’s barking has tamed down a bit since we got her. It’s good to have a good watch dog though!

    Have a great St. Patrick’s Day. This weather is wonderful – enjoy it while it’s here – we never know when a change is going to be heading our way.


  4. We’ve had such problems with Max too (barking). The problem is, sometimes it takes more time than we have, to fix these things. Thankfully, I have the time, but most people don’t. I have to physically put myself between him and the fence, or the window he is about to crash through when he’s barking. When I’m there I don’t say much, maybe just one “no.” Then I stare him down and stand firm in front of him. I never back down until he’s quieted and submits. I’ve done it every single time consistently, and it’s starting to get better, although we aren’t there yet. (in case you couldn’t tell, I’m a Cesar Millan fan)I hope you find a way that works for you & Lucy. Loved the slide show. Thanks.


  5. My mom’s English mastiff is like that. She generally lounges around until someone starts driving up the road – then she announces her presence. She’s a big dog, so unwelcome visitors generally don’t get out of the car. I’ve heard that the Jehovah’s Witnesses haven’t been back there in a while. :)


  6. I’ve tried to comment but WP doesn’t want to let me .. so I’m trying again.

    Glad she’s feeling better.. poor little girl.

    Ever tried giving her a Kong loaded up with treats when she goes out? (after doing her business). It will distract her from barking and digging .. for a while anyways :)


  7. What a fun slide show, that Lucy’s got some personality! I’m glad the drugs are helping her be more comfortable.

    China is a digger. When we named her, the name China just “came to me”, like it was meant for her. Now we think it’s because she is determined to dig there! We just have to keep an eye on her when she’s in the yard.


  8. We’ve been lucky that our dog doesn’t bark – well, unless horses go by, but that’s very rare. She used to chew EVERYTHING as a puppy though. Including our young trees. My husband had to replace the cord for the trailer lights 4 times because she would keep chewing it up. She grew out of that, thankfully.
    I know how you feel about the shock collar. When we first put in our underground fence, we had to let her get shocked a few times to know she should “stay back”. It was very sad. Hubby tested it out on himself first, though. Talk about a goofball.
    I’m sure there are other alternatives to cure barking — and it seems like she WANTS to be a good girl, so maybe you won’t have to resort to a collar.


  9. I have to admit, I’m kind of getting used to life without a dog. My husband? Not so much. I see a new dog in our future, but I’m going to put it off as long as I can.

    Your Lucy is a cutie :)


  10. All dogs have what we call “bad” habits. It’s just them being true to their breed types. My Sheltie is “vocal,” too, and he’d really love it if we only had a one-room house, so he wouldn’t have to run from room to room trying to herd us together! Perhaps your Lucy has some terrier in her lineage??


  11. We’ve never had a dog, but I’ve always enjoyed watching the Dog Whisperer show. He gives a lot of good information on there, plus you get to see some cute dogs!


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